WWE Files Trademarks For WCW & ECW PPV Names

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WWE Files Trademarks For WCW & ECW PPV Names


Photo by Desiree Navarro/WireImage

WWE went on a trademark spree this week as they applied for trademarks of previously used WCW and ECW PPV names.

This comes after Cody Rhodes filed to trademark “Bash at the Beach” among other names. WWE company has applied for trademarks for the following names, courtesy of PWInsider:

* Fully Loaded

* Living Dangerously

* Heat Wave

* Anarchy Rulz

* World War 3

* Chi-Town Rumble

* Sin

* Souled Out

* New Blood Rising

* Hog Wild

* Capital Combat

* Road Wild

* Greed

* Uncensored

* Spring Stampede

* The Day Of

* Mayhem

* Beach Blast

* Massacre on 34th Street

* Hardcore Heaven

* Eat Sleep Conquer Repeat