WWE Desires a Pale Hue Theme for 2024’s WWE Money in the Bank Event.

WWE Desires a Pale Hue Theme for 2024’s WWE Money in the Bank Event.
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Attending WWE Money in the Bank 2024 tomorrow night at Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Ontario? Remember to put on your white outfit. In a recent briefing during the WWE Money in the Bank Kickoff, Michael Cole announced that attendees for tonight’s SmackDown (whose results are coming in real-time) would receive white towels to bring along tomorrow and are encouraged to dress in white. This is in a bid to facilitate a “white out” throughout the event.

The rationale behind WWE’s push for a white-out experience remains a mystery. Speculations suggest it could be a strategy to gain viral traction, nab media attention, or to simply introduce an engaging visual element for something planned during the event.

One circulating conjecture relates this development to the new merchandise added for Jey Uso in WWE Shop:

Could there be an underlying strategy to showcase Uso as the victor in the Money in the Bank ladder match whilst also capturing him, the briefcase in hand, in front of a similarly dressed crowd? Or could it be mere coincidence?

Speaking from a personal viewpoint, the concept was completely new to me. Not being an avid hockey fan, I hadn’t the slightest idea of this being related to Winnipeg or Penn State’s football games. It just goes to show that limiting oneself to sports entertainment can limit one’s knowledge of other sports-related terms.

Do you have any theories about WWE’s push for a white out at Money in the Bank? We’d love to hear your opinions – do share them below!

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