WWE Parodies Tom Cruise As Leaked Sami Zayn Rant Surfaces

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WWE Parodies Tom Cruise As Leaked Sami Zayn Rant Surfaces

sami zayn

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Earlier this week, audio of Tom Cruise on the set of Mission Impossible 7 leaked, where Cruise could be heard yelling at the crew on the film for not following COVID-19 safety protocols. After Sami Zayn’s first annual Sami Awards didn’t go as planned last night on Friday Night SmackDown, “leaked” audio of Zayn also surfaced, showing him berating a stagehand.

In an obvious parody of the Cruise audio, WWE shared their own snippet of Zayn yelling at a stagehand following the Sami Awards. In the audio, Zayn yells about how he’s on the phone with major corporations every day to try and put on a good show, and that if another mistake happens, there will be consequences. During the Sami Awards, Big E – who wrote his own name down for Superstar of the Year – came out to accept an award, and proceeded to assault Zayn when he tried to interrupt Big E’s speech. Clearly, Zayn wasn’t too happy about that, and he let those who worked on the awards show know it.

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