WWE Erasing Jack Gallagher From Recent History After Firing

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WWE Erasing Jack Gallagher From Recent History After Firing

Jack Gallagher

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

There are two ways you can go out of WWE. In the first instance, you might get an angle on the way out the door, you may get included in video packages, and you’ll be invited back to reunion shows. Or, WWE does its best to scrub you from history, including erasing matches, web profiles, and your name from show descriptions. After being fired amidst the growing #SpeakingOut movement, WWE is implementing the latter in the case of Jack Gallagher.

First noticed by our friends at Ringside News, Jack Galligher’s match on 205 Live this week is not mentioned anywhere in the show’s writeup or archived via a video clip. In addition, his profile, unlike the profiles of CM Punk, Jon Moxley, and Chris Jericho, now goes to a 404 page.

It’s possible that they’re working on his website presence, as I was able to get search results for the Gentlemen that the original reporter was not. Still, it’s clear that WWE wants nothing to do with Gallagher going forward, and that they know something the public at large does not as of yet regarding the allegations against him. Gallagher is the only superstar to be immediately released following the allegations, with other talents denying their charges and WWE stating that they’re investigating further.

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