WWE Royal Rumble 2023 Records Predictions: Who Will Score one of the most Eliminations?

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Welcome to part 2 of my forecasts series breaking down which WWE Superstars will be going into the record books when it pertains to the 2023 Royal Rumble matches.

In part 1, I focused my 3-Count on the ladies and guys I believe might have the very best staying power and last the longest. For this part, I wish to move my attention onto individuals who might play the very best offense, rather, by scoring the most removals and tossing individuals out left and right.

While we do not understand the complete field of rivals for either the ladies or guys’s matches, I’ve limited my choices to the leading 3 Superstars I believe have the very best possibility of sticking out as the most dominant wrestlers in the crowd.

In no specific order, let’s begin digging…


Rhea Ripley

Look at how she’s been reserved just recently and inform me she does not stick out as the powerhouse of this match. In specific, she was among the very first 4 names revealed for this, which typically likewise suggests that she’s going to be offered a popular area. I have her down as a prospective preferred to win, so I’m undoubtedly expecting her having at least a couple of removals. Thinking about how it frequently just takes around 4-7 in any given year to take that honor, I can definitely see her throwing out better to the 10 mark.

She’s been knocking Luke Gallows and such. If she goes out of this match not having actually secured a handful of challengers, I’ll be surprised.

Raquel Rodriguez

One of my other favorites to win, Raquel Rodriguez, might be the kind of Superstar they established perfectly by being the one to secure a Rhea Ripley type. They’re buddies. I’m sure they ‘d take pleasure in that area. Rodriguez has actually been constantly reserved as one of the most physically strong in the ladies’s department. I can see her being the fresh face that wins the Royal Rumble and goes on to win the title at WrestleMania from Charlotte Flair.

It definitely isn’t an assurance by any methods. Even if she stops working to win, look at how somebody like Roman Reigns fared in 2014 when he was the runner-up to Batista. It offered him a star-making efficiency with the most removals, however he was still being developed for the next year.

Ronda Rousey

If Ronda Rousey remains in this match– and she hasn’t been revealed at the time I’m composing this– she’s OBVIOUSLY going to have a strong proving. I do not have her on the list for the longest time, however, since I believe she will not be out there all too long. When she does pop up(once again, if), she’ll be a flurry of offense that gets rid of a handful of individuals in

rapid fast. There’s constantly an opportunity she challenges and wins Bianca Belair. You can currently count 1 removal towards her overall if that takes place. I believe more than likely, we’re looking at the 5-7 variety, rather than her simply taking out one huge name at the very end.


  • Becky Lynch – – You can’t pass over The Man. It would be absurd not to have her on this list.
  • Liv Morgan – – Considering she might appear at the No. 1 area and last a long period of time, a removal every couple of minutes might acquire in no time.
  • Damage CTRL – – Yes, as a trio, Bayley, Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky might gang up on other Superstars. We’ve seen it prior to with groups like Evolution and Legacy. Possibly we’re in shop for another among those Royal Rumbles.
  • Shayna Baszler – – If Rousey does not contend, The Queen of Spades stands a much better possibility to match her previous record of 8 removals. Even if Rousey remains in the match, these 2 might collaborate to take individuals out.
  • Naomi – – I’m conjecturing in the dark to state Naomi not just returns here, however that she might turn heel, sign up with The Bloodline, win, and defend either of the titles at WrestleMania. In doing so, a couple of removals makes good sense.


Bobby Lashley

He’s called The All Mighty for a factor. He’s going to display his power by making fast work of whoever is there when he steps in the ring. I do not believe Lashley stands much of an opportunity to win this match. It simply isn’t his year, regardless of how he ‘d be a default opposition for Roman Reigns if others got hurt. A great alleviation reward might be that he comes off as the most dominant man in the match who simply occurs to get taken out by another huge weapon like Brock Lesnar or the next individual noted here.


Gunther’s suffered extremely minimal losses in his WWE profession over these previous numerous years. He’s gradually reserved like a leviathan who can slice down practically anybody, no matter how huge they are. And when he’s in the ring versus somebody smaller sized, he tosses them around like they’re absolutely nothing.

The Royal Rumble is a terrific system for pressing more youthful skill and providing a standout minute. Gunther is precisely because kind of position today, and with the Intercontinental Championship around his waist, the much better proving he has, the much better that title looks.

Cody Rhodes

So much is focusing on The American Nightmare that you need to put him down as a preferred for all elements this year. This consists of the possibility that he begins incredibly early (# 1 or # 2) and goes the range, needing to slash off a couple of challengers along the method.

That’s one of the finest methods to do it if WWE desires to display Rhodes making that title shot. Otherwise, if he simply comes out around # 25 and secures 1 or 2 individuals, it will come off more like a simple win.

Even if somebody like The Rock appears and wins this, I believe we can rely on Cody being among the prime centerpieces who might take practically anybody out and it would be reasonable.


  • Seth Rollins – – As pointed out in my Iron Man area of the previous post, I believe Rollins stands a great chance to begin versus Rhodes and still remain in the Final 4. They might be compromising removals left and right.
  • Brock Lesnar – – If The Beast Incarnate appears, he’s getting a couple of removals, ensured. Anybody is level playing field. Lashley? Gone. Logan Paul? Adios. John Cena I can’t see you later on. Fittingly, Lesnar holds the record together with…
  • … Braun Strowman – – The Monster Among Men has 13 removals in the best Royal Rumble and had the most removals in 2016 (4 ), 2017 (7) and 2019 (5 ). With that performance history, he’s plainly in the running.
  • Drew McIntyre – – The Scottish Warrior will not win this, so possibly this is the backup prepare for him to look strong.
  • Karrion Kross – – This is more of a shot in the dark. All things thought about, Kross hasn’t achieved much considering that his return. I’m banking more on him getting one great removal, instead of a series of them, however it’s still within the world of possibility. I can visualize Kross securing 5 individuals more than I even can somebody like Omos, who will be more about how you can’t take him out instead of how he’s removing others.

Who do you believe will wind up removing the most wrestlers? What number do you believe they’ll reach? Inform us your forecasts in the remarks listed below!

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