Wrestling Personalities Shoot on Tammy “Sunny” Sytch | WSI Wrestling Shoot Interviews Compilation

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Wrestling Personalities Shoot on Tammy “Sunny” Sytch | WSI Wrestling Shoot Interviews Compilation
Timeline: Headbanger Mosh 0:00 – Mike Chioda 0:30 – The Godfather 2:05 – Dr Tom Prichard 2:27 – Francine 8:38 – Ricky Morton 9:02 – Jonny Candido 12:31 – Bill Alfonso 24:07 – Bill Alfonso 25:17 – Savio Vega 29:00 – KC O’Connor 29:35 – Jonny Candido once more 31:01

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That is one sizable wrestling match!! Sunny sunny um yeah keen very very very keen is this uh might perchance maybe maybe aloof i press further or might perchance maybe maybe aloof i factual creep on um you would press all you resolve to hang i'm staying with very very very keen.

I love sunny to loss of life i truly admire tammy um but yeah yeah i do know i i would truly resolve to interview i doubt she'd have to examine with me despite the truth that sunny sunny she used to be a wild one mate she used to be wild god bless chris man i point out i inclined to head despicable for him but um yeah i undergo in recommendations one time in europe uh.

Oh she used to be a prima donna yada yada yada and she used to be she used to be a wild one sooner or later of the locker room that's for particular but um she used to be constantly an right girl to me she used to be constantly very high-quality and stuff but i undergo in recommendations seeing um we received on a tour bus and we procure on the um on the buses after a present and he acknowledged meals and catering which.

Caden used to be not likely in europe so we didn't we'd hang containers and it'd be listed admire red meat stew this that that they'd even hang banafi pie to head for us or one thing else and he'd hang chicken in this to head so i undergo in recommendations she received red meat stew with somebody's [__] in that red meat stew she started drinking it up within the entrance of.

The bus and as i hear her cry admire ah and that i'm admire what the hell came about up there and then the phrase trickled befriend oh somebody's [__] her red meat stew man and she used to be drinking moderately a host of it man so she had some warmth befriend then you definately'd must who used to be the uh who used to be the.

Uh depositor or the donor enact i don't know we aloof know we aloof don't know to these days aloof don't know uh the following one it used to be i would divulge it used to be one among the clicking that's for particular i've heard x-pac i've heard i've heard a couple guys.

sonny #1 hoe on this planet biggest hoe on this planet nastiest hoe on this planet let me retain going certain this fraction of [__] on this planet you resolve to must take going certain.

You recognize fraction of [__] i'm not sad first time you uh had been told that you had been going to be body donna zip and um i hang truly heard you discuss once sooner than how corresponding to you had been truly gutted to lose your you needed to buzz your hair as wisely yeah wisely.

Uh that used to be when um there used to be truly nothing for us anymore and uh so smoky mountain used to be performed and we had been performed and so i acknowledged howdy uh if there's one thing i could perchance maybe maybe enact.

I acknowledged enough wisely retain a dinky of recommendations they known as me befriend and says how would you truly feel about cutting hair loss of life and blonde and uh your body donna and that i acknowledged entirely not they acknowledged enough click on wisely wait a minute it's factual hair um it's better than.

And that i truly admire chris enough i'll enact it your entire while thinking i will procure out of this i could perchance maybe maybe i could perchance maybe maybe factor in one thing procure out of this i didn't so within the within the intervening time it used to be a unheard of time for wwe because of it used to be in a low length ww i had no contacts in wcw that might perchance maybe maybe reduction me procure wherever and going there it this is.

A clickish commerce it be not linked what you what you factor in what the clicking there's constantly been a click on it's constantly been about that and that i was in no click on i factual i don't admire that i factual wasn't my thing so when i heard about it i believed ah damn no i don't have to enact this but but but i will fabricate it work.

But i knew and truly deep down interior and in my coronary heart this ain't gonna work because of it wasn't factual chris we had one other passenger on this outing and it used to be admire oh my god man i knew her in smoky mountain and that i had considered her within the within the intervening time in wwe and she doesn't lack for self perception at all.

And she or he didn't care what any individual view about what she did or what she acknowledged she used to be she used to be basically the most downloaded celeb on aol my god and that i am a intercourse symbol and that i need every portray i'm on every duvet yeah factual contrivance sweetheart because of it don't last with out extinguish oh yeah i’ll no.

I mediate it's been confirmed so within the within the intervening time when i realized about it i believed wisely i employ it used to be a unhappy time it used to be potentially one among basically the most unhappy times within the commerce and that i let it present too then when they told us we had been going to alternate.

Her with cloudy i undergo in recommendations when vince vincent told us in my opinion and chris acknowledged that's the stupidest [__] idea disaster i didn't divulge a phrase when i could perchance maybe maybe aloof hang i could perchance maybe maybe aloof hang because of i knew it used to be tiring too but i was factual walking i was walking on eggshells.

And for various causes and chris knew uh tammy knew they both knew the identical thing tammy knew she used to be in chris knew he used to be out chris knew she used to be in and tammy knew.

Chris used to be out so she factual took fats earnings of it and so i point out uh yeah it used to be a hideous time not the supreme time to be be me i um i truly spoke to johnny candido maybe a few months within the past and we he he did bring up sunny finally um i.

Must quiz this uh johnny says that she used to be constantly a nightmare from day dot um in smoky mountain wrestling uh sooner than she used to be the 1996's most downloaded celeb on aol used to be there any character disagreement or used to be she factual constantly a nightmare to take care of constantly a nightmare to take care of i i i search information from and that i.

No she's [__] but i don't point out that to be harmful what no uh here's here's the object um she used to be constantly told her entire life oh you're particular adorable boy you're huge getting all.

The honour and she dug it she cherished every minute of indubitably there as as a younger girl would she didn't tackle it right wisely and once she um received that national global exposure she used to be i rode with chris and tammy one time to a city one.

Time in wwe collectively from the time we we met we stopped as she used to be getting out of the automobile she used to be bitching and complaining and messing with chris the total contrivance.

There factual being a harmful individual i received to the constructing um i didn't know taker right wisely within the within the intervening time both but taker and the god ones had drove to town collectively one more seat so i went to uh resolve her and acknowledged man.

Is there any contrivance i will shuffle within the uh car with you guys acknowledged yeah particular so i told chris and tammy i'm gonna provide you guys privateness on the contrivance house uh i'm gonna scamper with these guys enough so that you procure within the automobile and uh all three of them are phineas i.

Dispute it used to be who acknowledged so what came about i told him to dude i will't resolve it i factual can't resolve two hours of non-quit [__] i point out basically the most classic time she stopped used to be resolve a breath of air that used to be it so yeah she uh unfortunately happens to to a host of.

People but she she went off the rails and that i hate that for her because of she might perchance maybe maybe had been a extraordinarily high-quality girl but it completely's not a character no that's life uh one very mercurial thing on tammy and this is maybe one other no comment when she received the slop fall from uh the god wins that point and that i hear about a americans.

Contributed to the contents of the bucket had been you one among them no comment oh enough so tammy i truly admire cherished working along with her i aloof check along with her to these days i mediate we're will we're we’re doing battle key collectively in november um she's aloof an right buddy she used to be at my.

Marriage ceremony um and all americans warned me about her how terrible she used to be but she wasn't and she's been a buddy of mine for over twenty years and that i i truly admire her tammy cech oh timmy finch sunny sonny what uh i was uh within the the giant apple about a month within the past and.

The fellow that i'm doing the present for we're riding he says explore this constructing over here and that i checked out its outdated rock constructing with while he acknowledged tammy finch is in there she used to be in that penitentiary here she factual received out blueprint that yeah she's been out and in reasonably about a times i've heard yeah yeah but uh they factual.

Got her out and uh it’s smoky mountain uh i'm wrestling relatives tammy's oh boyfriend chris rely oh yeah queer candido and uh and brian lee now in in this match she they told me that admire i'm gonna vitality.

Driver but i don't and within the within the intervening time tammy used to be truly uh butthole house their commerce and now so she involves me perfect this twelve months because of we're normally going to rinse he goes whatever you enact i don't hang no panties.

Out perfect you don't hang no panties on and you what you doing so i procure within the ring i disappear admire i'm on vitality driver when i enact i dangle her costume and pull it over howdy she used to be cussing me.

And that i went to the befriend i didn't explore her perfect and and that's factual befriend i didn't explore her then all of a unexpected here she comes sooner or later of the nook she pointed that face at me she acknowledged i was enraged at you for pulling my costume up she acknowledged but i factual sewed 500 worth of polaroids she acknowledged i've never even come shut to.

That then she admire i acknowledged but it completely used to be silly as hell i was laughing my ass off to because of i pulled that costume perfect over high of her you'll present me you ain't received no panties on from 5 000 americans.

Crawl ahead um sonny tells a tale once that um she slapped you and uh you went jesus christ what did you enact that for and um then you definately needed to manufacture her realize easy programs to enact a slap effectively in a official wrestling world.

Oh yeah i told her i point out i moderately rain up and slapped me i point out she slapped the piss out of me i told her i acknowledged it's different words within the ring i'm admire jesus christ don't easy programs to work god factual slap me man and laborious yeah that came about in smokey mountain that's when they.

Didn't know there are companies that work it's a host of stuff you might perchance maybe maybe maybe enact it even slapping and for these who're a huge hill or factual raking the eyes is plenty procure more warmth than any but for these who've received to know what you're doing on the time tammy used to be factual starting in smoky mountain rice and she used to be.

You recognize greener than ours yet resplendent gosh she used to be resplendent holy crap and that used to be this is contrivance sooner than she went to wwe but she wasn't being a wl but she used to be resplendent gosh but more might perchance maybe maybe she be a a [__] i've heard that tom pritchard uh used to be a.

Bit oh you admire chris but oh tommy didn't procure on and then he used to be form of pleased to in public be a be as a 3 and all the things but truly he didn't truly procure on with tammy that essential uh when did tammy form of procure maybe a dinky more complex to take care of.

Effectively dude from the beginning she used to be [__] complex to take care of admire so my brother met her he looked there it used to be both their senior years of highschool and sooner than he met her he already had a date.

To his senior trot he used to be at his senior trot and she drove to the senior trot and made this sizable scene and made him leave his date on the trot admire they’ll already present she used to be excessive drama and she used to be.

Like dude she used to be a [__] nightmare admire when she had a few drinks in her or despite the truth that she didn't she's factual one among these americans that cherished chaos cherished to create madness factual freaking for these who read that official wrestling reviews you you knew the more or much less [__] that i was announcing it used to be [__].

Bonkers admire i hang so many [__] crazy candy reviews but uh she yeah i'd divulge it received step by step worse and then when when she wasn't sunny the original lip and chick anymore she aloof view she used to be.

Which made her even more admire intolerable because of now she's admire this freaking she's bitching yelling yeah she used to be factual truly demanding to [__] take care of she's not even going to search information from at it anymore perfect not that i hang i point out i never regarded her admire that obviously she used to be admire my.

Sister-in-regulation but it completely would be corresponding to when i love years later when i received older it might perchance well maybe maybe be corresponding to all perfect bro admire you i'll explore you later all perfect tammy later and then he'd be admire dude can you factual divulge you admire tammy too for these who enable and that i'd enact it for admire a week and then.

She'd enact one thing [__] fully bonkers and then i'd once more i'd be hating her but then he pleased me to be high-quality to her once more and it used to be factual the total [__] for these who resolve to hang for these who resolve to hang me to point out you some crazy tammy reviews later or now i will but uh wisely this truly might perchance maybe maybe lead genuine into a dinky because of i.

So in english for natalie i'd divulge reasonably about a reviews bit depressing finally but tammy started within the wdf slacking her contrivance spherical that locker room admire no one's commerce um admire sean obviously he's the wisely-known one davey boy pillman interestingly admire yeah and that.

The [__] up thing is my brother he didn't [__] have to give it some view admire when persons are admire oh chris will have to had been into it it's admire dude i i observed him looking out for to [__] dangle himself admire he wasn't into it have confidence me he [__] hated it and when i love i i was essential more quicker resolve to knock a [__] out than chris used to be and he's.

Much like you're gonna he's corresponding to you're gonna stumble on sean michaels don't enact nothing be chilly to him this is admire afterward in life when i'm admire in my 20s he's admire he's admire he's admire up to now as i do know there are factual rumors had i identified now because of.

All perfect i'll i'll resolve you to this one i'll present a tale that ties into that because of on the time i believed all the things used to be factual rumors so so this is when chris used to be alive we’re so me and him we more or much less procure admire tammy's out of the commerce and me and him would procure admire booked as admire a.

Equipment deal and uh we'd disappear sooner or later of collectively hang the [__] most keen time and admire throughout the week or whatever we'd admire play down our bookings we'd be admire oh we gotta disappear to boston it's gonna be the [__] yeah you don't have to come but normally she would procure admire a [__].

Child and admire lock herself in my car so anyway she she will get herself on this outing to boston with us and uh so after the present admire on the befriend of admire backstage there's admire a bar and [__] for admire the boys and we're all sitting spherical tables admire me my brother.

Balls um i omit who else used to be there a couple different guys admire they'd usher in a couple more guys admire guys i'd explore there would be admire billy gunn raven brian christopher i don't undergo in recommendations the categorical match of guys that night but tammy's on the bar.

And all of a unexpected she hauls off and [__] slaps this dude on the bar i'm the closest one to him to the bar so i dangle the dude scramble him out of doorways and build the boots to him a few the fellows apply me he's a dude i whine to god it did nothing she factual slapped me out of nowhere then chris used to be going time to head time to head.

Damn he's puking in a [__] garbage can and persons are taking images on their phone so she passes out we purchase her up we throw on the befriend of the automobile shut the door whatever that's par for the course but i'm riding i'm 19 20 one thing admire that uh i've been.

Ingesting i took a couple gimmicks it's starting to rain and he's admire dude this is sooner than he received admire tremendous he's admire i wish we had more psalms admire we'd hang admire zero somas i'm admire [__] somebody wasn't admire let's factual smoke a joint to be dazzling for some motive tammy's dazzling with every different drug within the book but hates pot hates it so out of her.

[__] huge she wakes up she goes smoke pot you two [__] and she factual started attacking us from the befriend seat kicking us within the top [__] punching the two of us i'm in boston i'm [__] half inebriated riding within the [__] pouring rain he goes befriend to examine out to admire fabricate her quit hitting us and she [__] bites.

Him on the face i [__] resolve the following exit off i parked the automobile i would dude tackle this please i disappear walking away subsequent thing i do know i explore a car a cop car pulling off to my car so i disappear running befriend to the cop car she jumps out of the befriend she goes i [__] she's admire i aroused from sleep and these two had been had been beating me i disappear corresponding to you.

Crazy [__] and she [__] swings at me perfect in entrance of the head law enforcement officers admire whoa whoa whoa i gotta resolve all americans in i'm admire listen i'm admire the lodge is admire perfect there i'm admire let me factual resolve resolve him to the lodge and and you won't explore us ever once more law enforcement officers admire any perfect disappear to the lodge so i'm taking him to the lodge and chris is admire tammy.

What's inferior bam she punches him he's admire howdy what's inferior bang she punches him we procure into the lodge room he he's admire babe what's inferior bam punches him he locations her on the bed he's admire babe she reels befriend and kicks him perfect within the [__] face i couldn't watch this anymore i grabbed him and that i dragged him out of the [__] room i threw him into.

The hallway shut the door on the befriend of us he's combating to procure befriend in i'm combating him to not let him in we more or much less come to a stalemate i'm factual admire dude let's procure within the automobile and [__] leave her [__] this [__] admire [__] her admire let's let's disappear let's disappear perfect now and he's admire dude he's admire i will't i'm admire why why he's admire i introduced her into this.

Commercial i truly feel admire i hang to deal along with her i'm admire [__] that admire this is our likelihood admire let's procure the [__] out of here and had i identified all that [__] that she truly did cheat on him with every [__] swinging dick there used to be.

I might perchance maybe maybe employ that as [__] ammo but he used to be constantly admire dude it's factual rumors it's factual rumors so i mediate if he truly knew the scale of her of him cheating on her if i had had that i would uh i would hang so essential more ammunition to head after them with.

Together the these are the causes you would aloof leave yeah perfect i point out my corresponding to she will get inebriated causes scenes that's a [__] disaster or we constantly hang admire sizzling admire thanksgiving christmas your entire children my oldsters house and he'd be admire don't procure all [__] up.

Earlier than we disappear finally i'd purchase him as much as come over here and enhance might perchance maybe maybe aloof be all gimmicked up within the automobile we'd be at 7-eleven looking out for to give a red bull and [__] my mother's calling where are you guys dinner's performed it used to be factual a nightmare admire every [__] vacation yeah yeah factual.

Right and admire uh somebody uh mike johnson from pwi used to be admire are you greatly greatly surprised at all by by tammy and all her arrests i'm admire no i'm admire in no design i'm admire because of i'm admire me and my brother we would never name the police we would factual i'm admire it wasn't the supreme coping mechanism we would factual omit that it.

Took role the following day and wake up admire all the things used to be dazzling and factual not discuss it whereas normal americans would factual name the law enforcement officers and they explore somebody inebriated attacking americans where me and him would factual disappear on with our lives but i i wager there's one thing to be.

Acknowledged that he truly [__] cherished her and he they met when they had been 17 but had i love i acknowledged had i identified all that [__] i would hang [__] had so essential more ammo to head after him with yeah perfect but one thing to interrupt the.

Hypnosis the the yeah for right yeah to be admire search information from what's going down [__] i do know you disappear to used to be it it's wwe but it completely's wwe cw and it's balls mahoney who uh when he's in there recommends you to come in and you conclude up doing reasonably about a uh uh it wasn't all jobs used to be it or used to be all of it shedding simplest yeah used to be it used to be all of it.

To balls or yeah yeah i did a tag match with me and damian adams with balls and axel and uh after that axel as a outcome of his problems or whatever he used to be going by on the time didn't wasn't going to work there and.

Balls used to be admire dude admire i was announcing he used to be admire dude me and you [__] shall we present we we tagged on the indies collectively for a bunch of different areas he's admire let's [__] enact this [__] i point out axel used to be considerably better employee than me but physically i could perchance maybe maybe enact more and that i was younger.

And it did fabricate sense but on the loads of hand my family i was lying to them i was telling them i was i wasn't wrestling so if i love any of a unexpected popped up on tv corresponding to admire what the [__] so it used to be admire it used to be it used to be truly demanding.

Like what to enact within the within the intervening time so i factor in uh is this the time for these who positively meet shaw michaels as wisely face to face yeah yeah yeah admire uh i was uh i was oh yeah i was sitting down it used to be both sooner than or after a match and that i was talking to jericho who's admire corresponding to .

He used to be admire standing in a doorway i'm sitting down admire admire taking my pads and [__] off i'm particular michael sits subsequent to me giving every different a dinky admire wrestling handshake and jericho's admire it's candido's brother and he's admire he's admire howdy bro i'm admire howdy what's up man and he's factual admire.

He's admire your brother used to be this form of extraordinarily truly gigantic skills he's admire normally in this commerce you it’s essential be out for yourself and be selfish admire any perfect thanks for that i received that i wish i had more thrilling tale that's what he acknowledged did it form of admire mediate .

Though she has god if i accumulate him face to face and then when it truly happens you don't i don't truly feel admire freeze or you form of factual mediate no what used to be with it this used to be this used to be admire sooner than it used to be sooner than a match a if i would hang [__] factual started.

Kicking the [__] out of all of them americans would hang factual kicked the [__] out of me i point out i had some allies but i would hang received my ass kicked i don't care about that fraction but then balls wouldn't hang had his match with an axle wouldn't hang and that i would hang [__] [__] up for them and that i point out on the time that used to be more it used to be perfect when.

I walked into the constructing and acknowledged my hellos it used to be sitting down is when shawn michael sat subsequent to me so if i had started [__] then we had been the very first match on so if i had started this [__] then i it might perchance well maybe maybe hang felt accurate to me to [__].

Procure some [__] admire knock him out or whatever but then it might perchance well maybe maybe hang [__] all the things up for all americans else so on the time my head used to be more centered on the match at hand and my brother telling me because of my brother died no 5 that this used to be then both late05 or earlier six.

So my brother telling me for these who explore him don't enact nothing factual be chilly so i factual did what he told me to enact tommy sich tammy's uh i factual observed her along side uh with missy hyatt she used to be the following.

Month uh came in aiw and cleveland and she regarded gigantic she's frail wisely she build on a couple kilos but she's aloof resplendent and aloof witty and charming and uh americans that admire her i love tammy she's i believed she used to be one among basically the most resplendent ladies within the commerce at one time because of she used to be so accurate on the mic and w when she used to be in.

Wwf and grabbed that mic and that accurate having a leer bra to be doing these promos man i believed she used to be sizzling and she used to be yeah that's aloof sizzling i received a naked pic of her i'll ship you heard missy hide or posy naked i'll ship you that yeah i i've i i've considered a clip of the dvd.

Yeah yeah a short clip turned off reasonably rapidly afterwards yeah they weren't all that accurate for them within the event that they made the money that's what i factual married her i'd marry her for a weekend i believed you had the giant blonde hungarian at house wisely you went to work but i'm announcing that.

I truly must quiz you this because of and not simplest because of interestingly uh two of the head three videos on my youtube channel uh arrangement tammy sitch uh but recollections of tammy i truly requested dr tom and that i acknowledged used to be she constantly a nightmare or simplest when she received to the wwf constantly constantly a nightmare yeah um i don't know i.

I present americans i knew tammy sooner than knockers and with knockers um when i met her man she's this dinky younger 21 twelve months outdated girl um i observed particular things and you received to be aloof about and that i'm admire yeah you more or much less know one thing's occurring but um i didn't in my opinion hang any problems.

With her because of i didn't um didn't engage along with her an entire bunch a few times when i was doing the kendo thing i'd be in a locker room within the hillside and so i'd be spherical her there um i had went by a house and or an house and eaten dinner a couple times with them um.

You recognize she uh she wasn't a field for me because of i normally mediate you educate americans easy programs to take care of you and that i never let her take care of me in a disrespectful contrivance guys a dinky bit older and um i attempt to be i attempt to be official to her in a contrivance that .

I appreciate for chris this is where the road's drawn so um now i do know a host of various things about her and but factual admire in my first book there um if i i didn't disappear in there and write and [__] on americans what i'm announcing.

So i don't have to be the one um to [__] on her and and uh uh more or much less if i knew somebody's doing tablets wisely that's their [__] field that's their field i'm not gonna be one talking trash about it or writing about it identical thing with affairs if i knew.

Guys had been [__] spherical or what it's not my role to head and present the wives or not admire that i'm not not to snitch him out or stood your mouth so particular things i observed about her and knew about her had been that's their deal not mine uh i'm not gonna be the one to [__] it up so.

Is there one thing no not as much as a piece of admirable is uh i'll i do know jim cornette inclined saltier phrases but i'll i'll i'll uh i'll chilly it down a piece of it's admire is it admirable on the least that she's a [__] and she knows it and she admits it and she's up entrance with it as opposed to somebody who's factual form of oh no that's the total thing i for these who.

Originate air i mediate you educate americans easy programs to uh take care of you no she knows she's a [__] that's that's a gimmick that's a reward to me uh you don't have to be a [__] to me but i explore it what i'm announcing yeah so um no she she um um it's one among these items admire.

I'm better you my [__] don't stink i'm a [__] um this is the contrivance i am but explore i'd moderately somebody be that contrivance of me i do know where i stand with that individual so luminous that it's admire enough i already know how she is um but she's not going to take care of me that contrivance because of i'm not going to deal along with her a particular contrivance and we'll retain her official and that's.

Right the contrivance it used to be within the within the intervening time um and that i do know she's had her problems over the years and things and and all of us hang her demons and battles and stuff that disappear on but um man uh she had the [__] world out there man i point out most downloaded and topped the.

World making up most downloaded on aol whatever and being on tv every week and had all of it but man um yeah resplendent girl um grotesque coronary heart uh tammy sitch tommy search sonny who's that.

The blonde girl chris gandido's lady friend certain certain certain certain wisely she used to be into her commerce finally uh but i i never i never don’t hang one thing in opposition to her uh accurate americans too i i that i undergo in recommendations i never had problems with no one i factual i went there to enact my my commerce and she used to be an right girl she used to be a.

Young skills uh that arrived on the firm and did what he enact for dwell on but accurate individual tommy sich you're fitch and that's a demanding one um i met tammy when she used to be 19 years outdated.

And she or he wasn't the massive [__] yet she might perchance maybe maybe be but she wasn't and she didn't drink she'd smoke she used to be enraged kid she'd been a wrestling fan her entire life um i do know she used to be screwing spherical on chris even then i'm not gonna take it's 30.

Years i'll present what i have to point out perfect sooner than they came they'd been in memphis and the rumor out of memphis used to be eddie gilbert inclined to book candido on these prolonged road journeys so tammy wouldn't disappear and within the intervening time tammy stayed house with eddie and eddie's [__] tammy i enact know that rex king used to be furthermore staying with.

Us and with candido and he came befriend one day factual freaked out factual freaked out search information from what came about he's admire chris is within the shower tammy build my stuff down started blowing me whoa so any individual who she view might perchance maybe maybe procure her to wwe she used to be high-quality to extra high-quality she didn't change into the massive [__] i i undergo in recommendations the day her dad handed away.

And then all of a unexpected she started i mediate the loss of her dad and her life truly build her in a down spiral yeah and then she's change into the prepare shatter that she is but uh huge talented as wisely i point out for all her fault she used to be she perceived to procure it straight away she she used to be a natural and and she used to be a natural yeah she truly knew.

Suggestions to procure employ she used to be a warmth seeker enough she knew it gigantic carly chris candido it appears to be like so unheard of to mediate that these two truly had a match and it used to be an right match intelligent carly agreeable yeah i point out i i undergo in recommendations that.

I undergo in recommendations that outing because of i i needed to babysit tammy he's factual admire dude he used to be because of he'd disappear away for admire corresponding to admire maybe admire not nearly a month he'd be corresponding to you disappear for admire three weeks he'd be admire dude factual resolve care of tammy fabricate.

You recognize resolve her out resolve her resolve her sushi or whatever it sounds corresponding to you're walking her admire a dog once a day yeah wisely he's factual admire dude factual fabricate particular she doesn't [__] procure arrested so i'm admire any perfect so i yeah i.

I i positively undergo in recommendations that outing but i undergo in recommendations him coming befriend and and present me about this dude how he uh how blueprint how he needed to enact plenty extra to procure the fellow over but it completely ended up being a huge match and um.

My brother cherished doing [__] admire that working guys and bumping for them and making their stuff search information from accurate so yeah he loved working with a huge colleague yeah i factual accumulate that so unheard of this used to be sooner than he had admire interestingly a botched knee operation so he can truly creep a tiny bit as wisely at this.

Level uh carly might perchance maybe maybe uh you acknowledged it used to be a extraordinarily memorable outing used to be that factual because of you needed to search information from after tammy all that point yeah wisely yeah wisely because of all perfect i'll present you the mercurial tale then so in 2002 i'm 20 and uh for these who're 20 you're an fool.

And it used to be admire dumb night me and my pals had been having a celebration and we ran out of beer we're admire who's 21 that it's shut so we are able to procure them to procure beer for us so wisely i'm admire yeah i'll procure tammy to procure this beer so i procure to any basically the most classic role initiate is a bar that sells packaged items because of liquor.

Stores shut at 11 or whatever so i'm admire here tammy here's 40 50 bucks whatever disappear in and procure us a 30 pack whatever so i'm within the automobile ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready and um finally i disappear in she's on the bar.

Ingesting perfect i'm admire oh geez i'm admire let's procure our beer and let's disappear so she will get up she walks over to where there's these dudes shooting pool and they hang admire money on the desk and she takes the balls and smacks them in each role perfect so the fellow is shooting pool are admire admire yo you [__] i'm admire don't [__] seek advice from.

Her admire that [__] so now i'm entering into it with these guys perfect so my buddy sue who came about to be on the bar because of she used to be relationship one among the fellows who's playing pool used to be looking out for to level-headed all the things down and used to be admire used to be admire howdy tammy i i you might perchance maybe maybe need an vivid house you.

Hang an vivid house um and she's corresponding to you've been to my house and turns spherical damn it begins attacking me i'm admire [__] so i'm fending her off sending her off i uh bouncers are admire time to head um i'm so carrying her out as i'm getting.

My ass kicked by her preserving her procure hit within the top so i build her within the entrance seat of my car i'm riding fend the north with one arm riding with the following bring her befriend house we procure befriend house she sits down and this is the [__] up fraction she sits down and whatever she's admire i truly feel despicable what i factual did can i provide you a hug.

I'm admire particular i'll resolve a hug so i voted to give her a hug i'm not having a leer she goes wisely bam she palm strikes me perfect writing a [__] nostril she's admire pawn strike al snow told me that dude it disaster so despicable i ran over to the door i factual admire hit the door with admire six punches and admire freaking ripped it in half i was so pissed because of.

Much like getting hit genuine now for these who're not waiting for it getting [__] hitting the nostril ugh so as that's why i undergo in recommendations that chips did you ever procure the alternate befriend from what tommy didn't utilize oh finally not no.

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