WWE Executive Announces Departure from the Company

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WWE has started making cuts after merging with UFC following Endeavor’s acquisition of WWE. The companies have now become one under TKO Holdings Group.

It was expected that departments from both companies would merge to save costs.


Pwinsider has reported that Jamie Horowitz, Executive Vice President of Development and Digital at WWE, has been let go.

Horowitz joined WWE in June 2021 after working at DAZN as Executive Vice President of Global Content. This departure is surprising as Horowitz was brought into the company by WWE President Nick Khan.

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WWE Executive Vice President Jamie Horowitz Let Go After Merger with UFC

In a surprising turn of events, WWE has made its first round of cuts following its merger with UFC. The merger came after Endeavor, the parent company of UFC, acquired WWE, bringing the two organizations together under TKO Holdings Group. The move was expected to result in departmental mergers to streamline operations and reduce costs.

One of the casualties of this merger is Jamie Horowitz, the Executive Vice President of Development and Digital at WWE. According to Pwinsider, Horowitz has been let go from his position. This news comes as a shock since Horowitz was brought into the company by WWE President Nick Khan just a year ago in June 2021.

Before joining WWE, Horowitz held the position of Executive Vice President of Global Content at DAZN, a sports streaming service. His experience and expertise in the digital content space made him an attractive hire for WWE as they aimed to expand their digital presence and engage with fans across various platforms.

While the exact reasons for Horowitz’s departure have not been disclosed, it is speculated that the decision was made as part of the merger’s cost-cutting measures. As with any merger, redundancies are common as companies look to eliminate duplicate roles and streamline their operations.

The merger between WWE and UFC created a lot of excitement and anticipation within the wrestling and combat sports communities. Fans were eager to see how the two organizations would collaborate and leverage each other’s strengths. However, as with any major business deal, there are bound to be some adjustments and restructuring along the way.

It remains to be seen how this departure will impact WWE’s digital development and content strategy moving forward. With the ever-evolving landscape of media consumption, it is crucial for WWE to continue innovating and finding new ways to connect with their global fanbase.

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In conclusion, the merger between WWE and UFC has resulted in the first round of cuts, with Jamie Horowitz, WWE’s Executive Vice President of Development and Digital, being let go. This move is part of the cost-saving measures following the merger. As the wrestling world continues to adapt to this new era, fans can rely on eWrestlingNews.com for all the latest updates and analysis.