WWE Live Event Results From North Little Rock, AR (11/30/19)

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WWE Live Event Results From North Little Rock, AR (11/30/19)

WWE RAW Results

WWE is on the road once again, this time in North Little Rock, Arizona. During the most recent house show, the RAW roster put on what sounds like an incredible show, and you can check out the results below, courtesy of reader Benjamin Martin:

Aleister Black defeated Buddy Murphy

Murphy came out to the ring and referenced him knocking on Black’s door recently and said Black was afraid to fight him. He made an open challenge to anyone in the back. Black came out and Murphy ran out of the ring, stalled numerous times climbing in and out of the ring, avoiding Black. At one point, Black just sat in the middle of the ring like he does. Murphy sat about 10 feet from him and complained to the ref that Black was refusing to wrestle. The ref just threw up his hands, like there was anything he could do. Black wins with the pin.

Humberto Carrillo defeated Andrade (w/ Zelina Vega)

Great heel work by Andrade. Vega got a few shots in on Carrillo outside of the ring when the ref wasn’t looking. Towards the end of the match, she got caught by the ref and the ref sent her to the back. She’s halfway up the ramp and still jawing with the ref as Andrade is pleading his case to the ref. Carrillo comes from behind and gets him in a rollup for the win.

Charlotte Flair vs. Becky Lynch ends in a no contest due to Kabuki Warriors interfering

Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair defeated Kabuki Warriors

Lynch gets the submission on Sane with the dis-arm-her. Following the match, Becky, with title over her shoulder took lots of time going around the ring signing autographs and taking selfies.

Drew McIntyre defeated Cedric Alexander

McIntyre attacked Alexander as he was getting in the ring. Back and forth match, a few medium high spots for Cedric. McIntyre wins with Claymore Kick off the ropes.

Vikings Raiders defeated The O.C. and Street Profits in a Six Man tag team match for the Raw Tag Team Championships

The Street Profits got the crowd going before the match, did their dances and all that. The O.C., introduced as the Best Tag Team in the World, worked as great heels, getting the fans to boo them over and over. At one point, Ivar and Montez Ford were going at it. They kept swapping moves. Ivar would whip Ford off the ropes and Ivar would roll over his back (back to back), then Ford did the same to him. Then Ford did a cartwheel as Ivar followed with his own. Then both Ivar and Erik get in his face, he puts his hands up and backs off as he didn’t want any of them. Viking Raiders get the win.

Bobby Lashley w/ Lana defeated Rusev

The ref counts to 10 and declares Lashley the winner. He raises his arm in victory. At this point, Rusev comes running out of the tunnel back in the stands, jumps the gaurdrail into the ring and attacks Lashley from behind. Rusev is just in street clothes. Rusev puts Lashley in the accolade and leaves him laying. With Lashley down, Lana grabs a chair and distracts Rusev. Lashley gets up and and gets Rusev from behind. Lashley celebrates a bit too much and Rusev gets up and drops Lashley before running out through the crowd, high fiving the fans along the way.

Seth Rollins defeated Kevin Owens via disqualification

Both of these guys were cheered but Owens had a slight advantage. Some really great back and forth action. Rollins escaped a few stunner tries from Owens and it went outside some. Rollins threw Owens into the corner and he collided with the ref and knocked him down. Owens ‘woke up’ the ref and the ref calls for the bell and DQ’d Owens for bumping the ref. Owen is then attacked from behind by Rollins but then is able to drop Rollins with a stunner.

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