WWE HITS NEW LOW! WWE Clash of Champions PPV Finish LEAKED! John Cena Lands BIG Role! Wrestling News

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We’re just one day away from WWE Clash of Champions and the news is FIRE!

John Cena Lands Big Movie Role
WWE Clash of Champions Finish Leaked?
WWE Reaching Out To Mexican Promotion
WWE Hits New LOW!
Former WWE Superstar Will Ditch His Partner If He Gets Rehired

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This is another awesome wrestler! what is going on guys it is WrestleMania here back with another news video and it’s the weekend and whilst many other youtubers are enjoying the weekend and the rest sunshine we get in the UK 12 days of the year we’re still hard at work with gathering together the latest and biggest wrestling news around the world then we could be playing some Borderlands 3 but who are we kidding we love this job let’s get straight into the headlines as John Cena lands a big movie role as the WWE clash of Champions pay-per-view finish leaked WWE are reaching out to a Mexican promotion they’ve also done a dirty on aew and a former WWE Superstar will ditch his partner if he gets rehired let’s go straight into the first story as John Cena lands a big movie role even though Cena has appeared sporadically throughout the WWE year most notably before the Royal Rumble and again at WrestleMania 35 returning as the doctor of thuggin omics he’s devoted most of his attention to Hollywood he has a number of upcoming films including playing with fire the voyage of dr. Dolittle project extraction with megastar Jackie Chan and are all in the ninth installment of The Fast & Furious series well it seems that he’s landed another huge role in the second Suicide Squad film his DC comic hero peacemaker director James Gunn tweeted a photo with Cena’s name alongside Margot Robbie who played Harley Quinn in the first film and a number of big stars such as Idris Elba and Jai Courtney the movie has been announced for 2021 next up has the clash of Champions finished been leaked and we’re just a day away from clash of champions where every single main roster Championship will be defended the main event will see Seth Rollins defend the universal championship against braun strowman mike johnson of pw insider revealed that the fiend will definitely be part of the match or at least a finish he mentioned they’ve already made it clear what the finish here will be the fiend will show up I expect an on finish to set up Bray vs. someone at Helena so tap the fiend versus Seth Rollins in a Hell in a Cell match would be awesome next up WWE is reaching out to a Mexican promotion aw seems to have built a healthy and firm relationship with Mexican promotion Triple A even having the promotion’s tag belts being defended at all out well it seems that WWE is concerned they are losing their Latino demographic WWE once built a huge base when Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio well at the top of the company with Eddie passing away and Rey Mysterio wrestling in the mid card scene along with other lucha stars like kalisto a latin fan base has been lessening each year but in order to remedy that WWE want to partner up with another big Mexican promotion and being CMLL however according to plan s our wrestling they’re playing hardball they reported WWE is concerned about the alliance between aew and Triple A the McMahon company fears losing the Latino public in favor of aw so it is desperately trying to reach an agreement with a large Mexican company later revealed as cmll next up a former WWE superstar will ditch his partner if he gets rehired now two weeks ago we reported that WWE were in talks with both Enzo amore and big Cass possibly coming to an agreement about coming back as you might recall enzo was fired last year just before the Royal Rumble and big Cass was fired some time after while Sue was going through a huge singles push Cass who now feels that he’s more mature and fought off various issues he was going through after being fired said he’s ready to come back to the WWE now however after the rumors circulated the internet that they were in talks Cass seemingly shut them down after tweeting idiots with a laughing emoji however in an interview with wrestling Inc president Raj Geary Cass confirmed he had been in talks with WWE although this only happened recently and not during the time of the rumors he mentioned and have texted me earlier that day and said yo and then he sent me some screenshots and I was like how why it didn’t make any sense like we haven’t talked to them we haven’t even opened dialogue with them and then those reports came out and me and him were both shocked it didn’t make any sense of that in time I don’t know who put it out there we had no idea where it came from Cass has recently shown interest in a comeback and went on to mention he’d returned even without his former tag partner and mouthpiece Enzo amore signing as a singles wrestler is definitely something I would consider anything me and Enzo do together is just a privilege for both of us I don’t know if you got the call from somebody and they said if we just want you I’d give him my blessing and I know that if I got my call from somewhere he’d say I’m going to give you my blessing when we get to work together on the Indies whether it’s a signing or a match we’re really pumped about that because me and him are like best friends in real life so we get to enjoy each other’s company throughout that and I think it comes down to business if he goes somewhere good for him if he gets a music deal or something like that good for him I’m right in his corner and I think that if I get a deal with any wrestling company or entertainment or anything like that he’d be right in my corner what’s your opinion guys should Cass come back on his own or would he be nothing with that Enzo by his side and I’ll ask Korea today WWE hits a new low against aw second October is a big day for all elite wrestling as its weekly television show will debut on TNT however WWE are trying to move any attention away from the promotion by inviting many big wrestling journalists such as Dave Meltzer and giving them a tour of the WWE Performance Center and whilst that could be a dream come true for some it’s an invitation that Meltzer himself has turned down in order to make himself available for a double use premiere show it’ll be interesting to see what other stops WWE takes to drive some attention away from the show giving anybody took the invitation but one thing’s for sure this is a new low even for WWE but there you have it guys the latest wrestling news for today be sure to leave your comments down below subscribe if you haven’t already follow us on Instagram and Twitter and I’ll see you next time with some more wrestling content you

WWE HITS NEW LOW! WWE Clash of Champions PPV Finish LEAKED! John Cena Lands BIG Role! Wrestling News

WWE HITS NEW LOW! WWE Clash of Champions PPV Finish LEAKED! John Cena Lands BIG Role! Wrestling News