WWE Retribution Stable Members’ Identities Confirmed

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WWE Retribution Stable Members’ Identities Confirmed


Photo Credit: WWE

It appears that we finally know WHO is out for Retribution.

According to a report from John Pollock of POST Wrestling, Dio Maddin, Mia Yim, Shane Thorne, Mercedes Martinez, and Dominik Dijakovic are listed in WWE’s internal roster as those in the stable; Dave Meltzer of F4WOnline.com also confirmed Pollock’s report.

It was noted that these five names have been appearing in the on-air promos on WWE TV the last couple of weeks, with Martinez and Dijakovic being used in speaking roles. Last night’s promo saw Retribution talking about everyone being bad for “liking the machine” before they were shown surrounded by others wearing Retribution clothing.

Yim and Martinez have made regular appearances on NXT in recent weeks, but Dijakovic and Thorne haven’t been seen on NXT in some time. Dio Maddin was doing commentary on RAW last year but he was eventually dropped and resumed training as a wrestler.

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What a wild chaotic night on WWE RAW going head-to-head with NFL Monday Night Football.

Seth Rollins and Dominik clashed inside an instant steel cage match, while Mickie James and Asuka had an awkward ending in their RAW Women’s Championship match. Plus, the Retribution faction attacked the main event of WWE Champion Drew McIntyre and Keith Lee.

On this episode of the WrestleZone Wrap-Up, Kevin Kellam, Robert DeFelice, and John Clark dig into the recent news that may have revealed 5 names under the masks of Retribution. It’s 70 minutes of wrestling fun so be sure to share the link and pass it on.

WrestleZone · RETRIBUTION REVEALED? WWE RAW POST SHOW (WrestleZone 9.14.20)