WWE Clash Of Champions 2019: What WWE Did Right At The PPV

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WWE Clash Of Champions 2019: What WWE Did Right At The PPVWWE Clash of Champions Live Results

WWE Clash of Champions 2019, unfortunately, fell into the category of being one of the more underwhelming PPVs this year. It was a bit problematic from the second match up until the co-main event for various reasons. While there were a few good matches, the general pacing of the show and placement of matches were questionable and the crowd reaction or lack thereof was quite noticeable.

Unfortunately, these things tend to happen and when there are high expectations over a pretty stacked card. It’s somehow the less-stacked cards that end up delivering in a big way. Either way, the direction that they’re going to take following the show is undoubtedly going to be interesting to watch.

Despite all the negatives, this article is to outline the positives of the PPV and the things that WWE got right.

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