WWE Issues Statement On Face Masks Not Being Required At Last Night’s WWE RAW TV Taping, Says No Fans Were Present

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WWE Issues Statement On Face Masks Not Being Required At Last Night’s WWE RAW TV Taping, Says No Fans Were Present

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The audience members at last night’s WWE RAW taping weren’t wearing any face masks during the show and now the promotion says it’s because they met social distancing guidelines and weren’t required.

Last night, WWE confirmed that a developmental talent had tested positive for COVID-19 on Tuesday, June 9, and they will resume a normal production schedule once all individuals present that day are tested. In addition, it was reported by F4WOnline.com’s Bryan Alvarez that WWE refused to allow the audience members, which included non-contracted talent, to wear face masks during the taping.

WWE has since issued the following statement to Spectrum News 13’s Jon Alba, noting that face masks were not required because they met guidelines. They also denied that any fans were present and said the people in the audience were friends and family of talent and had cleared medical screenings.

“Fans have not been in attendance at WWE events since March 13. Yesterday, a select number of friends and family were permitted to attend WWE’s TV production. These individuals were required to participate in medical screenings prior to entering the closed set at our training facility, and were kept apart from in-ring performers and production personnel. Attendance was below 20% capacity and social distancing guidelines were adhered to with at least six feet between parties, thus face masks were not required.”

Alba followed up by reporting the WWE RAW audience members he spoke with were NOT told they couldn’t wear masks, adding that they told him they never felt pressured by WWE not to wear a mask for TV purposes or any other reason. The individuals speaking with Alba confirmed temperature checks were administered and that they had signed waivers, with one noting that their group initially had masks on upon arrival but chose not to wear them when taping started.

According to Alba, the people he spoke with did not find out about the positive COVID-19 test by the unnamed WWE developmental talent until after the tapings were over, but were not told they had to get tested themselves and were invited back for more tapings this week.

WWE has since canceled today’s scheduled television tapings; they issued the following statement to WrestleZone last night after WWE RAW regarding the positive COVID-19 test:

“A developmental talent, who was last on-site at WWE’s training facility on Tuesday, June 9, has tested positive for COVID-19. Since that time, no other individuals that attended the facility have reported symptoms. However, out of an abundance of caution and to ensure the health and safety of the company’s performers and staff, all talent, production crew, and employees on-site at the training and production facilities will be tested for COVID-19 immediately. Following the test results, WWE plans to proceed with its normal television production schedule.”

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