WWE Nears Announcement of New TV Deal for NXT

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Pwinsider reports that WWE is on the verge of announcing a new TV deal for NXT. 

The report notes the CW Network and WWE have been in deep discussions for weeks about NXT, which currently airs on the USA Network. The plan would be for NXT to move off the USA network in 2024 and air live weekly on the CW Network. 


The belief is the deal is very close to being done, with the deal expected to be around five years in length, and it would easily be the biggest increase for WWE NXT media rights fees ever.

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WWE NXT Set to Secure New TV Deal with CW Network

According to a report from Pwinsider, WWE is on the verge of announcing a new television deal for its popular brand, NXT. The report states that the CW Network and WWE have been engaged in deep discussions for several weeks regarding the future of NXT’s broadcasting rights.

Currently, NXT airs on the USA Network, but the plan is for the show to move to the CW Network in 2024 and be broadcasted live on a weekly basis. This potential move signifies a significant shift for NXT and presents new opportunities for the brand to reach a wider audience.

The deal between WWE and the CW Network is believed to be very close to being finalized. If it goes through, it is expected to be a five-year agreement and would result in the largest increase in media rights fees ever for WWE NXT. This demonstrates the growing popularity and value of professional wrestling in the entertainment industry.

NXT has gained a dedicated fan base over the years, known for its high-quality matches and focus on developing emerging talent. Moving to the CW Network would provide NXT with a platform that aligns more closely with its target demographic and could potentially attract new viewers who are already fans of other CW shows.

The CW Network is home to several successful television series, including superhero dramas like “Arrow” and “The Flash.” By joining this network, NXT would have the opportunity to tap into the existing fan base of these shows and cross-promote its own content.

This potential TV deal showcases WWE’s commitment to expanding its reach and ensuring that its various brands receive maximum exposure. With NXT’s move to the CW Network, it would have the chance to further establish itself as a major player in the professional wrestling industry.

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In conclusion, the potential move of WWE NXT to the CW Network represents an exciting development for both the brand and its fans. With a new TV deal on the horizon, NXT has the opportunity to reach a broader audience and solidify its position as a premier wrestling brand.