WWE Hired A Doctor From Fiverr To Administer Jeff Hardy’s Urine Test

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WWE Hired A Doctor From Fiverr To Administer Jeff Hardy’s Urine Test

Jeff Hardy Dr Fiverr

Photo Credit: FOX

When urine a pinch, go to Fiverr and that’s exactly what WWE did for the eyebrow-raising angle between Jeff Hardy and Sheamus on Friday Night Smackdown. It was discovered on Reddit that the doctor who administered Jeff Hardy’s very dehydrated urine sample was an actor they hired from Fiverr.

WWE literally hired a doctor from Fiverr from SquaredCircle

Before he ever did the honorable work of checking a man’s urine on national television, he also administered surgery on a grape in front of a backdrop of a very pixelated doctor’s office (and dabbing as he discussed it):

Also, do you ever happen to feel too high on your horse after engaging in intercourse? Well let Fiverr doctor knock you down a peg or two for a minute and a half as he breaks down the basic instinctual needs that come from lovemaking.

He may not be Dr. Shelby, but Dr. Fiverr has had his share of interesting appointments and now he can add seeing another man toss urine on an adversary to his resume. Dr. Fiverr (real name Frank George) is actually highly accredited on the site for his work in the ways of freelance acting. With over a thousand reviews, George has a perfect five star rating. You can set up an appointment of your own for the starting price of just $20.

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