WWE 2K20 Sends Players To Empire Of Tomorrow In Last Originals DLC

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WWE 2K20 Sends Players To Empire Of Tomorrow In Last Originals DLC

Image: 2K Games

Hacker Asuka is about to take on the Authority Megacorp in Neo-Osaka, the neon-filled city that houses Empire of Tomorrow, the last of WWE 2K20’s four Originals DLC packages. For $14.99, players will be able to control this new version of Asuka as she wrestles through Chairwoman Alexa Bliss’s high-tech security systems. Said systems are robot wrestlers, because WWE 2K20 is a wrestling game.

The DLC package also contains three themed arcade towers and the chance to unlock eight new playable characters, from Anti-Virus Carmella to CyberNaomi. You also get two futuristic arenas, new parts for WWE 2K20’s extensive creation modes, and cyberpunk weapons.

The Empire of Tomorrow is now LIVE in #WWE2K20! Can you take down the evil Authority Megacorp? https://t.co/cpGYn1OjO8 pic.twitter.com/rwVCW7nnhL

— #WWE2K20 (@WWEgames) March 13, 2020

If you’ve previously purchased WWE 2K20’s season pass or deluxe editions, Empire of Tomorrow should already be auto-patching onto your gaming machine of choice. If not, you can buy the whole set of originals for a discounted bundle or pick and choose which WWE fantasy you want to fulfill.

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