WWE Hires Sylvain Grenier As An Agent

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WWE Hires Sylvain Grenier As An Agent


Photo Credit: WWE, WWE Logo

WWE hired former talent Sylvain Grenier as an agent for the company. Patric Laprade from TVA Sports out of Quebec, Canada had the opportunity to ask Grenier about his new role with WWE which began last week in Lexington, Kentucky. Grenier, however was first introduced to the idea after a meeting with Kevin Dunn in April of last year.

“When WWE came to Montreal in April 2019, I went to meet Kevin Dunn (Executive Vice-President of Television Content) to ask him for pictures of the time I won the team titles at the Bell Center. I needed it for the intro to my new fitness TV show. We started talking about things and others and he told me that the company was looking for agents. I had just had a child, I was working on my show, I didn’t want to end up on the road as much as before. But he told me that things had changed. The company then invited me to the premiere of SmackDown on FOX in Los Angeles and a few exchanges later, we had an agreement.”

Grenier then details what he’ll be doing in regards to a work schedule.

“My role is to do” fine tuning “, to” twister “just a little bit of the guys’ ideas. If Vince wants a particular message to come out of a match, well, my role is to make that connection with the wrestlers,” he explains. “For the moment, I’m in training. But eventually, I will be assigned to the red team or the blue team, Raw or SmackDown. I’m going to do a TV show a week, every PPV and once a month, I’m going to tour house shows. ”

Grenier is a former four-time WWE Tag Team Champion while he was a member of the faction La Resistance and was trained by the late Rocky Johnson, who passed away last Wednesday.

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