Wrestling World Post Tributes To Shad Gaspard After Tragic Death

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Wrestling World Post Tributes To Shad Gaspard After Tragic Death

shad gaspard

Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The wrestling world is in mourning after the body of Shad Gaspard was found on Venice Beach. The talented wrestler had touch lives everywhere and it is shown in these tributes. Everyone from Roman Reigns to Bret Hard and Cody Rhodes have chimed in to honor Gaspard.

Check out the tributes below:

My very first match on FCW TV. Shad was unhappy during these times, but he was still kind to me and took good care of me. We rode to a couple towns together and he shared stories of his road experiences and his friendship with my cousin Umaga/Eki. Now they rest together. 🙏🏽 https://t.co/Sv7FNDeIUv

— Roman Reigns (@WWERomanReigns) May 20, 2020

The world has lost a wonderful human being. Shad Gaspard was a true HERO in every sense of the word. I’m keeping his family and loved ones in my prayers right now. We love you, Shad. pic.twitter.com/JaX6Ebk9LF

— NattieByNature (@NatbyNature) May 20, 2020

Never got the pleasure to know Shad too well personally, but I did have the opportunity to wrestle him countless times. He was beyond motivated and as a giant, took precautions to protect folks in the ring. I’m saddened by his passing, his last moments were as an undeniable hero. pic.twitter.com/D8K5NpDxzb

— Cody (@CodyRhodes) May 20, 2020

Shad died a hero, saving his son’s life. As a parent, there are no words to even explain that. He was a really positive & funny guy every time we spoke, just a good dude. Prayers for his family during this horrible time. #RIPShadGaspard 🙏 pic.twitter.com/qD5GkNUyje

— TAZ (@OfficialTAZ) May 20, 2020

No words…

Sleep in eternal peace, Shad. #Hero 🙏🏼 pic.twitter.com/Tqpzfg8cSm

— Proud & Powerful🇵🇷 (@Santana_Proud) May 20, 2020

All Elite Wrestling joins the wrestling world in mourning the death of Shad Gaspard, our thoughts are with his family and friends. pic.twitter.com/ctZDFJ8FQb

— All Elite Wrestling (@AEWrestling) May 20, 2020

As a father, Shad’s story hits so hard. His son will live for many more years knowing the true love his dad had for him. I’m praying hard for his whole family. Hold your loved ones close. Show love to everyone. Rest In Peace, Shad. I hope to be as courageous as you.

— Dax FTR (@DaxHarwood) May 20, 2020

Friendly reminder that Shad Gaspard was such a marvelous physical specimen that he actually performed the mocap, and was the physical model for the 2018 release of God of War. A story about father and son on a quest to spread the mother's ashes atop the highest mountaintop pic.twitter.com/5AXzrQ0TDB

— Brian Pillman Jr. (@FlyinBrianJr) May 20, 2020

"Don’t worry about being a big star, just focus on knowing your craft so you can be the best you can be, everything else will just fall into place" – Shad Gaspard pic.twitter.com/pui1Candmm

— Brian Pillman Jr. (@FlyinBrianJr) May 20, 2020

It’s been a heavy morning with news of the untimely passing of Shad Gaspard. A heartbreaking reminder that tomorrow is not guaranteed to any of us. Love to all here and now.

— Sami Zayn (@SamiZayn) May 20, 2020

There are some things that are unthinkable, the loss of my good buddy Shad is one of them. @Shadbeast was an Amazing man with a huge heart. You will be missed my friend. My sincere condolences to his family. RIP Much Love DDP pic.twitter.com/41kFZs39le

— Diamond Dallas Page (@RealDDP) May 20, 2020

Shad 💔

— Spud (@WWEMaverick) May 20, 2020

The National Wrestling Alliance sends its deepest sympathies to the friends, family and fans of Shad Gaspard.

Our industry is in mourning as we all remember and honor this great man.#RIPSHAD

— NWA (@nwa) May 20, 2020

I will never forget your smile my brother! You were a Superman Father to your son in your final moment. Now your son has countless “fathers” in your brothers from this Biz. We will protect him for you as you watch down on us all. ❤️ 🙏🏻 God Rest @Shadbeast pic.twitter.com/CKbROyAMo7

— The Murderhawk Monster Lance Archer (@LanceHoyt) May 20, 2020

#RIPShadGaspard. I’ve known Shad for over 10 years. We weren’t close…but everytime I’d see him, he would have a huge smile on his face and make me feel like we were. My thoughts are with his family.

— Matt Cardona (@TheMattCardona) May 20, 2020

Terribly sorry to learn that Shad Gaspard is no longer with us. My deepest condolences to his family and close friends. I wish everyone peace at this incredibly difficult time

— The Brandalorian (@TheBrandiRhodes) May 20, 2020

💔 Shad. Real life hero.

— Cathy Kelley (@catherinekelley) May 20, 2020

My heart goes out to the family and love ones of Former WWE Superstar Shad Gaspard. I met him in OVW as he was coming up and we hit it off. He was a true friend and loved by many. My friend you will be missed. God has you now. I know we will see each other again. #RIPShad pic.twitter.com/JVtcipZGrZ

— D-von Dudley (@TestifyDVon) May 20, 2020

The thoughts of everyone at WWE are with Shad Gaspard’s family during this difficult time. pic.twitter.com/dLRnF6oElX

— Vince McMahon (@VinceMcMahon) May 19, 2020

I wasn't close with Shad but every time I ran into him, he made it feel like we were. Always big hugs and backslaps. Such a positive attitude and mad hustle. A fierce protector who exemplified fatherhood in his final act. #RIPSHAD my deepest thoughts & condolences to his family. https://t.co/meJ7bCjeDk

— Nick Aldis (@RealNickAldis) May 20, 2020

RIP Shad Gaspard

My heart goes out to Shad’s wife and child. My prayers that his memory will soothe their sadness over time.#RIPShadGaspard @Shadbeast https://t.co/tzUH1oZ5yL

— Mick Foley (@RealMickFoley) May 20, 2020

Shad has always been in my phone as “Beast” and will now forever be in my heart as hero. A man whose love, kindness & sense of humor amazingly exceeded his giant frame. He was a terrific guy who always had a smile on his face & an amazing father. My condolences to his family. RIP pic.twitter.com/1dDghEgCY8

— Justin Roberts (@JustinRoberts) May 20, 2020

RIP Shad ❤️🙏🏼 You truly have a magical soul. Always made everyone laugh and smile. You will be so missed by so many. You are truly a superhero, forever and always. So many thoughts, prayers, love and light to his family.
❤️N https://t.co/12di0lrcpS

— Nikki & Brie (@BellaTwins) May 20, 2020

Sending my love and prayers to Shad loved ones during this time. #RIPShadGaspard

— $asha Banks (@SashaBanksWWE) May 20, 2020

Shad's passing has me gutted. I knew nothing about rip tides. They say swim parallel with the shore to escape. With summer approaching, lets arm ourselves with knowledge. #RIPShadGaspard pic.twitter.com/aILPSWtKfR

— Ariya Daivari (@AriyaDaivariWWE) May 20, 2020

I made so many funny memories with my brother as kids because of how entertaining Cryme Tyme was. Thank you for that, Shad.

Keeping all of his friends and family in my heart. ❤️

— Bayley (@itsBayleyWWE) May 20, 2020

From a @Shadbeast Instagram post on April 1st. These words are how Shad lived and it’s in this spirit that I’ll always remember him. pic.twitter.com/Db6kQ6z9LW

— Joey Ryan (@JoeyRyanOnline) May 20, 2020

Loss for words.. Shad you were such an amazing person, you will be missed. RIP 💔🙏🏻 pic.twitter.com/JLTlkeNoxz

— Mandy (@WWE_MandyRose) May 20, 2020

I never got to know Shad Gaspard but I imagine he was an incredible human based on the tributes being posted by all who loved him. My thoughts are with his family and friends. RIP.

— Kayla Braxton (@KaylaBraxtonWWE) May 20, 2020

I guess I can stop holding on to this now, Rest in Power @Shadbeast pic.twitter.com/bEuEp17H5x

— El Consigliere (@KennyKingPb2) May 20, 2020

R.I.P Shad. Such a sad day, if your final moments are saving your young son that has got to be the measure of a man. Rest In Peace brother. Much respect.

— “The Big LG” Doc Gallows (@The_BigLG) May 20, 2020

Saddened to hear the news of the passing of the “The Beast” Shad Gaspard. A hero even to the end, my thoughts and prayers are with his family at this time. A great man in this world, you will be sorely missed. Rest In Peace, my friend.

— Shane McMahon (@shanemcmahon) May 20, 2020

My deepest condolences to the family of Shad Gaspard. Always when I was around him a lovely, smiling man and his showing of the ultimate gesture to being a real man and father when it matters mean more than any words I could write.

— William Regal (@RealKingRegal) May 20, 2020

Absolutely heartbreaking news to wake up to. I only met Shad a few times, but his friendliness and kindness was like no other. His smile lit up a room. He’ll forever be remembered as a hero. Sending my thoughts and prayers to Shad’s family ❤️ #RIPShadGaspard

— Noelle Foley (@NoelleFoley) May 20, 2020

Today we will hear of memories of Shad as a performer and as a friend. But none of that will compare to his final act; a father protecting his son. #RIPShadGaspard pic.twitter.com/Sw567H4SUK

— Mustafa Ali / Adeel Alam (@AliWWE) May 20, 2020

#RIPSHAD 🙏🏽 I didn’t know Shad very well, but from the interactions we did have he was always such a kind, sweet human being. Rest In Peace & Power Hero. #Beast pic.twitter.com/Y82uTwjTP3

— Zelina Vega (@Zelina_VegaWWE) May 20, 2020

We are deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Shad Gaspard.

Our thoughts and prayers are with his family. 🙏🏼#RIPShadGaspard pic.twitter.com/zO7Z574QzL

— ROH Wrestling (@ringofhonor) May 20, 2020

My thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of Shad Gaspard who was always a wonderful guy with a huge heart.

— Bret Hart (@BretHart) May 20, 2020

Just gave him a #BrotherHug at Staples Center last time we were in town..
Being a father, I feel deeply for his family n friends.
Fuck the heat, love each other.
Rest Easy #GoodBrother , Shad.

— Karl Anderson (@MachineGunKA) May 20, 2020

I am sad to know that Shad is really gone but I am glad for the family that the body was found. Shad was such an amazing human with so much love for his family, friends and co-workers. I will miss you SO much Shad. Thk u for always making me feel special! #rip 🙏🏼❤️ pic.twitter.com/akQt3x142e

— Lilian Garcia (@LilianGarcia) May 20, 2020

My prayers and hope for Shad Gaspard’s wife, son and family during this unthinkable time. Man, this is a tough one. A really tough one.
Great guy.

— Dwayne Johnson (@TheRock) May 20, 2020

Shad told me that being a dad was the best job in the world. It sure is Shad and you were definitely a World Champion Dad. #RIPShadGaspard Miss ya bro 🙏🏽 pic.twitter.com/FOg9bPwa9i

— David Otunga (@DavidOtunga) May 20, 2020

I join fans around the world as we remember Shad Gaspard as a beloved performer and a caring father. In absolutely tragic circumstances, please keep his loved ones in your thoughts. https://t.co/JibfmJJMcC

— Triple H (@TripleH) May 20, 2020

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