WWE Clash Of Champions 2019: Important Takeaways From The PPV

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WWE Clash Of Champions 2019: Important Takeaways From The PPVWWE Clash of Champions Live Results

WWE Clash of Champions is officially in the books and it’s only going to be 3 weeks before the next major pay-per-view. That, of course, just so happens to be Hell in a Cell 2019 and so far, that looks like it could be a rather promising event. What’s really exciting is that there will be a new direction taken for quite a few superstars as we approach the big SmackDown debut on FOX.

The WWE draft returns before the midpoint of October and that itself will be quite exciting, though we’ll have a clearer picture about that once Hell in a Cell is done. It’s not too often that WWE leaves this small a gap between two PPVs, but that’s perhaps the reason why some rivalries still haven’t been closed while some had already begun before Clash of Champions even ended.

Here are five big Takeaways from WWE Clash of Champions 2019.

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