WWE, Influence & AEW Wrestlers Shoot on AJ Kinds | Compilation | Wrestling Shoot Interview

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WWE Influence & AEW Wrestlers Shoot on AJ Kinds Compilation, Wrestling Shoot Interview
In this wrestling shoots compilation video WWE Superstars, AEW Wrestlers and TNA Influence Wrestlers shoot on AJ Kinds. In this dependable wrestling shoot interview you’ll likely be capable to hear from Kevin Owens, Kurt Attitude, Kenny Omega, Ric Aptitude and Stone Chilly Steve Austin. All of them give their opinions on the Phenominal One AJ Kinds.

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These shooter and wrestler are colossal!! i be conscious contemplating aj was unbelievable and he soundless is he's admire a freak he's staunch so athletic and so talented so actual and likewise you know he uh he was continuously rather launch to the leisure i desired to attain and he was bigger than .

Willing to serve he was very nice the ideal time i be conscious is when i was time for me to beat him for the pwg title that day i went up to him admire ok so what attain you wish to attain and he's admire oh i was admire successfully who's going over and i acknowledged me and he's admire successfully i'm now not striking you .

Over and i was admire oh and i went admire this i was admire oh you gotta you know admire you gotta talk over with them about and he's admire no i'm kidding i'm kidding nevertheless for a 2d i was admire oh [ __ ] is he severe this sucks nevertheless he wasn't every thing ended up working out simply i attain be conscious that .

At any time when i'd struggle aj despite the proven truth that um because i wrestled him with pwg nevertheless then i wrestled him also in quebec city uh and in quebec city i came up with the premise of getting uh being taking the styles conflict from the apron to the ground and that was a thing every time i wrestled aj admire i took it admire three .

Times from him apron to the ground um simply times yeah how does that even happen it has to be painful you staunch yeah i imply it can [ __ ] my knees up for admire a day or two because my knees my knees would be what hit first uh nevertheless it indubitably would continuously receive a rather ridiculous reaction .

So it's a simply time aj consistently has four primary individual fits a minimal of 5 primary individual quite so much of the time nevertheless it indubitably's the proven truth that that you just would be capable to perchance receive within the ring with him and never learn to swing what makes him the ideal leisure within the enviornment on the present time is the proven truth that he can attain the total stuff that he does and .

All i wish to attain is take him or bump and feed it's a straightforward match with aj and in case that you just would be capable to perchance perchance also have gotten that form of wrestler that could attain that where you don't wish to attain loads the match turns out to be 5 primary individual the match is all in his hands and and he deserves that because he has .

The athletic skill that i've by no manner been the ring with um i would compare him to sean michaels nevertheless aj can also were even extra athletic in sean so aj is a various wrestler actually one of a form and anybody that wrestles him will uncover you .

So in case you were perchance given the different to have a match with aj styles on the same platform that that you just would be capable to perchance perchance also have gotten with sean michaels you assume that it can be equal or better by manner of uh i counsel it can be better um nevertheless no map no mistake about it sean michaels is great .

In fact shawn and i handiest wrestled the significant time at wrestlemania 21. leer how simply that match was aj and i have wrestled 100 times so in case you receive extra jubilant with the wrestler you're going to invent extra you're going to have better fits so with aj i've already wrestled them 100 times .

It's going to be 101 it's staunch going to be that extra special better i needed daniel bryan unfortunately i don't assume he's in a map to head anymore nevertheless i'd say correct form now on that roster .

Seth rollins is the fellow i look how he’s what he does his style uh his skill within the ring correct form now he's actually one of many becoming within the enviornment and uh there are other wrestlers i'd take to struggle admire rusev and cesaro kevin owens roman reigns nevertheless correct form now i counsel that seth rollins is .

Has the bull's glance on his chest he's the fellow that raises expectations and uh the ideal man that i know could perchance equal or exceed him is aj i imply i was misplaced and um we went serve to canada yeah i went serve to canada i bought a staunch an extended-established job when i was working 14 hour .

Days 15 14 15 16 hour days where i was working nights admire i would launch at 10 30 every night time and i would work all throughout the night time and then receive home at admire one o'clock or two o'clock the following afternoon and then i would staunch sleep and repeat the direction of so it gave me a range of time .

To assume um and i was working uh i was admire ushering in planes and then doing admire loading within the luggage and stuff admire that so correct form whenever you roughly have admire the system down that you just would be capable to perchance actually staunch shut it off fling into autopilot and uh it presents you a range of time to .

Replicate on where your lifestyles is headed it's admire can i’m capable of i attain this or um am i gonna be happy doing this am i gonna be happy doing wrestling if i even return to it what am i gonna be happy doing and um uh at that level i had handiest a extremely short .

Term blueprint for wrestling i figured ok i'm gonna attain admire three or four fits handiest and that's it and uh admire i acknowledged prior to i desired to advise something that was loads various from who i was when i left and i desired to positively attain something that was loads various .

From what i presented in deep south wrestling because i could perchance by no manner leer at any of that footage or no subject be jubilant with it i was i'm ashamed of it to be rather profitable um in train that's when i came up with the the me personality now not admire a now not a created personality where it's admire .

Okay i'm gonna be this man that you just know kicks your ass and does a bajillion chops or no subject you know admire i staunch desired to be me and that's how i began to you know put into effect issues from my staunch persona into my space and uh you know these first four fits came .

And went and my promoter requested me for one extra determine on and it's that he desired to shriek in aj styles and uh staunch for me for that to be my final match and uh it was so extra special fun being in a map to work with aj and being in a map to work with a man who was roughly admire an athletic freak .

And a man that was staunch better than me and um it wasn't it was staunch piquant you know to uh and never handiest this was a man that was on a better stage nevertheless yet he came to this small town and was willing to roughly admire set it available within the market and take a look at me and .

And and presents me a 105 or no subject you know admire for for that quantity of demonstrate anyhow so i at that level i roughly acknowledged admire wow if there are extra guys admire aj available within the market i need to protect with this so he gave you loads within the match and all he's very easy yes yes yes yes yes .

And i felt admire wow admire when guys are form of at my stage athletically admire and as well they have gotten the acceptable form timing for the roughly style that i that i'm doing and staunch have a theory for the form of wrestling that i are looking out to attain issues staunch float so neatly and the group staunch will get electrical .

Comely and it form of restarted the fireplace re-sparked the fireplace and it made me have admire a hunger of looking out to ogle these folks out folks admire aj styles that i could perchance have these styles of fits with and i knew i wasn't going to leer him in winnipeg where i was from so it made me are looking out to return to the US .

No lower than one beyond regular time to leer if i could perchance launch something in case you bought there and likewise you started teaming up with uh managing aj styles attain you assume that uh he embraced the role as extra special as he could perchance have with you yes yeah he's an infinite shrimp one with a range of skill huge aj's bought a he's an infinite shrimp one with a range of skill .

And i uncover you what aj styles bought the total skill within the enviornment and uh nevertheless they staunch bought to protect pushing him exhausting uh give him simply wins he's capable of carrying anybody to a 5-primary individual match sean had a beautiful form of charisma a bit of of bit various presence .

Can he be the following top primary individual yeah nevertheless you bought to map him the following top primary individual and aj's been around for a extremely long time uh he's perchance been within the ring 18 years in case you glance him work you wouldn't assume he was an oz.. of tension nevertheless i'm definite he's feeling one of the bumps that he's bought on his bump mark nevertheless i counsel the enviornment of the fellow nevertheless .

It's now not what i counsel it's what vince and the wwe thinks uh as far as how far they’ll push him for the role that he's done for the job he's done within the role that he's in i counsel he's done unbelievable and it makes me feel it makes me feel simply to leer that man having the success that he's having been .

That he's been within the game for therefore long and has paid so many dues and now he's engaged on top within the tip promotion within the enviornment so we'll leer what occurs nevertheless correct form now i soundless assume the fellow is exclusively kicking ass
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WWE, Influence & AEW Wrestlers Shoot on AJ Kinds | Compilation | Wrestling Shoot Interview

WWE, Impact & AEW Wrestlers Shoot on AJ Styles | Compilation | Wrestling Shoot Interview