WWE Considers Transforming NXT into a Touring Show

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As we previously reported here on eWn, WWE NXT will be moving to network TV next year, airing on The CW starting in October 2024.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter has shared more details on the WWE-CW deal, including WWE’s potential plans for the black-and-gold brand.


According to the latest report, there have been discussions about moving NXT tapings to arenas instead of hosting them at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL.

While nothing has been confirmed at this point, the idea was discussed when the deal with The CW was announced.

With the increase in rights fees, which would reportedly be 70% higher than NXT on the USA Network, the expenses of touring a third brand would be easily taken care of.

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WWE NXT to Move to Network TV on The CW in 2024

In a recent announcement, it was revealed that WWE NXT will be making its way to network television next year. Starting in October 2024, the popular wrestling show will be airing on The CW. This move marks a significant milestone for NXT and opens up new opportunities for the black-and-gold brand.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter has provided further details on the WWE-CW deal, shedding light on potential plans for NXT. One of the discussions that have taken place is the possibility of moving NXT tapings from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL to arenas. While nothing has been confirmed yet, this idea was brought up when the partnership with The CW was announced.

Moving NXT tapings to arenas would bring a fresh dynamic to the show. It would allow for a larger audience and create a more immersive experience for both the wrestlers and the fans. The increased rights fees associated with the move to The CW, which are rumored to be 70% higher than what NXT received on the USA Network, would easily cover the expenses of touring a third brand.

This move signifies WWE’s commitment to expanding the reach of NXT and elevating its status within the wrestling industry. By bringing NXT to network TV, more viewers will have access to the show, potentially attracting a larger fan base. It also presents an opportunity for NXT talent to gain more exposure and showcase their skills on a bigger platform.

For fans of wrestling, this news is exciting as it means more opportunities to watch their favorite NXT superstars in action. The move to network TV will provide increased visibility and could lead to further growth and success for NXT.

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In conclusion, the move of WWE NXT to network TV on The CW in 2024 is a significant development for the black-and-gold brand. With potential plans to move tapings to arenas and increased rights fees, NXT is poised for even greater success in the future. Wrestling fans can look forward to more thrilling matches and captivating storylines as NXT expands its reach and continues to entertain audiences worldwide.