WWE President Nick Khan: People Don’t Realize How Polite Vince McMahon Is

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WWE President Nick Khan: People Don’t Realize How Polite Vince McMahon Is

WWE vince mcmahon

Photo by Michael N. Todaro/Getty Images

WWE President Nick Khan wants everyone to know that Vince McMahon is a surprisingly polite person to work with despite the WWE Chairman often being seen as a tough and ruthless individual.

“Because he is perceived as so tough, and because he is so tough, and he’s perceived as so smart, and he is so smart, people don’t realize how polite he is,” explained Khan on the Colin Cowherd Podcast. “He is very polite and he likes polite people. He’s not a gruff executive. He’s formal in a way, old-school in that way. There’s not a lot of small talk, he’s not interested in that.”

Khan also described McMahon’s business-like attitude toward calls.

“He’s always interested and talking business. If you call him at 2 a.m., almost every one of my conversations goes like this. I call him, he picks up. I say, ‘Can we talk?’ For the most part, he’ll yes. I say, ‘Do you mind if we talk shop?’ He’ll say please. We talk business, conversation is over and we move on to the next thing. He can stick and move quickly. He’s very polite. He wants to do right by the talent. When he feels like he’s being pressing him too hard, like any fighter, he’ll come out of the corner ready to fight but he’s calculated in how he fights. Very smart business person.”

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