WWE Hiring Graphics Designer For Official Twitch Channels

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WWE Hiring Graphics Designer For Official Twitch Channels

Vince McMahon WWE RAW

Photo Credit: Alpha Entertainment

WWE is continuing its official takeover of the Twitch accounts of its Superstars by hiring someone that will work on making style guides, graphics, and other video graphics for the website. The role will report to the growing Advanced Media Group within the company and is said to require four years of experience in motion graphics for digital platforms.

Twitch is traditionally a platform where homegrown ingenuity is valued over production value. The accounts of brands and media outlets are often dwarfed by individuals playing games in their office, often with only the free swag sent by corporations serving as decorations. There are exceptions to the rule, but several WWE Superstars were operating under this purview before WWE’s shutdown of third party accounts several weeks back.

In a related story, Zelena Vega was let out of her WWE contract hours before SmackDown was set to air yesterday, and rumors have circulated that her presence on sites like Twitch and OnlyFans is the reason why. The wrestler, who tweeted out support for unionization minutes before WWE officially wished her well in her future endeavors, was one of several vocal talents upset with WWE’s new rules surrounding Twitch and other third party accounts.

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