WWE Bans Signature Move Following Recent Kairi Sane Injury

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WWE Bans Signature Move Following Recent Kairi Sane Injury

Photo Credit: WWE

Sources speaking with PWInsider have revealed that WWE has banned its performers from using the Bucklebomb. Also known as a powerbomb aimed at the turnbuckles, this move has been used most notably by Seth Rollins and Nia Jax, leading to tragedy in both cases. Seth famously ended Sting’s in-ring career with an errant Bucklebomb, and Nia Jax injured Kairi Sane last week with the same maneuver. The match containing said injury has yet to air on TV, but the fact that this action is happening could mean that it’s a serious incident.

WWE keeps a list of moves not approved for WWE usage, but they’ve gone back and forth in the past. The Shooting Star Press was banned from WWE for years only for Evan Bourne to revive it. Seth Rollins also had his Curbstomp finisher taken away for a time only for it to return and replace his borrowed Pedigree. So, while we might not have seen the last of the Bucklebomb in Stamford, it could be a while before a talent gets the chance to use it.

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