WWE In Talks With Betting Regulators To Legislate Betting On Match Outcomes

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WWE is apparently wanting to assist legislate banking on match outcomes. According to CNBC, the business is dealing with Ernst & & Young, an accounting company that has actually dealt with noteworthy awards reveals such as the Oscars and Emmys, to protect match outcomes to persuade regulators that there’s no opportunity of outcomes being dripped out to the general public.

Executives in the business are utilizing the Oscars as an example in regards to wagering to encourage regulators in both Colorado and Michigan that banking on scripted match outcomes is safe. Wagering on the Oscars is legal, it must be kept in mind that some states do not enable it. Among the distinctions in between the 2 is that the Academy Awards do not have actually scripted outcomes, which would make business need to consider as they think about whether to bet on wrestling matches that currently have actually a prepared winner and loser.

This might have considerable implications in the wagering market as there might be wagering on other scripted Television material if this goes through. Since this writing, conversations have yet to occur among wagering companies.

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