WWE RAW: Triple H Returns, Royal Rumble Hype (WrestleZone LIVE NOW)

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WWE RAW: Triple H Returns, Royal Rumble Hype (WrestleZone LIVE NOW)


WWE Executive and former WWE Champion Triple H returned to RAW, got called out by longtime rival Randy Orton, and reluctantly accepted a rare TV match. After announcing he tested positive for COVID-19, WWE Champion Drew McIntyre officially accepted the surprise challenge last week from WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg. How does McIntyre’s COVID issue impact the wrestling industry? Keith Lee, Sheamus, Jeff Hardy, and more superstars set their path for Royal Rumble. Join WrestleZone’s Kevin Kellam, Robert DeFelice, and John Clark with YOUR comments on-screen live here shortly after RAW goes off the air. You can also watch or listen to it on-demand.

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