WWE RAW Fallout: Jeff Hardy Doesn’t Want An Encore, The Miz And John Morrison Need More From AJ Styles

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WWE RAW Fallout: Jeff Hardy Doesn’t Want An Encore, The Miz And John Morrison Need More From AJ Styles

jeff hardy

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

This week’s episode of WWE RAW was quite eventful, as it featured a Symphony of Destruction Match, a failed Money in the Bank cash-in, and more. In some WWE Network Exclusives, members of the red brand reflected on their respective outings.

First, Jeff Hardy discussed his victory in the Symphony of Destruction Match and said he hoped his first time in the match winds up being his last.

Hardy: “That Swanton was no joke at the end, you know. I went up, straight up in the air, [and] crashed straight down, but I’m okay though. It looked a lot worse than it actually felt.”

Hopefully now [Elias] realizes that I’m a good guy, and I didn’t hit him with that car. And maybe we’ll bond through music somehow.”

Lana and Asuka defeated Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler for the second week in a row. The duo held a dance party backstage, and Lana briefly shared her thoughts on her positive momentum.

Lana: “I’m so happy just to…have Asuka have my back. I mean, she’s literally one of the best in-ring competitors in the world. She’s teaching me so much. She’s an amazing friend, an amazing wrestler, an amazing in-ring competitor, [and] amazing dancer.”

Finally, The Miz and John Morrison vented some of their frustrations after an unsuccessful evening that was capped off by the failed cash-in.

Morrison: “Tonight really sucked. Look at this. Drew McIntyre stepped on those [sunglasses], and I think he did it on purpose.”

Miz : “Two weeks ago, he stepped on mine on purpose. And by the way, I should be WWE champion right now. Right now. I think AJ [Styles] has the best interest. I think he’s an ally, which is far beyond me. But if you’re gonna be an ally, let us know the plan.”

Morrison: “Same team. I mean AJ, the Miz, [and] John Morrison? We have the same interests in mind. We all want The Miz to be the next WWE champion.

Miz: “If he wants to go against me at TLC, he better let us in on the plan so I can cash in and become WWE champion.”

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