WWE Pulls Contracted Talent From Southside Wrestling Entertainment’s Final Event

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WWE Pulls Contracted Talent From Southside Wrestling Entertainment’s Final Eventsouthside wrestling

Southside Wrestling Entertainment has issued the following statement, confirming WWE has pulled several contracted wrestlers from their final event. SWE did not reveal the reason given for WWE removing talent from the show, but did note the appearances had previously been approved.


It is with much sadness to announce that WWE have pulled all announced and unannounced talent from our final show.

We asked permission in advance and accepted all conditions . We have spent a small fortune on posters / flyers / banners for the show which are now unusable.

El Ligero and Joseph Conners are possibly the two biggest stars in our 9 year history and Kay Lee Ray built the womens division on her back. With out any of the 3 of them Southside would never have gotton so big with all 3 regulary giving world class matches to the fans.

It also means Brady Philips misses out on a personnal dream match with Dragonov and that former tag champion Xia Brookside and Southside regular Saxon Huxley will also not be able to compete.

Although this is business we have personally taken this badly. 9as was our goodbye and we wanted to say it with the stars who made us what we are , our previous champions and most importantly our close friends.

Sorry guys , we hate this

Southside previously announced they would be shutting down after their October 26 event, which happens to be the Southside Wrestling 9 Year Anniversary Show, and Revolution Pro Wrestling would be taking over the operations for the promotion. It was noted that all planned shows will go on as planned, with future dates after the anniversary show being held under the RevPro name. All Southside wrestling championships and current title holders will also join RevPro, with unification matches to take place at a later date.

*The statement was published as originally presented (sic) by SWE

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