Wrestling Shaggy dog story Disco Inferno Extended Shoot Interview 2021

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These wrestler are awesome! Hi there welcome to the two man energy day out of wrestling i am your host jp john end with me nowadays is a extraordinarily special guest he's a previous wcw cruiserweight champion wwe television champion he’s the superior one the mighty di disco inferno glenn gilberty glenn welcome to jimin i bought oh yeah i'm gonna name you out .

Precise snappy right here certain certain why fabricate you why fabricate you rage why fabricate you uh comprise like the next level squawk when you're doing this versus like when you're talking regular uh conan acknowledged it too you gotta you gotta fabricate the video he caught it he caught it too it's like yeah reason you you you're like this yeah batman no he acknowledged it about himself .

No he acknowledged about himself yeah that when you fabricate the intro like a mad canine russo you gotta yeah you gotta let me be precise with you though certain your regular squawk sounds way more masculine than your than your uh uh your your squawk you're attempting to position on right here to make your mind up on to manufacture the component so the flawed radio intro the flawed .

Radio intro yeah it's it's ridiculous so honest honest you might perhaps perhaps presumably presumably presumably also talk on a customary basis so all appropriate um i might that's honest difficult there we scramble glance the model you made the bass because like the bass honest came abet for your squawk however i suggested you to manufacture that that's silly russo hates it too by the model he .

Maybe because he thinks i talk too vital however he spikes his volume up like system better than all people else on the clarify on the clarify comprise you noticed that certain yeah yeah so that's the model he tries to silence me so i realized what i'm paying consideration to i bought up in my vehicle i bought to position it a chunk louder however i'm paying consideration to you and then .

When i pay consideration to him i strive and flip a chunk bit down because it gets dilapidated too exactly that's by fabricate when you and russo like first met used to be that wcw i affirm incessantly is the first time or did you fabricate it wcw and we had like you respect i was only 1 of the talents backstage .

That like used to be working with them beforehand however uh we roughly like hit it off after we sat next to each and every diversified taking part in on a like two-hour airplane disappear one time and honest plan shut each and every diversified's brains and stuff and every part all that that's that's after we roughly like bonded like the prolonged island roughly component you guys .

Uh oh honest did the philosophy wrestling philosophy same same component we had been honest you respect we had the a associated total philosophy so and uh we honest roughly hit it off like that you respect did you watched he'd work properly in wcw we hoped however like appropriate from the win-scramble .

You might perhaps perhaps presumably glance that it used to be um right here’s roughly it used to be roughly a extraordinarily irregular dynamic appropriate for the reason that guys on top had been roughly no longer in actuality taking word of what used to be occurring appropriate for the reason that wwe .

When they to after they you respect there used to be a period of time when each and every of us are doing gigantic enterprise appropriate and there used to be a uh you respect in the midst of that total be conscious when the ideal dance used to be on the rodman stuff yep and likewise you return and likewise you uncover at that .

Take care of and likewise you respect i'd forgotten because we had been so hot i'd forgotten that rodman skipped utter in the midst of the nba finals to attain to attain to nitro appropriate and we had been so hot then appropriate however they had been at .

Take care of coming into the dwelling it used to be like a like a horse saunter you respect like you attain attain at some stage in the stretch you scramble into the flip they had been closing fast because they’d they had been doing a chunk in actuality precise television at the time with uh with what you known as um .

Uh mankind austin and taker and kane they had been doing a total they're doing in actuality precise television it used to be the first blood match with kane um you respect like the attach it's honest they had been honest doing in actuality precise television appropriate the hell in the cell yeah and at the reveals appropriate the hell and sell mink and stuff appropriate .

Now they're honest a total lot of crazy stuff and they had been they had been doing a chunk very precise counter programming however we had been tranquil hot appropriate however you respect we had been in the system of turning into frequent and like at the reveals like backstage if we had been in a locker .

Room or one thing there used to be a television on you respect me and conan like a bunch of we had been watching raw properly the head guys weren't like doing that you respect so like so we roughly like roughly might well presumably glance what used to be you respect the the attach this used to be trending appropriate and the head guys had been .

Continually they they had been you respect most of those guys are no longer followers of the enterprise like like the mid card guys had been like you respect they're no longer watching they're no longer tape shopping and selling they're no longer watching the reveals they're honest making they're getting paid mega money and attempting to preserve their spots appropriate .

So we roughly saw the kind of television that vince used to be writing there so after we had heard that he used to be coming in you respect to like it used to be like oh properly right here’s a man that's been writing all that enormous television you respect he's coming in like the the mint vehicle guys had been pleased you respect hiya hiya right here comes vincent mvl .

Wow we had been like you respect now the mid vehicle guys are going to commence getting pushes every part properly the head guys had been associated to they had been total outsiders to them so it used to be roughly that used to be roughly like the dynamic they had been very um they didn't comprise their .

Common guys in the reserving positions that can perhaps presumably presumably inspire them preserve their spots and stuff and they’d completely unique guys coming in that had no agenda with them no no favoritism no nothing appropriate so that they had been roughly like you respect naturally talking that they had been roughly worried about and ed coming in .

When the relaxation of the crew is like oh cool right here’s precise for us you respect that that used to be that used to be the perspective i don't care what anybody says in retrospect every part however i'm telling you appropriate now because i'm very i was very inquisitive about that because i was one of the fellows that used to be you respect watching raw .

Take care of with coming within honest this unique might well presumably glance what used to be occurring you respect we might well presumably glance the trends even me and my mates as followers we tried to hunt for as vital wwe obviously we'd seek for each and every however all of a surprising we started going to all like the wwf reveals one more time like we had been going however we had been like going and then being .

At summerslam 98 and like they had been on a roll there in direction of the conclude heart 98 and then all in direction of the conclude yeah you guys are on like roughly a chunk bit of a tailspin a chunk bit appropriate tailspin is a big key phrase honest gigantic tailspin because it's honest you respect you you might perhaps perhaps presumably presumably presumably also't to it .

we had been like you respect per ideal analogy for wcw we had been andrew dice clay you respect we had been qualified hot when the poems and stuff and every part came out and executed it however then you definately scramble years like jesus you guys been pronouncing telling the a associated poems for for a twelve months .

You comprehend it's like so it's roughly like you respect that that's that's that's the model we that that's what our enterprise would happen it honest bought flat the head guys saved wanting to work with each and every diversified and since like we had been doing two and three hour reveals over the course of time you respect .

Other folks win sick of watching these guys work each and every diversified you respect these they are looking out to glance the integration of the younger town and they honest did they honest wouldn't fabricate it so vince came in and acknowledged hiya and right here’s what we must fabricate so of course you bought blowback from from the head guys because they don't they don't are looking out to work with .

The you respect these guys are making 1.5 million a twelve months you don't are looking out to work with a man making three hundred thousand to study out to elevate the man making three hundred thousand for the reason that guy's making three hundred thousand gets elevated and honest did he beats me you respect that guy's contract's creating he's price seven seven-hundred fifty .

Thousand my contract's creating it's like i will also no longer win signed or i'm going to win a pay cut because we're paying these diversified younger guys like more we must pay these younger guys extra cash because they're all getting over and if it's honest a total simplistic math .

Formula whenever you uncover at it and that's and it's no longer you might perhaps perhaps presumably presumably presumably also't knock the head guys for doing enterprise like that if right here’s a enterprise and likewise you're pondering about your money you comprehend it's honest they are looking out to preserve their spots they are looking out to preserve their money we wished a part of the pie we didn't we didn't mediate that the .

Disparity and abilities between the head guys and us used to be millions of greenbacks of price you respect what i'm pronouncing it's like we had been getting stunning precise so a total lot of us had been getting in actuality precise pops available you respect precise warmth and stuff precise precise reactions honest honest as precise as about a of the head guys some nights we're going .

Take care of you respect why is that this guy making two million greenbacks bigger than me you respect that's and that's honest that's that's each and every you respect we we might well presumably name the wrestling bubble however i'm definite each and every enterprise and job is like that the opponents for pattern stuff and every part and honest you respect and the folks that no longer wished to present .

Up their spots so that used to be the dynamic randomly honest uh throw this available andrew dice clay used to be taking part in an ice rink down the facet twin carriageway from me ideal week i don't know i did i was like what an ice rink i was like that's no longer a comedy venue however i read the component i was like oh my god andrew's class like that is i .

Don't know ma maya the mighty comprise fallen there for angelized clay appropriate sullivan yeah he didn't in actuality he's honest roughly it's tranquil silly how he's roughly hung around yeah like any these years crazy appropriate yep sullivan talked about to me that a total lot of .

Instances they would win like pushback like okay why is hogan wrestling this guy he's this million greenback wrestler why is he wrestling you respect jared jarrett's handiest making 450. like they is that you're like they'd win roughly blow abet each and every so assuredly from like up top as properly folks pronouncing like why is that this guy working with this guy no clue i had no .

Idea what the head guys had been doing or what they had been pondering or what they had been what their motivations had been and stuff you respect we honest didn't know we didn't know like situation of enterprise and stuff every part all we knew used to be brad siegel and he would attain and seek the advice of with us each and every now and again and .

Top light her light lie by his teeth you respect to us like in meetings and stuff every part and likewise you respect that used to be all we in actuality knew the man you respect we did we didn't we didn't i'm definite that's what used to be occurring that's why they went out of enterprise they uncover at the books or uncover at the numbers it's .

Take care of properly it's no longer this isn't price anymore however this the executives by no system cherished wrestling anyway appropriate no it's like a like there's no system whenever you might perhaps perhaps presumably presumably presumably comprise identified 20 years later you might perhaps perhaps presumably presumably presumably also very properly be doing a 0.3 score and tranquil tranquil getting cash like they would comprise by no system gotten rid of it you respect yep however no nobody might well presumably uncover .

Forward to that uncover uncover uncover that a long way ahead did you respect that brad siegel's school roommate stu snyder used to be a phase of wwe for like a puny period of time when wwe bought wcw you ever mediate about like that's roughly like a sharp accident it wasn't an sharp accident we notion bro the the truth that it bought .

Equipped for pennies on the greenback honest needed to be anyone on the diversified facet making the the money below below the desk on this mr tag it bought woefully undersold you respect what would it sell for two what used to be the price to the the four million i mediate the closing used to be four million .

Deem that four million that he also can comprise bought it like five instances over whenever you respect that used to be the price like no longer even that it's like for four million like like mediate about that roughly money on this day and age like that's some an internet poker player might well presumably make a choice the firm you respect for like .

I mean like honest explain like that that's like nothing you respect and like now like you glance these these like the uf ideal instance for your lifetime um and likewise you're a wrestling fan appropriate what affect has the the programming of wcw had on .

Your life over a period fabricate you comprise the abet then every part how indispensable used to be it to you the model you respect huge numbers on ratings and like how indispensable has the ufc been to folks appropriate appropriate you respect ufc is huge wcw is huge wcw sell for four million ufc sold for four billion you respect .

Top uncover at those numbers you're like properly what took situation right here you respect so it's honest it's honest all shady [ __ ] that nobody no you respect that we'll by no system know about we don't know about the cell phone calls the non-public conversations the emails every part because there's .

Never like there's by no system a trial brought up or it used to be investigated like we don't know what took situation we don't know why it used to be sold so vital however obviously i’d be captivating to bet money that if there's and presumably textual mutter material messages emails one thing there's a ancient previous of some .

Deplorable goings-on that took situation in the midst of that course of and i’d bet my life financial savings on that you respect that guy jamie kellner whenever you in actuality analyze it will also very properly be the worst executive of all time he bought 65 million provide from bishop and fusion media however determined to take a 4 million provide if that used to be .

Any one else in any form of enterprise he would had been fired 10 instances over you respect what i mean there used to be he would by no system bought one other job yeah it's advantageous uh that they it's it's it's crazy i mean there's so you might perhaps perhaps presumably presumably presumably also you might perhaps perhaps presumably presumably presumably also even like .

I don't know whenever you might perhaps perhaps presumably presumably presumably also even sue or anything or whatever however like whenever you honest investigated that it honest wouldn't fabricate any sense in anyway yeah and brad siegel gained't fabricate any on the uh document interviews either i mediate he's petrified of getting about a of those snappy even 20 years later i mediate he honest honest does he's beefy of [ __ ] .

He's beefy of [ __ ] you respect because beefy of [ __ ] that's why he gained't fabricate it i mean obviously gained't fabricate any radio he's either no longer or he's beefy of [ __ ] you respect and i'm i constantly suggested on this day and age and age if anyone requested you to interview like there's so vital ancient previous and that .

Somebody's been written so vital you respect you'd are looking out to head on the document and win your story straight he didn't even are looking out to yep you respect so that that tells you all you in actuality must know appropriate roughly irregular i mean it's 20 years later you might perhaps perhaps presumably presumably presumably mediate who offers a [ __ ] or all people for some reason he tranquil .

Doesn't are looking out to manufacture it i don't about that guy stu snyder i don't mediate he'll focus on the controversy however i don't know if he's hiding otherwise you respect refusing interviews or anything like that with you and wcw it's silly because sullivan constantly mentions it too one of potentially the most efficient guys in .

The card why fabricate you watched you roughly win the hideous rap like oh disco even even from like the trolls on the derive why fabricate you watched he win like a hideous rap each and every so assuredly like oh he's honest even from cody rose oh he's honest disco inferno why is that he went when the booker and the wrestlers in the firm are roughly jericho praises you in in the abet .

Um because he by no system labored with me and they don't know me for my part i stumble upon i'm a extraordinarily healish character on twitter very anti hostile to the followers and customarily about a of the wrestlers in the enterprise appropriate yeah however what i'm talking about these items it's roughly like i'm roughly ripping on the .

Sq. you respect i do know what gets consideration like i do know what to mutter to win consideration i'll dangerous the line and say some things to win consideration each and every so assuredly i largely agree with in one thing however i'm i make a choice to push the envelope .

what i'm pronouncing however anybody that knows me for my part i'm the i'm the silly guy in the locker in the life of the celebration the jokester guy i'm no longer like this he you respect guy that like thinks that like you respect you respect he's hated he hates on females's radio i'm no longer like that .

Take care of whenever you respect me for my part and sees it that i'm all people would say me when you hear all these guys i'm properly cherished i mean who's going to say you adore how many people that know me that labored with me say yeah disco he used to be a jackass he used to be like what a instrument what a d you respect .

Is anybody who has acknowledged that nobody the final word the final word criticism i've gotten for folks which comprise by no system labored with me anybody that's labored with me knew that when i was in wcw when i bought place on the reserving committee okay i went to bat for the fellows that had been no longer getting pushed .

Because i acknowledged i'm in the stroll with these guys i do know this guy can fabricate this i do know this town you respect ernest miller give him the mic i do know he can talk in the video that we're you respect i'd give jericho suggestions one more time bro i was constantly attempting to inspire others to my detriment i was by no system selfish about myself .

I was constantly like attempting to inspire diversified guys and i was i was honest the man that can perhaps presumably presumably okay i'll fabricate what you're suggested as an worker fabricate fabricate what they say fabricate scramble available you respect you're doing a job in four minutes honest scramble available whatever that's i was that form of guy so like on the total the criticism of me .

It's and that's why i comprise thick pores and skin it's by no system bothered me because whenever you respect the truth then it doesn't you respect the criticism might well presumably tranquil by no system bother you because you honest oh these folks honest misinformed you respect however whenever you're uncon no longer assured about your positions that's when the criticism bothers you .

Because now folks are roughly exposing you for taking a mutter that you respect you don't agree with in and i agree with in each and every mutter i take however you respect the model i the model i present it each and every so assuredly maybe a chunk off coloration and stuff and they might well presumably ruffle folks's feathers however in a roundabout way anybody that meets me or .

Knows me stuff you bro all these guys want to put together with me as an different of that they'll say they'll they'll repeat the a associated component you respect jessica's a precise gigantic guy he's a silly he's like you respect he's he's hell he's indispensable he's honest you respect however like the persona that the social media mob .

And this uh echo chamber has of me you comprehend it doesn't it doesn't doesn't bother me i admire pronouncing like i'm you comprehend it's i comprise a extraordinarily elitist perspective in direction of the followers okay because i do know when i was a fan .

Okay i was an informed fan because i previous to hunt for 13 to 14 hours of wrestling each and each week you respect i had we had the seven hour wrestling block on wcd on as uh it used to be known as up what the hell used to be it known as joe pedestino had the clarify on channel 36 in atlanta from eight to three o'clock in .

The morning wrestling from seven diversified regions of the country i'd seek for all those tape them in the dv on the vcr you had uh you had tuesday night titans you had wwe uh the wwe clarify um that used to be on wor .

Once a month you'd comprise united states community would comprise the clarify from the garden they would clarify the wrestling from the garden each and every each and every sunday and i had and i had nwa you respect george's championship wrestling at six o'clock on saturday night it's like roughly like 13 hours of wrestling i watched that for like six seven eight years in a row religiously .

And educated myself on on that you respect like i was keen on wrestling appropriate however i was tranquil a fan you respect i had more knowledge than the general public because i've been watching more and i strive and decide out one thing however until i went to put together to battle i was a ticket because i had like i'd glance how they i'd .

Look how they they would talk in the ring i didn't know the way they did and one thing however until i bought educated to the enterprise you don't ticket how dinky the marks know about the enterprise and that's it's honest honest i i will't reiterate to folks like like that that the the followers that mediate they know as vital as i fabricate or mediate they know more 90 .

Whenever you happen to comprise the expert level of knowledge and likewise you fabricate that you respect what we name the marks because that's the word we declare every part however that is that can perhaps presumably very properly be a dichotomy it's like these are honest followers and even the dust sheet guys they're honest they're tranquil honest followers .

Okay you respect i mean they're no longer they i will also comprise written a newsletter abet in you respect 1987 you respect because i was watching 13 hours of wrestling television i i will also comprise i will also had been like a man like a soiled guy and every part if i certain to pursue that however it's like until you change into until you win in the enterprise .

Your level of knowledge would not attain that point you respect and it's like and i'm when followers strive and argue with me i honest know this like i'm no longer going to take a seat down down there and likewise you respect strive and argue with tom brady or whether or no longer he might well presumably tranquil you respect test down on a third down pass or throw in or say you .

Know you respect and that's what that's identical what these folks strive and argue with you with it's like they mediate they know what's occurring and they don't you respect so it's crazy i was talking to a present wb guy nxt guy and he acknowledged it off there he didn't are looking out to mutter it on there with .

However he acknowledged this used to be potentially the most efficient generation of wrestling for wrestling for the wrestlers i was like that's controversial however he's a present guy so let me say let me say you why that's no longer even shut it's ridiculous okay however he's present so i will also glance why he's in his head pondering that though okay of course they are because he's the younger .

they are looking out to promote the oh and likewise you bought the dust sheet guys which is that right here’s the the final word you respect uh journalistic malpractice that that's going nowadays is these these dust sheet guys selling that right here’s there's by no system been a bigger time to be a wrestling fan .

And that i'm like wait a second as a wrestling fan nowadays okay as a wrestling fan abet in the midst of potentially the most efficient time of pleasurable wrestling when i was in it the mid to gradual 90s if wrestling used to be coming to town you might perhaps perhaps presumably presumably presumably also scramble glance it and the placement would be sold out and the group would be booing the heels and booing the heels and sharing .

The toddler faces and and and having emotional responses to the suits and they'd be very loud certain nowadays you can not win that you can not journey the crowds the feelings suffering of the of wrestling from 20 years ago nowadays unless you're sitting for your computer watching it on a .

Computer and to study out to take a seat down down there and say that that there's by no system been a time better time for wrestling fan that as an different of going to a reside clarify and experiencing the adrenaline the emotion and the noise you have to to hunt for it for your computer it's like potentially the most idiotic argument that you might perhaps perhaps presumably presumably presumably also you might perhaps perhaps presumably presumably presumably also presumably fabricate .

It's like honest agree with that like say like if whenever you take a seat there and like suggested folks like there's this has by no system been a time to be a by no system been a time to be a bigger time to be a football fan because there's so many delusion football leagues you might perhaps perhaps presumably presumably presumably also play in you comprehend it's like you comprehend it's like yeah yeah however what am i going to mutter .

What if i are looking out to head seek for you respect what if i are looking out to hunt for the steelers versus the cowboys you respect the and likewise you respect the followers are combating in the group and stuff and there's a raw emotion one thing bro it's honest it's honest ridiculous and plus two is like whenever you seek for wrestling nowadays and i'm i was eager on this in the vehicle nowadays .

When i was honest riding around appropriate i was watching like right here’s honest it used to be honest a movie clip it used to be honest a youtube clip and every part and it used to be exhibiting it used to be honest from the from uh uh what what motion photos is from um what's the william wallace movie braveheart .

And it used to be exhibiting us a combat scene in the fields appropriate and honest you respect folks combating for his or her lives you respect attempting to chop in stuffing in the air associated to they're attempting to assassinate each and every diversified and like that's like .

Roughly like an ancient reference after we uncover at combating folks combating like facet twin carriageway combating every part you uncover and glance what's occurring it's like whenever you comprise wrestlers nowadays strive and choreograph the combat scenes from like motion photos like that and facet twin carriageway fights every part fabricate you respect how ridiculous it .

Would uncover these folks would be doing flips cartwheels dies stuff like like like literally like the integration of gymnastics and acrobatics uh into combat combating appropriate and it's like you're taking a opinion at this and like going like what took situation to this product .

You comprehend it's like these guys comprise facet twin carriageway fights nowadays and then like they'll guide a facet twin carriageway combat i mediate it's silly because like i acknowledged like you respect the the the guide of facet twin carriageway combat on television and i'll say like that's hysterical because i i do know when i seek for this facet twin carriageway combat these guys can't even throw a punch with their fists they want to .

Throw kindly forearms in a facet twin carriageway combat the attach all principles are thrown out the window you might perhaps perhaps presumably presumably presumably also honest scramble brawl and these guys are tranquil like doing these discussion board shots i'm like bro it's like the wrestlers nowadays don't comprise the fundamental abilities or comprise mastered the fundamental abilities of to manufacture it .

See like a combat which is the total premise of a wrestling opponents and making these suits are for two guys rising to a level to combat each and every diversified in a rink however now it's like the the the component is is like like unique guys are coming into the organization you win these guys all all people can mediate about is like oh my .

God mediate about all these gigantic suits to permit them to price them with with the stars like critics and i'm like in actuality that's that's no longer if right here’s potentially the most efficient time to be a wrestling fan there's no system you're gonna sell that to diversified folks to be followers we're like we're gonna seek for two folks simulate a combat no longer .

Even combat for precise and we're gonna grade their performance and that's that's what that's what the the system might well presumably tranquil uncover make a choice to us and i'm like properly what did you respect and so that's like and then you definately glance the numbers you might perhaps perhaps presumably presumably presumably also't win a total lot of folks engaged .

Into why into watching the product essentially based mostly on that form of like if that's how we're going to hunt for it we're going to critique the work which is all these guys fabricate the dust you guys fabricate the followers because that's all they fabricate on this day and age to the point that like we can't even uncover at like presentation of characters .

And stuff we're pronouncing like like wow this guy puts my suspension disbelief in the finest situation for this promos or this guy's what a precise interview what a precise backstage section so you comprehend it's like there's there's the the instruments that wrestlers hadn't had in their box years ago to win over it's like these kinds of guys don't even .

Have any of the instruments and like that we're talking about how proficient they are and the the provision i'm like guys whenever you might perhaps perhaps presumably presumably presumably also't throw a punch you might perhaps perhaps presumably presumably presumably also't sell it's like you're no longer that proficient you respect because like guys might well presumably that that each and each one they might well presumably fabricate is that jerry .

Lawler made an advantageous occupation on the total honest punching and kicking yeah however he did it so precise and so realistically and plausible believably you respect his abilities had been you respect that a long way above all people else you respect and then he used to be over so it's like i don't comprehend it's honest it's honest silly .

Top watching that memoir delivered there's by no system a bigger time to be a wrestling fan you're talking about like properly in the midst of the time that i are looking out to ascertain you to there's 1,000,000 stuff you might perhaps perhaps presumably presumably presumably also't fabricate that we also can comprise executed abet then you definately respect diversified than seek for the product for your for your computer .

And that i'm like in actuality that's that's the right here’s is that what you watched of fannin's sitting in his underclothes on on his mattress appropriate with a computer watching you respect tadahashi versus okada you respect sisters sisters i mean like versus like you respect .

Uh you respect watching the rock and austin during the ring you might perhaps perhaps presumably presumably presumably also slicing promos on each and every diversified and the rock stuns him and then or austin stuns him and then takes beer and drinks the beer stuff right here attain on it's like you respect he'll be kidding me the pops had been system bigger abet then which is why that used to be the time used to be better to be a .

Wrestling fan is when the pops had been system bigger you respect yep he acknowledged that the present day followers are unpleasant that's like the worst the attach it's been which is why you didn't are looking out to focus on it on there you're utilizing social media to promote your product now .

Because it's producing all these profits streams and like they're making system extra cash like the wd desirable you respect however when you purchase in that atmosphere you're it's like you're properly the final word ideal instance appropriate be conscious the movie the eight aliens the attach they are .

They might glance the first first one or second i omit which one this one however you they stroll into this like cave and they stroll in cave and likewise you glance all like these pods and they're walking around and the subsequent component you respect is like the aliens are beginning to attain out of .

The partitions and stuff that you respect like they're coming out of the pods like and like so that's what it's like with the trolls it's like whenever you project into that right here they attain it's like they and they can't inspire it trolls twitter social media trolls can no longer inspire what they fabricate they're psychopathic .

They honest are looking out to [ __ ] on things and bury things and antagonize them that's what they fabricate you respect and it's like i don't comprehend it's like it's silly too because you might perhaps perhaps presumably presumably presumably also play the aim of a troll and like you respect honest and honest intentionally like antagonize folks like when you're a public decide like i .

Am it's like it's it's so simplistic it's in actuality easy to manufacture because you comprise like the ocean of folks that make a choice to manufacture stuff like that troll folks stuff so it's like it's easy to like dwell associated you respect yeah on this climate however yeah the followers are gross nowadays .

They you respect the cheers the clap because they don't agree with that they don't they by no system agree with what's occurring is precise okay there used to be a percentage of folks that that notion it used to be precise and that can perhaps presumably presumably roughly like interject with the relaxation of the folks that decide okay we're going to faux it's precise .

Top they can't even faux it's precise appropriate now that's the likelihood with the suspension explain whenever you might perhaps perhaps presumably presumably presumably also't faux it's precise because there's no emotional response you're no longer hating one guy you're no longer in actuality liking one guy you're honest liking the performances of the of the of the .

Performers which is the model you're watching and it's roughly honest it's honest a peculiar it's honest a peculiar system to hunt for for me you respect i honest can't i honest can't win into it you respect that right here’s awesome likelihood of combat forever and likewise you deserve i'm no longer those are corny things that i’d comprise .

Heard as as a fan however plus two right here’s silly i was eager on this the diversified day it's hysterical watching like a total lot of the work on television and guys are like lacking spots screwing up spots botching finishes and then like you uncover at you uncover at the the score of the match three and .

Three quarter stars four and a quarter stars so bro if we abet in the day whenever you went available you killed it however whenever you screwed up one situation in a match you came abet by the curtain and likewise you that used to be all you notion of you had been pissed that you screwed up a situation and it used to be like you didn't care there used to be constantly because like on this day and age it's .

Take care of it's like an apology culture it's like oh it doesn't subject the field who cares you respect the group used to be over and like you price the suits give them excessive grades every part however these kinds of guys like you you seek for them work and it's like they uncover green and they uncover amateurish and and likewise you .

See at the you seek for a match associated to they screwed this up screw that and it appears to be like like meltzer gave that four to half stars it's like how is that that you might perhaps perhaps presumably presumably presumably also agree with it's like you're no longer you're no longer subtracting stars for any transgression in the match otherwise you're associated to pronouncing oh i seek for it they're i admire them they're my mates and i'm going to present .

Them a precise grade you comprehend it's like it's ridiculous and it's constantly what it does what it's executed is they've over valued the performers they've made they've made this component like okay right here’s potentially the most efficient there's by no system been a bigger gash of abilities and wrestling nowadays .

That's like these guys can't even throw a punch it's like they don't these guys don't even uncover like they know combat for precise like in a fist combat like they uncover like the followers uncover like that like we can beat these guys up it's like the charisma of the pleasurable wrestler is gone .

however however the charisma of the performer you respect they chanced on a area of interest viewers of followers that that which would be drawn to that stuff you respect so that's that's my philosophy on it so yeah a total lot of those guys i will't make a choice into i do know coal and gargano might well presumably very properly be okay or whatever .

Within the ring and melts are giving them five stars however i honest can't make a choice into them they're too puny can't throw precise punches they're honest no longer plausible i admire hole's work coal can throw punches um however the component is with these guys bro i've seen them you haven't watched lots .

I've watched a total lot of nxt these guys can throw punches they honest don't and i'm like what are you what on earth you guys doing this appears to be like to be like silly you're throwing these forearms and stuff in the air you're no longer even selling bro throw punches a precise taking a opinion punch with a man selling .

An genuine appears to be like to be like a long way more realistic than jacking a man up on the facet of the jaw and he doesn't even he don't even take a step abet you respect pronouncing it's like whenever you have to whenever you line up like this jap combating spirit situation that they fabricate the attach you honest you guys honest stand there and let the .

Assorted guy hit him bro whenever you lined me up in entrance of a man and gave me a free shot of the man and i formed i'd knock him out however no there's no longer they're doing it they're no longer selling it's like it appears to be like to be like completely silly you comprehend it's associated to gross psychology because there's no there's .

Never been a combat the attach after 10 to 15 minutes into the combat the fellows discontinue and decide hiya i'm going to intend you might perhaps perhaps presumably presumably presumably also i'm going which alternate blows i'll mean you might perhaps perhaps presumably presumably presumably also hit me you you and likewise you respect attain on because it's ridiculous it's ridiculous name though he's bought to win some muscle groups .

His fingers are so skinny elbow pads his knee pads he's so skinny he'd uncover better if it used to be if this the the our generation and he might well presumably fabricate steroids you respect i don't know what their wellness policy is the man's potentially dilapidated ample he wants to be getting a enhance hormone or testosterone which is i mediate about a of .

That's kindly they mediate i don't know if they can fabricate that bobby lashley obviously is doing one thing you respect i mean however like however you respect potentially because they're making an try out for the unlawful stuff appropriate i don't even bro maybe as a result of this this generation i i don't mediate these guys even strive and fabricate .

Things to inspire toughen their physiques you respect i don't know if they're ingesting protein shakes or taking dietary supplements or one thing because a total lot of them honest don't you respect why these guys honest don't uncover like they work out right here’s that they work out they honest don't uncover like they work out racy appropriate you respect that's that's what the .

Common wrestler appears to be like to be like as if nowadays they're the quantity only about a of them uncover like they work out racy you respect they're honest pondering they're honest roughly there you respect your boy dangerous is a monster however your total diversified guys are guys stunning puny of guys are built that know the price of .

Take care of taking a opinion bigger than all people which is tranquil like a a component that followers glance yep you respect they uncover at you and they glance the gigantic guy versus a puny guy properly i'm selecting the gigantic guy you respect why why wouldn't i appropriate yeah yeah so i don't comprehend it's honest diversified you .

Know you had one of the easier punches up there i constantly hear folks say like you jarrett lawler scott hall the rock like amongst potentially the most efficient punches what fabricate you be taught to punch like fabricate you honest educate your self otherwise you seek for like maybe a waller or one thing i learned punch before each and every guy in the .

Exchange honest from watching i honest knew me my mates would combat and i honest i honest knew throw it and pull it and i do know i knew work it it's no longer that racy to manufacture i i fabricate i educate classes you respect in vegas when i fabricate it i i honest need you for for an hour or two and i'll educate anyone .

throw a precise punch i went one time there used to be a years and years and years ago i did a seminar for like wrestling followers and i literally had the followers attain in the ring and i taught them all throw a punch and like a bunch of make a choice to on this day and age .

That class of honest followers that i honest brought in the ring and taught how fabricate punches punch punch better than half the fellows in the enterprise nowadays it's a huge skill to comprise and it's charming to hunt for these folks honest fabricate no longer fabricate no longer declare it potentially the most demanding component to me is there's these guys that .

That you simply respect you're in a brawl it isn't phase of a match and likewise you win in you're you're in the abet you're combating the abet you're in forearms that's like who you respect might well presumably you agree with whenever you had been going to combat a man in the streets and he's going to throw kinds he'd assassinate the man .

if the fellows the man's no longer going to punch you he's going to throw forearms at you you beat the man up because you might perhaps perhaps presumably presumably presumably punch him you respect folks say i don't comprehend it's it's ridiculous so the attach did that stretch from honest telling the jap that they beautiful vital jap combating spirit situation .

The attach all people they honest stand there in entrance of every and every diversified and hit each and every diversified backward and forward and alternate and these marks these wrestlers nowadays notion that that is likely to be a precise one thing precise to elevate over right here to the states which is asinine because you respect jap combating spirit whenever you're no longer .

Japanese what what’s whenever you're an american why how are you utilizing jap combating spirit whenever you're american it's like a easy quiz to hunt info from anyone you respect influenced i affirm from uh from watching a total lot of jap wrestling i affirm yeah you might perhaps perhaps presumably presumably presumably mediate .

Top yeah positively in clarify a long way as like you and russo and the inventive committee he's the actual person who bought you on the inventive crew in wwe mm-hmm yep might well presumably he seek info from me with out blessing eric used to be tranquil roughly concerned i mediate eric okay too .

So honest flat outs like this guy knows what he's talking about he wants to be in the committee i are looking out to be yeah i are looking out to comprise him in the room yeah yeah did a bump bump and pay uh wanna bump and pay however it used to be a bump yeah form of because i bought my rooms and my cars paid for i was having a friend i was like the .

Common fair contract i was getting my rooms and vehicle you respect i needed to pay to your room for your vehicle however now it's getting i was situation of enterprise now so that they're paying their price which is cool yeah yeah which which is roughly a danger in the ass when you don't want to you respect when you definitely want to pay for this .

Pain in the ass appropriate appropriate exactly and win and stuff in clarify we head for the fabricate we head for the wind down right here what fabricate you watched is like gonna inspire the enterprise or or is it there's a too a long way gone like what can the enterprise fabricate to roughly win abet to the attach it used to be i mean when i was going to reveals with let me .

Discuss 80s and 90s hogan the level of importance on honest the clarify that he used to be on used to be crazy austin even going to dwelling reveals i be conscious like it used to be so initially sold out however you honest in actuality feel that in the air one thing used to be in the air if he used to be going to stun shane mcmahon or one thing there used to be importance there used to be one thing in the air with wrestling you .

Went to the clarify you had been mad to head to the clarify what what can they fabricate to win abet to that you have to more grown men or more grown men taking a opinion characters you respect you're no longer going to you're no longer going to position yo guys like marco stutt and jungle boy and darby allen and stuff and likewise you're no longer .

Going to sell those guys to the loads you respect that i mean bro it's like potentially the most charming component is like is that that i constantly elevate up the diversity article on that on our clarify you've potentially heard me focus on it many instances and the info is terribly definite you uncover at the tv ratings the .

Device they are now you uncover at the tv ratings the model they had been you uncover at the diversity article which on the total acknowledged like uncover properly 80 p.c of the wrestling followers which comprise watched wrestling fabricate no longer seek for it anymore it's four fifths of the viewers and likewise you add it up to the ratings and like yeah that makes ideal .

Sense because that's about what the distinction is like so it's very definite info you respect and likewise you uncover at the info and it says you respect wrestling's too cartoonish the suits we don't like there's many people 25 p.c of the 80 p.c okay .

Allege they don't seek for anymore as a result of the they don't like the suits so literally half the folks whenever you comprise like a subset community of 100 folks okay and likewise you comprise the folks that fabricate that don't you respect 50 of them don't seek for wrestling and likewise you respect 50 p.c fabricate the .

50 don't seek for don't seek for wrestling or whatever more that is however like on the total whenever you uncover at the percentage the quantity of folks that discontinue watching wrestling because they don't like the work are the a associated quantity of folks that seek for wrestling nowadays .

So while we're attempting to promote this form of wrestling and likewise you respect we're right here’s total math because i'm an info guy you respect and like it's silly because dave meltzer says nobody punches the numbers like him and these are potentially the most simplistic numbers you might perhaps perhaps presumably presumably presumably also like you fabricate whenever you comprise any knowledge i'm precise at math you respect i've .

Continually been precise at math and to me this math isn’t any longer difficult however it will also very properly be to like diversified folks like literally the a associated quantity of folks that mediate that seek for wrestling nowadays that quantity of folks discontinue watching because they don't like the work and it's like dude you're talking about the work on this day and age literally it's .

Turning off half the folks like half the folks fabricate no longer like this this model that you fabricate no longer like this work and it's like so you might perhaps perhaps presumably presumably presumably mediate like okay what are we gonna properly let's strive and maybe integrate about a of the things that these folks cherished and they honest don't fabricate it .

they honest stick with they they scramble even farther a long way from the stuff that folks don't like as an different of maybe going abet into one thing that's what i've constantly acknowledged like if 80 of folks previous to hunt for wrestling don't you roughly would a logical particular person would mediate that like properly maybe you guys stop doing a total lot of stuff like over the years .

That we previous to manufacture that you guys don't fabricate anymore you respect and it's like these to me these are total sense calculations that you fabricate you respect however the wrestling enterprise these you respect melts are you respect at any time when these guys screw up or one thing he makes excuses .

Every time they’ve a match that's the finest component ever no subject how many mistakes they fabricate or anything and it's associated to in all these dust low-mark guys scramble fawn you respect this it's honest pathetic watching watching the dust sheet guys tweet in the midst of those reveals like like you respect what like the the worst of the marks .

Take care of the the cultist form followers you respect like i was watching like like oh bro bro scramble on sean raw sapp's twitter when when aw is on it's it's silly to to hunt for you're like oh my god this guy's like bro are you a a journalist or are you honest a like a five-twelve months-dilapidated like a nine-twelve months-dilapidated fan because that's what you sound like you respect when when you're .

Tweeting about these items so i don't know right here’s uh i don't know i mediate wrestling's honest modified i don't as prolonged as all people thinks it's gigantic you comprehend it's by no system going to return and we're going to proceed each and each twelve months to bleed followers .

Which is what happens from the twelve months before there's constantly less followers watching from the twelve months before that and i honest would profess it it's potentially honest going to proceed if they don't originate embracing about a of the things that previous to work and previous to win the loads you respect .

It's silly these followers nowadays are like anti-hogan or for whatever reason don't like hogan the man's accountable for the two ultimate booms ever in wrestling so yeah you respect the attach's the subsequent okay no it's like being a social justice warrior is nearly you respect more indispensable to them than wrestling it's like so oh he's a racist .

He's you respect he's honest he we're gonna we're gonna each and every transgression any any wrestler my generation had we're these this generation's gonna amplify and strive and fabricate it sound like that we sucked you respect like like you we by no system met you respect any mistake we made is is canceling is inappropriate whenever you potentially did you respect is that this .

Absurd and that's you're appropriate that's the followers the followers are unpleasant you respect like that yeah and hogan honest did a signing of his coastline about a weeks ago it used to be like 200 tickets or one thing because they’d to chop it off and it used to be speculated to be for two hours so it's speculated to be like fast supposedly went eight hours .

So which system which each and one and all he spends quantity of time so i mean he's gigantic with the followers so i honest abominate like that roughly like anti-hogan stuff that these sjws place available properly sanchez and santa anything wwe roughly you respect who's the subsequent hogan might well presumably or no longer or no longer it is roman or is there nobody on the horizon romans though they're no longer .

Hogan hogan's a global icon you respect like hogan who's very recognizable pogen used to be on the you respect hogan used to be in rocky iii yeah yeah that's what all people acknowledged if i don't mediate if he had been in rocky iii he would comprise he would comprise taken him more time to change into more in model you respect what i'm pronouncing however the truth that he used to be on rocky .

Iii the rocky you respect the rocky motion photos had been like huge you respect so that they honest mediate about that you respect so i mean be like if he used to be like on mission very no longer likely or one thing nowadays like any wrestler used to be on a man used to be a mission presumably came into the enterprise and likewise you respect .

However uh yeah it's it's it's crazy to hunt for i mean i i unders intended to the wrestling enterprise however it's like we're attempting to white seek for that phase of ancient previous you respect i mediate genuinely you you bought guys on this enterprise of guys like meltzer that .

No and on his like whenever you seemed whenever you whenever you had been like standing appropriate now and likewise you had been in south dakota and taking a opinion up at mount rushmore appropriate and your envision what mountain however it's no longer way more of wrestling you comprehend it doesn't comprise george doesn't comprise these guys on you respect you you honest .

Any one that's been a wrestling fan over the course of time would honest uncover and glance you respect hogan rock austin and flair and i genuinely mediate that like whenever you visualize that and place place your particular person like dave meltzer would uncover at that and mediate you respect flair omega tanaha you respect okada and and and .

Misawa you respect he used to be literally that that is likely to be what his mount rushmore gave the look of and then you definately would win a bunch of diversified folks that you right here’s my mount rushmore wrestling i've been wrestling followers in mass 90 of them would say properly who’re those .

Guys you respect you respect and that's that's the attach the mindset differs between like you respect the a man like him and his followers because i constantly elevate up meltzer because like i'll by no system omit that potentially the most efficient system to describe him is you respect the folks that read his newsletter .

Voted in their twelve months-conclude awards that snap that that aw dark used to be a bigger clarify than smackdown so that so that's all you bought to mutter that's all you might perhaps perhaps presumably presumably presumably want to manufacture to study out to mutter oh properly that that's the reference point we're talking about right here alongside with his followers you respect so that they're clueless you respect what i'm pronouncing that they're .

Top on this echo chamber and kobe however they're none of those folks are going to comprise an belief to like plan more folks to hunt for wrestling you respect they're in actuality going to comprise more suggestions to flip more folks off from wrestling which has been occurring for .

The previous like 15 years you respect so and that's all honest that to me that's some easy math you respect honest uncover at these numbers uncover at what they're doing uncover at that that's the model i i seek this you respect i uncover at his trends and and i've by no system brought i'm you respect to my coronary heart you .

Hear to me bro who who’s more honest and for prognostications to this wrestling enterprise that i had that's honest yeah i mean after we're talking about trends future the attach the attach things are going who who's been more honest you respect they've executed like tony and they they gained't admit it each and every so assuredly .

The reason they like the reason they make a choice to listen to from me is because i fabricate a total lot of predictions and most of them attain honest you respect i'm stunning i'm stunning precise with i'm very precise with abilities evaluation it's one component that i mediate i'm a long way more expert than the general public on this enterprise it's like either you respect .

Top off the bat i'm in the fsw practising there for like you respect two weeks i'm like okay this chris bay dinky one's going to manufacture it you respect kevin dangerous is going to manufacture it so this gets 21 years dilapidated this guy's been in right here for about a months or one thing i honest i honest can say you respect you honest you might perhaps perhaps presumably presumably presumably also honest say yeah and it's .

Take care of these guys i uncover at these produce of diversified guys that folks mediate are gigantic and stuff and i honest you comprehend it's a ideal instance like like all people's phony like i name like i glance it all people's fawning over jungle boy and like oh my jungle he's starting i'm like uncover at him dude bro this guy's .

Tiring you respect each and every backstage promo he's ever executed has been plain he has no character has only about a facial expressions i'm watching this like i put together wrestlers i’d be working with this guy to study out to inspire him win out of his shell that's what i'll fabricate if i was if i had jungle boy however he's honest going .

Available uninteresting does his dives and stuff or anything and plays alongside with his hair and likewise you respect throws his hair abet all people thinks this guy's like you respect like like the subsequent steve austin and that's what the followers nowadays that's how they mediate and i'm like any appropriate i'm no longer seeing this .

constantly like it i will say you why i'm no longer seeing this and explain you why i'm no longer seeing this and likewise you'll potentially agree to me agree with you why i'm no longer seeing this you respect that's what assuredly happens so jungle boy doesn't clarify any fireplace either you respect like that toddler face fireplace like that ricky morgan one of the fellows .

With out a doubt one of the fellows on um yeah who who’s the jim valley guy that does the the component with alvarez he acknowledged that he used to be uh he's the closest component to ricky morton in the previous 30 years like his he's honest generation and like what no like what are you watching when you .

See you glance that's those are guys comprise by no system educated to battle that don't know the talents that don't know what he's doing contaminated they don't constantly they honest mediate oh he's puny and he he's like ricky morton because he's puny and bought prolonged hair i'm like okay it's like you comprehend it's 1,000,000 indie guys like there's a .

Million skinny indie guys with prolonged hair that's like the component on this day and age however he doesn't fabricate the the the level component the attach you're working from the bottom to withstand fabricate anything guys these guys don't even fabricate comebacks anymore yeah like a wrestling match doesn't even comprise warmth and comebacks it's honest a series of spots executed .

Take care of a mathematical equation then it's over you respect mathematically kick out one two kick out kick you respect the there's no like emotional like like whenever you adore if their suits nowadays uncover like they're written out on a part of paper and it's a extraordinarily prolonged a part of paper uh without a interjections for like emotion .

Or selling or like we didn't we didn't even decide that in it's like okay we bought this movement this with this enterprise it used to be like properly might well presumably tranquil we be selling this movement like system longer than this movement and it's like no we'll honest fabricate it we bought to win all these strikes in before the match before our time is up and that's .

What the suits uncover like because every part nothing system anything nothing danger that's that all people talks about the psychology of wrestling right here's a psychology wrestling nowadays nothing hurts that's a psychology because each and every match ends with that guy's taking seven or .

Eight devastating strikes that can perhaps presumably beat him and then all of a surprising he bought to win beat by the man's fabricate which appears to be like to be like which appears to be like to be like weaker than the seven to eight strikes that that he kicked out of before yep and whenever you seek for wrestling that's that that's what i glance you respect from a put together from a man that's .

Trained folks to battle that's been an agent that's laid out maturity when i uncover at the match and say that's what they uncover like honest a huge enormous math equation you respect one two kick out one two kick you respect honest fabricate this fabricate this however no emotion no selling no context you respect we're we're doing a energy bomb on the .

Apron during the match which might well presumably tranquil maybe like okay if the apron hurts as vital as it does is speculated to which it does that's the funniest component is is the wrestlers know the way vital the apron hurts the followers don't the announcers want to say you hiya oh that that's a racy phase of the ring that .

Says however it's like whenever you're watching this as a fan you comprehend it's no longer that devastating because you you've by no system in actuality felt that phase of the ring before you respect you're honest watching like stuff in the center however the wrestlers can in actuality feel it .

Take care of why you respect when i glance this doing these spots in the apron i'm like why yo who educated you guys had been educated no longer to manufacture the stuff on the apron because that's the attach the stuff hurts potentially the most so why are you doing the stuff on the on the on the april rehearsal most that's idiotic every part it is it is idiotic .

Because when you're educated to battle the total belief is you are looking out to preserve your opponent secure and then you definately secure and no longer danger each and every diversified and likewise you're literally mapping out strikes which would be speculated to danger you and i'm like what fabricate you what like mediate about that it's like i’d by no system put together anybody to .

Produce that it's like i'd i'd be a failure as a coach if i was practising folks to manufacture stuff on the apron i'd be an idiot and these guys honest fabricate it your total time like it's nothing anymore the aged guy the aged guys fabricate it too jericho did it one time i i’d say though as i mediate why did you fabricate that .

This guy acknowledged properly you respect he's taking part in it down doing her however then like it used to be silly too he played he used to be taking part in it down because i mediate he knew that he used to be tiring of him to manufacture that about a months later he used to be like oh i'm by no system doing that one more time it's like awesome you're lying when you focus on it it didn't danger .

Take care of [ __ ] of course it did because like you respect because it's stuff you comprehend it's like it's a part of wooden there like what are you doing you respect attain on it is silly the reverse like abet abet in the precise days the golden days you fabricate stuff and it you watched it's getting the man danger however it's in actuality no longer now they're .

No doubt getting the man danger and likewise you win no reaction from it it's it's roughly a peculiar situation to be in dusty rhodes by no system if there used to be anyone that labored like dusty rose in the ndc he'd by no system be on television by no system be on television because his work isn't precise he's no longer doing the strikes the dives acrobat you .

Know attain on yo what would abdullah the butcher's purpose be in occupation wrestling nowadays appropriate no bumps honest be scary yeah no however you're no longer seeing the they giggle and like it's silly too because like after they're doing a total lot of blood and gore on this day and age on on on aw and i'm like you comprehend it's like let's no longer omit like .

The previous two weeks of television you respect two weeks ago you had a man jabbing a fork into guy's forehead and likewise you respect ideal week you had you respect shattering glass and it's flying into the group below the stuff you're honest watching this however like when i when i seek for them they've executed like bunk dwelling suits all bloody and these .

Guys are slicing themselves and the camera's no longer even attempting to screen it you glance the fellows slicing like it's so ridiculous appropriate and likewise you're watching this and i'm watching and bro it honest jogs my reminiscence of south park model humor the attach it's gory however it's silly gory like when i'm watching these guys bleed .

In all locations like i'm watching christmas guy fabricate it i'm like i'm laughing i'm no longer like emotionally invested like oh my god i'm like i've watched the spots and i'm laughing out loud to myself seek for these guys bleed and fabricate these items like what what on earth are they doing .

why are they doing this and it's honest silly to me you comprehend it's like south by the gym and tony kahn's a south park fan he's he's acknowledged it before it's like so the violence is like south park level violence it's it's comedic violence is what it's no longer to be taken critically there's no emotion it's no longer precise it's .

No longer it's south park you respect there's a huge wwe episode of south park i don't know whenever you've ever seen that one that one's so silly the attach they’ve like a flawed john cena and a flawed edge and there's like he took our job they're like oh my god he took his job like oh honest so silly however that's potentially khan .

Doubtlessly watched i was like right here’s awesome yeah appropriate appropriate in clarify a long way as you what's what's next what fabricate you bought uh on the plate i do know you bought a total lot of stuff occurring with russo you've bought day out you've bought lions like bears and disco at the categorical disc on twitter derive disco messages on snapchat and instagram .

Um i'm working uh summerslam weekend there's a there's a clarify um a vintage wrestling swap meet swap of garments swap like vintage wrestling garments i'm doing that it says dwelling lv you might perhaps perhaps presumably presumably presumably also uncover uncover it up that's friday from 12 to 5. .

Okay i'm going to be there on august 20th i'm going to be there from 12 to 1. uh at 1 o'clock i'm heading over to fsw arena there's a clarify that they're doing at fsw arena i mediate i'm doing commentary on it and every part you respect and the subsequent day i'm doing the fsw versus gcw clarify .

At midday at the fsw arena um in vegas and every part so i bought three three reveals that we can all in the afternoon i will scramble to work that night so i'm no longer even lacking work it's gigantic um you might perhaps perhaps presumably presumably presumably also furthermore acquire me at preserving 100 with conan drops uh thursdays on spreaker .

And uh and what he known as mlw radio also i fabricate vince's clarify lions tigers bears and disco it drops friday on the russo ticket on um on the realm community and i fabricate timeout um what used to be it russo ticket twc yeah day out we assuredly talk politics culture sports you respect diversified things however .

Non-wrestling rib however each and every so assuredly we'll fabricate deep dive into like a wrestling topic that's no longer in actuality relaxation associated um and uh also the patreon for conan the shorty recording okay100 is conan dot me ko double n a n dot me a total lot of further mutter material a total lot of uh fan interplay .

We fabricate uh spherical desk opinions of aw and one thing with followers on the clarify and that drops on the podcast too so test it out all appropriate awesome stuff uh disco thanks so vital to your total time nowadays in actuality address it i address brother
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