WWE Live Event Results From State College, PA (2/29/20): Baszler In Action

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WWE Live Event Results From State College, PA (2/29/20): Baszler In Action

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Photo by Desiree Navarro/WireImage

The WWE RAW roster was in State College, PA this weekend for an event on the campus of Penn State. I was in attendance at the show and you can see the full results along with some tweets below.

  • Ricochet defeated Karl Anderson. After the match, Gallows got on the mic and said that he is not weak like a Nittany Lion and that if Ricochet wanted to prove himself he could do it right now in a match. Ricochet accepted.
  • Ricochet defeated Luke Gallows

Ricochet defeats Gallows. Crowd is very into the show so far. #wwestatecollege #wwe pic.twitter.com/yTgP0XlyRg

— John Clark (@johnrclark12) March 1, 2020

  • Erick Rowan defeated No Way Jose in a match that lasted much longer than it probably should have. No Way Jose actually got close to winning a few times.
  • United States Championship Match – Andrade defeated Humberto Carillo when he secured a pin with his feet on the ropes.
  • Shayna Baszler defeated Liv Morgan. After the match, Shayna kept attacking Liv and was confronted by Becky Lynch. A brawl ensued and eventually The Kabuki Warriors came out to blindside Becky Lynch. After a few seconds of brawling, Charlotte made the save. She grabbed a mic and said she would never pass up an opportunity to win gold and challenged Asuka & Kairi Sane to a tag team title match.

Shayna continues attacking. Becky comes out for a brawl. Asuka and Kairi come out and attack. Charlotte saves Becky. Womens tag team championship next. #wwestatecollege #wwe pic.twitter.com/s3XIMi47oO

— John Clark (@johnrclark12) March 1, 2020

  • WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Match – Charlotte & Becky Lynch defeated Asuka & Kairi Sane by DQ after Asuka used a steel chair. Charlotte & Becky ended up getting the upper hand.
  • Bobby Lashley defeated Cedric Alexander
  • Kevin Owens was scheduled to face Seth Rollins but Rollins said that State College did not deserve that and Murphy would take his place. Kevin Owens defeated Murphy by DQ after Rollins attacked Owens. Ivar and McIntyre came out to even the odds and a 6-man tag match was created.
  • Drew McIntyre, Erik, and Kevin Owens defeated Seth Rollins and AOP. Everyone but McIntyre and Rollins brawled their way to the backstage area setting up a Claymore Kick finisher for the win. McIntyre got on the mic and said that after all of the travel the past few days the crowd really gave them energy to make it through the night.

NOTE – The tweet below and almost every other news site says Ivar because of a mistake made by me. It was indeed Erik and NOT Ivar.

Owens and Ivar chase AOP away and McIntyre finishes off Rollins for the win. "Tiny Balls" chants from the crowd for Seth. #wwestatecollege #WWE pic.twitter.com/NMW8YJVgYO

— John Clark (@johnrclark12) March 1, 2020

Overall, attendance was up from the past two times WWE has been to Penn State. I would guess the number was around 5k. The past few times they have been here it was around 3-4k. Numbers are going up but WWE only visits this area roughly every two years. No televised events have been in State College since 2007. They took a five year break from the area after that and have returned in 2012, 2014, 2016, 2018, and now 2020.

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