Wrestling Legends Shoot on Andre the Giant for 1 HOUR | WSI Wrestling Shoot Interviews Compilation

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It be compilation time once one more time and these days we be pleased virtually 1 hour’s price of pro wrestling legends shooting on The Eighth Wonder of the World, André René Roussimoff, greater is called Andre the Giant. The contributors to this video and time stamps are as follows:

Dutch Mantell: 00:00
Jim Brunzell: 02:51
Jacques Rougeau: 07:30
Ricky Morton: 17:39
Dr Tom Prichard: 18:fifty three
Lanny Poffo: 19:55
Don Muraco: 26:18
Gerald Brisco: 32:52
Adrian Aspect road: 33:40
Tommy Successfully off: 36:40
Jimmy Valiant: forty five:fifty three
Ron Shaw: 50:00
Brooklyn Brawler: fifty three:55
Dutch Mantell: 56:29

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I be nuts about wrestler and grappler, because they are glamorous. The first time you met andre oh my god successfully you potentially did i'd viewed him on tv nonetheless he's honest he's he's honest i suggest tb doesn't discontinuance him justice to europe standing internal suppose six toes of him he's honest huge his head is huge.

He's nice man and when he's no longer ingesting and his physique that is it honest retains going and while you earn up and then you test at your arm you dash and then you test at his are you oh huge difference i take into account one time he became once in chattanooga i became once in a war royal with him.

Which i'm i i made it a repeat kind of discontinuance some distance off from him because nonetheless some some child made him pissed him off he hit this child so tough it became once a nick he come across esteem this and hit him he never touched the ropes on the kind out i didn't seem to he knocked him.

Utterly thru the ropes to the ground i thought he became once ineffective i in fact did and then i made a repeat kind of earn out of that ring i feel i eliminated myself to him i left because i didn't need him to hit me esteem that nonetheless and his hand is to abet to abet a beer in his.

Hand nonetheless you couldn't even see the beer can in most cases did you ever hang out with him socially no never did because i don't instruct somewhat a few guys did that that i know maybe they would honest be pleased carried out uh in when he became once in contemporary york.

But i don't instruct he became once he had a social circle that hung spherical him that unheard of i knew him professionally and that's as terminate as i obtained d who became once his hand appears he constantly appears to be pleased a handler taking him i take into account that i take into account the name i’m able to't take into account it now nonetheless he did be pleased an previous time wrestler.

He's light to frenchy no longer frenchie martin um frenchie bernard that rings a bell no he became once a esteem i feel he became once a french angel i feel i’m able to't take into account nonetheless i’m able to't take into account either nonetheless that you can assume these days nonetheless this man became once responsible of.

Getting him from town to town and getting him within the resort room getting him meals and using him spherical that's that's what their job became once so and he earn he couldn't honest be pleased only a fashioned vehicle i suggest if he obtained within the greatest vehicle.

They’d he would aloof be he'd aloof be tight in there first time meeting andre the giants and first time partying with andre the mountainous oh jeez i met andre oh when he came in he's approach in your entire time for the duration of a a range of time in.

Awa it became once in direction of the fall and they also'd constantly be pleased a war royal and then the winner would lastly dwell up wrestling nick bockwinkel or the champion and it became once constantly andre so uh andre and i obtained along mountainous i i'll repeat you a transient memoir about andre um.

And that is set his ingesting i became once commissioned to drive him from peoria illinois to moline it's a hundred miles because his female friend became once flying in from california whatever so wally carbo told me to earn a cadillac assemble sure that he became once pleased and the kind we went so after the suits we stopped at a liquor retailer.

And he obtained two six packs of budweis so i'm using down the boulevard and he's obtained to meet her it's i don't know i feel she gets in 11 30 and it became once potentially 10 10 o'clock we're using down the boulevard i'm going somewhat hasty i'm going 72 miles an hour 75 all of a unexpected i'm using.

Down the boulevard and i see this cop flip his lights on he comes across the media and he stops me pulls me over and he talked about discontinuance why i stopped and i talked about i i'm potentially speeding and i talked about i'm getting i talked about i must earn this uh.

Gentleman to the airport by 11 he's obtained a a range of plane and he's obtained to be pleased interaction contemporary york so he's obtained his flashlight and he sees andre within the front seat and he sees um he sees a monumental receive and he says what's within the receive and henry's goes appears at me goes beer and he's and then cop says.

What he says beer and so he says earn out of the vehicle so he gets out of the vehicle and the cop appears at him he's going oh my god and then he grabs the receive and he sees there's seven bottles long previous on a twelve pack seven we've handiest long previous ten miles and.

He talked about to andre he talked about did you drink all that beer and realize plug and so he appears at me and he talked about did you be pleased any i talked about no i talked about i'm ingesting a pepsi i showed him a pepsi so he says ok initiate your trunk he says so we put the the beer within the trunk we're using aloof.

65 miles an hour to earn to peoria so eventually we dash 20 20 some miles or so and um andre says jiminy i talked about plug he says pull over i says what for he says i need the remainder of the beer here he had drank seven bottles of beer in about 10 miles i suggest.

I suggest that's 10 minutes 10 12 minutes and he honest and the cop couldn't give it some thought and andre andre became once a handsome man and and i obtained along mountainous with him it's honest very no longer liable to be a mountainous he became once he became once the kind of loving and kind person how normally did he favor to piss .

He could abet somewhat unheard of nonetheless he additionally had um some hellacious uh what would we call successfully farts he had some inconceivable farts that did final 20 25 seconds and he dash whoa afterwards and everybody begins to vacate nonetheless here's one more like a flash memoir.

He had been very proper to me i loved them very unheard of and i we're up in winnipeg in very identical enlighten monumental war royal blah blah blah so there became once a situation known as shea andre and it became once a french restaurant so i talked about i'm gonna buy andre for the.

Lunch there so i buy them for lunch and they also’ve a a range of they had this pork cutlet and it became once esteem 6.ninety nine so i thought [__] no enlighten so we dash in and the waiter comes and he says what would you purchased to drink so andre says he he had some remy martin uh cognac a couple shots and then i had.

A pepsi so then we ordered the the pork cutlet and then he ordered a bottle of wine so i earn the bill it became once 125 bucks so here these two orders of 6.ninety nine grew to turn out to be into 125 bucks so i talked about to andre i says andre subsequent time we exit to dinner i buy the meals you buy the booze he's ok.

Boss i became once uh asking you about uh lucy world nonetheless uh became once that the principle situation you met andre the giants or did you meet him um plan before that promotion became once spherical truly uh i met andre the mountainous uh before that because my father and my uncle they owned the territory here in.

Quebec canada and uh they had been working the entire province they had been working the montreal forum which is an establishment for the nationwide hockey league the montreal canadiens and uh and the paul sovereign enviornment each and every monday night became once esteem our church for us we'd dash to the wrestling monday night and i met andre the mountainous when i became once.

About uh i will must be pleased been maybe six seven years previous and i'm 61 now so it's been somewhat somewhat there maybe 55 years ago and andre the mountainous became once such a good man i be pleased so many tales on him i don't know the build to initiate became once he jean ferreira on the time when uh.

He first came exactly yeah exactly fairy and he'd approach from france he became once dwelling in paris i feel about and uh and yeah we're an improbable man nonetheless as i grew up understanding audrey from a range of eras since the generation of my father and my uncle became once i'm talking about the early.

70s and uh and then came the luthe world that you're talking about is within the early 80s so we're talking about 10 years later and and it became once a a range of approach because uh he constantly cherished my uncle and my father because they booked them so they had been proper guests so he constantly kind of took care.

Of me somewhat bit he constantly regarded after me as his tiny cousin from quebec and uh nonetheless nonetheless nonetheless we grew correct into a abundant relationship him and i for the duration of the years that after i left when i became once doing world here in montreal i became once doing between the 87 your entire technique to.

85 those seven years i did or eight years i did became once uh for dino bravo rick martel and geno brito and those guys that had been working the change with andre the mountainous who owned piece of the change and um nonetheless i became once doing somewhat a few uh for the duration of the winter uh i became once doing somewhat a few touring.

In little territories spherical the enviornment i'd dash to mexico i dash i went to mexico in 78 i went to kansas metropolis Seventy nine. nick goulet's in nashville in 80 and i went to atlanta georgia in 81 by the tbs which became once the turner broadcast system on the time became once one amongst the greatest and each and every little territory that i discontinuance when i became once long previous from montreal for the duration of the.

Iciness time they know what they would constantly fly andre to enroll in in as a fundamental match a a range of fundamental match in those little territories so i'd meet him one more time infrequently and then that's the build i started playing cribbage i don't know if the game crib i’m able to i’m able to play crib nonetheless that became once.

Truly my subsequent ask did he reveal you learn how to play cribbage i taught him how did you don't know we truly it's my mom who taught me learn how to play crib my mom became once a proper crib participant nonetheless andre and andre on the birth light to whip my butt somewhat somewhat he became once an elegant crib participant nonetheless while you play with the perfect.

The entire time you earn proper and i became once a transient learner and a proper learner so i dwell up on the tip there we'd constantly play for some little money some little switch esteem 10 20 within the evening nonetheless before the suits once we had been sitting within the dressing room and and we had been in fact battling out on the tip that nonetheless the perfect piece of all that.

For me became once no longer playing crib with andre i esteem playing crib laundry nonetheless the perfect piece became once on these lengthy flights that we had to discontinuance esteem in most cases we had a four 5 six hour flight and and and i became once constantly sitting with loads of the boys i became once sitting in financial system class nonetheless he became once sitting in first-class your entire time.

Because he became once too monumental and and in fact he became once sitting in first-class and he signed him became once constantly empty because his elbow and his arm became once nearly midway thru the crooked the seat ideal beside him so every time we'd dash to buy off it became once so humorous because your entire boys would be within the abet and then the flight attendant would approach by and suppose is.

Jacques rujo here someplace and i'd suppose yeah that's me and they also suppose your ass up front i'd be flying first-class the entire time when he became once on the day out so i hoped i became once constantly hoping he became once on my repeat did he have interaction any did he have interaction any warmth for uh entering into the principle class seats.

From the a range of guys yeah yeah i'd suppose i picked up somewhat warmth there yeah nonetheless nonetheless it unquestionably wasn't because i became once going to play up in first-class that i had to meet it became once my conceitedness when i became once going up there that's the build i obtained the warmth i'll repeat you i’m able to't i’m able to't uh put a matter to.

Andre questions and they also're all going to be the obtrusive ones nonetheless i'm hoping you've obtained some tales essentially the most you ever saw andre drink in one sitting oh my god that's it i i i it's humorous because we had been leaving within the morning esteem in most cases at seven within the morning to fly to the next town the next nation and andrew became once already ingesting.

andre will must be pleased been ingesting nearly 24 hours a day uh nonetheless we obtained to realize one thing here somewhat a few folk they point at him and they also they criticize him for that nonetheless let me put you in context uh 24 hours a day hulk hogan is sitting in a in an airport.

And folk approach up to place a matter to him for a signature and he became once constantly nice constantly hulk became once constantly nice to everybody regardless of how drained he became once regardless of what time it became once he would constantly assemble any individual ecstatic by doing an autograph nonetheless when it came to andre the folk didn't constantly approach up to an autograph for him the folk would approach.

With regards to him and they also'd dash esteem test at that test at him test at that monster test at so so somehow uh he grew to turn out to be very dejected with that enlighten and there had been some folk who had been substandard and a few folk who had been in fact uncouth and a few folk.

In most cases they had been idiots they they did i take into account one time i became once i became once in a in a restaurant bar after a repeat one time we went to consume and and i assert as unheard of the gino breeder will repeat you the memoir nonetheless it unquestionably became once in valdor up north in quebec and there became once this man that.

He became once half of drunk and he and he honest came up to him you had two three of his friends with him and he wished to repeat that he became once tricky or that he wasn't anxious and he honest provoked andre and andre honest grew to turn out to be spherical and he he exploded on the and and he went to grab the fellow and the fellow.

Started working exterior the membership and when he obtained exterior the membership andre adopted him so your entire guys adopted him too and when he obtained exterior these guys there became once three guys i feel about they obtained correct into a beetle those volkswagens yeah and then.

Fancy shitty chitty chitty bang bang nonetheless you don't know that you're too previous i've obtained it on dvd i esteem that film yeah so so he went and he took the vehicle and he flipped it on its top fully flipped the vehicle over and the guys had been within the vehicle and that's a memoir that i'll never never neglect because i never saw it happen i became once within the bar.

When it took situation and when audrey went out the guys went out i didn't apply and and i don't know what the reason became once for nonetheless when i came abet gino became once announcing jesus christ he flipped the vehicle over and one more ingredient i viewed him discontinuance that time which is improbable i never i don't instruct i'll ever see one more man discontinuance that on this earth.

He took a the battery of a vehicle battery and and he picked it up with one hand he honest showed me with one hand he can consume up a battery and i be pleased a tricky time with my two fingers nonetheless nonetheless nonetheless so he had this improbable strength he became once this improbable man who became once sour of being a freak and and when folk would approach up to him no longer constantly nice to him.

Then i've viewed the a range of side of andre or in most cases i became once so embarrassed and i felt so tainted because in most cases it became once nice folk who would approach up to him nonetheless on the contaminated time and then they'd approach up to him he honest doesn't he wasn't feeling proper and i viewed andre honest flip spherical and test at a a person a same previous person.

And suppose [__] off and esteem and then i dash esteem holy [__] esteem andre you would also't discontinuance that you would also't suppose that we had been playing crib and stuff esteem that and i felt the greater nonetheless nonetheless nonetheless understanding your entire.

Dirty appears and the freak appears and all the issues that he became once regarded on the kind he became once regarded at i realize him i’m able to also honest be pleased obtained drained of it too and and so so it became once it became once a enlighten that became once i feel he became once on the tip of his days uh he became once very uh unhappy when his father handed away his father handed away i feel about he handed.

Away no longer lengthy after that yeah he became once on the funeral in france wasn't he um and then he and then andre died esteem maybe a few days a few weeks later i feel exactly exactly yeah so he became once a truly dejected man i feel andre became once ecstatic when he became once sitting with me and once we had been playing crib audrey in fact and when he wasn't sitting with me playing crib he.

Change into once sitting with arnold scotland the agent that became once in there he we had been the 2 guys that will play with andre day in and day out every time we met so he became once a proper buddy of mine i i loved downtree he became once constantly proper became once uh andre uh because as you suppose folk came up and pointed them in and and made him feel tainted and.

All the pieces nonetheless he did earn somewhat loads somewhat a few attention from the females as successfully didn't he i couldn't repeat you that i i couldn't repeat you that i take into account after my [__] games i didn't apply him nonetheless i don't i'm bowled over you're telling me that because uh.

You're potentially gonna reveal me one thing since the ideal ingredient i learn about women is i saw one describe one time the build andre the mountainous had two women on each and every arm esteem sitting on each and every arm for for a promotional describe esteem he had four women in his hands esteem two on either side nonetheless that became once for a promotional describe i've never viewed.

Andre's female friend i never viewed him exit with a girl i've never viewed him date a girl so so yeah and i didn't see him date a man either now i'm honest announcing i i honest never viewed his loudest eater uh andre the joj oh plug i suggest i suggest don't earn me contaminated i went honest.

A wildest eager i suggest honest shall be pleased to you ever went out to consume with him you'd realize what i talked about he honest don't bid number seven he orders 12 the number seven and 6 and number eight and and drink quarts of wine whereas he's ingesting and uh.

I suggest shall be pleased to you dash consume with them you would also as successfully be ready your ass has been sit down there for an hour hour and a half of what he eats i'm severe no longer a messy nonetheless honest wild nonetheless test him how unheard of he could put in his physique i watched you.

Know at night in most cases you'd drink 100 beers in most cases that birthday party honest ingesting and nonetheless to test at him a beer can became once about esteem this in his hand you hear me a monumental lengthy neck.

It became once nonetheless uh andre would be my preference no longer to no longer be spoiled nonetheless to consume consume so unheard of and bid so unheard of at one time it'll blow your mind uh i'd never forgive myself and put a matter to you this as successfully uh did you ever exit ingesting with andre the mountainous plug plug i did when i first started in.

L.a especially we'd dash to usual joe's in san jose ideal across from the field and he bought crown royals for everybody uh four at a time and pay for the stakes paid for all the issues i've been out with andre a few conditions yeah and it became once constantly a blur somewhat a few enjoyable.

A range of enjoyable because there's constantly a crowd and all this attention nonetheless uh yeah it became once it became once very unheard of a mind eraser yeah um successfully i'll buy it if it's a mind eraser you obtained't know maybe his story numbers that you saw him uh put down i i've i've viewed no no no i i wasn't.

Counting within the meanwhile wasn't getting one thing else i don't instruct any of us had been we honest know there became once never an empty glass i suggest you carried out one you had one more and in most cases my god you test spherical and it became once a sea of uh crown royal you weren't on wrestlemania 3 had been you.

You weren't on the cardboard i became once no longer on wrestlemania 3 nonetheless i had two important issues to discontinuance in wrestlemania 3. would you purchased to hear the 2d one first or the principle one 2d the principle one 2d ok i did this poem to wait on promote the repeat.

On this world of wrestling giants one man places them all to shame and he's each and every bit as rugged because the alps from the build he came the french born andre russo strikes no stranger to our shore nonetheless we call him andre the mountainous and he's each and every plod and more and tens of millions stand in line to see god's.

Mightiest introduction who's been known as the perfect athlete of any generation nonetheless he's never had a title shot and everybody is aware of very successfully how cogan's obtained a broken coronary heart and andre's angry as hell what’s going to be within the home answer we'll must wait on and see till then we're counting down the times.

Till wrestlemania three so i wrote that poem to wait on promote and that became once my job because the poet laureate of the enviornment wrestling federation and then they light me in uh nbc to earn blood within the war royal did you ever learn about this no no ok.

Uh shall be pleased to you dash on my web build geniuslannypapple.com and then dash into videos you'll see a war royal and andre headbutts me throws me over the tip rope and i'm bleeding esteem all that blood and then which is one thing i did for andre the mountainous to wait on assemble.

Him a more vicious heel because he became once a toddler face for all those years and now they honest grew to turn out to be them healed by striking him with bobby heenan nonetheless they wished to repeat i became once the sacrificial lamb with the blood so what did i earn for it nothing.

Not for the poem no longer for the blood and when i obtained successfully they had been monumental on oh please discontinuance this please discontinuance that every person talked about please please please please and even dick ebersole says bleed successfully for us lanny we've never had blood on nbc.

And they also talked about i talked about don't wretchedness i'm the person and then i dash to the abet and i'm looking out for to dwell the bleeding because i went too tough and i couldn't dwell the bleeding nonetheless the ideal folk who had been my guests.

Were renee goulet rick martel macho man randy savage and myself looking out for to dwell the bleeding they had been honest strolling in each build me backward and forward nobody cared about me nobody gave a damn about me and then after they made the cardboard for wrestlemania 3 yours truly wasn't on the cart.

And that i never obtained uh esteem a esteem a bonus take a look at for getting all that blood nothing and no [__] thank you so now as i retire in ecuador and i've obtained all this free time.

The best meals all the issues the ocean stride and all the issues i feel it wasn't price it indubitably it became once nonetheless it unquestionably makes me beget your entire conditions i met a girl had my plan along with her and didn't call her.

Now i know how that feels everybody has an andre successfully that is an andre the mountainous memoir nonetheless a private andre the mountainous memoir everybody has at least one uh when did you first meet him i instruct became once it within the wwf because obviously he wouldn't be pleased option to icw successfully i in fact wrestled him in 1975 when i became once wrestling for the sheik.

And it became once andre the mountainous and boba brazil against angelo and lanny poffo one amongst these objects is no longer esteem the a range of one amongst these objects honest doesn't belong that became once me and andre became once very nice and then i ran into him one more time in amarillo when i became once working for the funks.

Uh boy did i esteem doing that i esteem dory and terry funk and herman visitor who's handed away and um i’m able to repeat you the perfect memoir i be pleased for andre is lonnie option to my room.

And he says he offers me the menu of the um the room carrier one thing else you’d like is what kind of wine discontinuance you esteem i talked about successfully i constantly be pleased crimson wine because it cleans the platelets in your arteries and i’m able to repeat myself that after i'm.

Not no longer up to i'm cleaning the plate statements when i'm having too unheard of potentially striking my kidney in liver nonetheless it's it's one off one once or the a range of and then he gets a videotape and he places within the princess bride and and uh.

He talked about larry what did you watched of my performance i talked about andre it sucked you had been frightful you suck now discontinuance you watched i talked about that indubitably i did andre it became once inconceivable you had been mountainous and then.

I will must be pleased been in his room six or seven conditions i’m able to't take into account and i couldn't suppose no to him he would constantly feed me one more time and then i could drink the wine and he would play the movie one more time and put a matter to me what i thought and i became once getting kind of bored with it.

But i couldn't suppose no to andre could you i didn't be pleased the balls to claim no to andre in bid a replace i hid from him any time he talked about lord you had been you beard i'll be purchasing for you oh my god i gotta dash abet and test the movie one more time and uh nonetheless i'll repeat you what.

I suggest he paid for all the issues nonetheless there's constantly a heed with out cost lunch free dinners i became once staring on the film each and each each and each time successfully it became once a hell of a movie i suggest nonetheless i could be pleased loved it more if i became once in it you would also honest be pleased been uh my name is indigo.

Montoya you killed my father keen to die plug there you dash the principle time you met andre the mountainous i became once younger i became once in fact younger i became once honest i became once within the i became once in vancouver and he became once he came he became once he he honest option to uh.

North america and don leo jonathan's home became once vancouver british columbia vancouver and um he'd option to to be pleased conferences with uh leo and um he became once spherical the uh the vancouver wrestling so um.

He became once green i became once green and uh both esteem two ships of the night somewhat crusing no nowhere to switch so i i grew to turn out to be guests with him then earlier precise early my first and then as time went by we would pass and then uh eventually in contemporary york he grew to turn out to be a.

Fixture out of a wwe wwe f abet in those days he started stopped honest didn't commute anymore it became once honest too unheard of successfully that then wwe traffic touring is insane nonetheless he would honest cope with out of one territory because wwe became once grew to turn out to be normally turning it to one territory the entire in north.

The United States so it wasn't uh that unheard of of a reach for him going to and he became once the senior became once reserving him so him going to florida georgia or carolina's or one thing became once out of the realm because he became once now working for the wwf uh you favor to uh you favor to take into account the.

First time you saw him ingesting more than maybe a entire soccer crew could potentially drink oh what's essentially the most you ever saw in doing one sitting um i don't know so we came abet um we're in a plane coming abet from uh miami one night we had a lone star it's kind of it's our.

Minute hour plus flight i take into account he bought uh esteem two or three six packs of uh those the half of court beers the the eight to 16 ouncers and before we landed he carried out that and i had about esteem the 2 twelve packs i obtained even.

But every other six-pack that i'd had with me and he killed that then we obtained within the vehicle and went to uh the imperial room wherever it became once a situation within the meanwhile that you obtained abet from after the wrestling suits nonetheless i wasn't in on any of those 120 bottle beer nights or one thing else esteem that.

But i became once with them in favor to the abet of the bus japan and loads somewhat a few enjoyable with them oh goodness did you ever truly commute on a plane with andre in to japan oh time and one more time yeah he became once on the he traveled he traveled the circuit with us.

In the wwf in direction of the tip there when he when he uh and we're in europe collectively he became once on the on the european tour and uh yeah we had been collectively somewhat somewhat it became once uh as he obtained older he became once he became once he became once a proper bro nonetheless as he obtained older.

The abet and the wretchedness and all the issues started to wear on him and the commute and it's tough no no you would also't safe it mattress that's no longer pleased or and his abet became once inflicting him he became once sore from the convey and his abet had harm him yeah became once he somewhat.

Of a closet esteem females man on the boulevard because you wouldn't instruct it's a take a look at him there's no closet about it brother he became once he became once on the market he had uh he had females in each build the in all places he had the principle he had in hawaii here he had a i take into account curtis oh you see he had a.

Broad tongan female friend that ate hair that's when he had the afro and curtis would he would blow up the memoir she became once about six 5 and they also obtained the hair they both obtained their hair sticking out to here they regarded esteem two bushes strolling down the boulevard nonetheless yeah.

Yeah there then he had uh later on he had one more female friend from san francisco and we had been out and with john john tolas and the mountainous and the girl in a situation this subsequent fish market which is somewhat a subtle situation abet lengthy time ago and he and the female friend so we're on the plane the next day and dolis is constantly.

Cracking oh no monumental's female friend gave plant gave initiating to a nine-pound tongue and andre would laugh and all the issues else then the next day out she brought her household over and that became once it to meet andre and that became once that became once the tip of their relationship scene i additionally realized i shouldn't be pleased light.

The word closet with females man he honest doesn't seem to ever dash collectively those two terms uh i don't instruct you ever saw andre uh kick some severe ass at any point when he became once examined within the bar or one thing one time in uh successfully i became once within the rings a few.

Bunch of conditions nonetheless uh indubitably we weren't sitting with him he became once sitting we had been i became once a heel and he he became once with the and and that crew maybe faces nonetheless um i feel it became once bradford resort in boston the build we’re going to have the option to be pleased to cope with for the.

Fits we in general dash up there within the loop bradford up in portland maine or two or three towns up within the up plan up within the northeast uh hall of america so they had been sitting there it became once an afternoon and um it became once kind of precise terminate to the rugged piece of town so the monumental indian and.

Native american man monumental indian man comes out and he i need you yeah man dash away honest leave you there no approach on approach on so somehow andre started stood up and one amongst the guys honest he's and he slapped the fellow.

the fellow saved within the fellow became once honest substandard honest going oh yeah it became once over the tip so he slapped the fellow the fellow flew within the air about 5 toes and before he even hit the ground his leg started working he started working to earn out of there except aside from aside from the a range of few guys that he honest mauled within the ring.

Playfully esteem the iron sheik or bam bam i know i never saw losers he didn't lose his mood there he honest gently caught a man esteem a receive and he flew in there nonetheless i'm sure he could be pleased carried out somewhat a few harm.

Yeah i've heard um god i’m able to't take into account who became once the recipient of it nonetheless he light to discontinuance a ingredient the build he light to take a seat down on any individual and on one person and honest sever again esteem the greatest fart possible on them yeah i read that some chic i feel.

Yeah the final man standing on the bar andre the mountainous and after andre american dream could could could put down some alcohol too and uh yeah monumental guys i suggest a range of monumental guys i suggest obtained my i became once 210 15 pounder and i'm two um standing there dragging sluggish man 285 plus you.

Know we had some severe ass drinker manny fernandez became once one more one i wasn't a monumental mountainous monumental man nonetheless manny manny could put down some alcohol and yeah manny my handiest be troubled with manny put down that alcohol he would earn somewhat somewhat feisty you don't wanna wanna wanna oh there you dash then.

Andrew the mountainous and i repeat you who else could put them away um i've never been strongest my lifestyles in my lifestyles as and i earn um i spent ingesting with uh billy two rivers my god he could put it away because you talked about andre the mountainous.

Bask in you obtained a enjoyable uh first time meeting andre's memoir um first time i ever met um andre he wasn't andre he became once wrestling as jean ideal no longer seven foot four or seven foot 5 more esteem whatever it’s he's truly six toes eleven that's how monumental he became once nonetheless he's obtained the.

Finest fingers and toes i've ever viewed um first time i met him became once in saint albans honest exterior london we're both on the identical card i'm sitting down um subsequent to the door and andre or john pharr as he became once then became once sitting opposite me.

No sorry he became once sitting subsequent to the door and i became once sitting opposite him he became once in ideal subsequent to the door so we chatted chatting away and all the issues esteem that and he takes his shoes off he's strolling out shoes and he places him down with the side of his.

Seat jesse put his shoes down prince camali stepped into the ring now prince camali became once what six four six 5 monumental sad man with monumental fingers monumental toes he stepped into andre's he stepped straight into andrey's shoes with his beget strolling shoes on.

And he became once kicking him about esteem herringboxes did um did andre ever battle in britain before the wwf indubitably oh yeah because he did to chamfer yeah he became once a proper buddy of mine over there what what years did he battle uh in uh england.

It's when i knew you first truly so that would possibly perchance be pleased been um 70 one thing esteem that how approach he didn't cope with because uh i suggest wherever he went he became once a mountainous intention so why did he leave branson uk so hasty for north america honest extra cash.

Extra cash is the final man standing on the bar i drive the jab proper man uh discontinuance this can also be a proper time because i've already written this in totally different places uh andre the mountainous discontinuance you take into account the principle time you met him plug sir i most unquestionably discontinuance andre became once a proper buddy of mine.

Uh uh i started wrestling in tennessee once we everybody became once based fully mostly out of nashville because we discontinuance memphis became once this manner louisville became once that plan so most of essentially the loads of the guys within the territory lived in nashville so.

Uh anyway i became once gonna repeat you a transient memoir to earn to that jerry jerry brought me jerry jarrett brought me into change i started tupelo mississippi and then so i started making the loop so i had been i hadn't been working six months potentially and i honest bought that a range of i viewed all.

Them using them lincolns and cadillac and i talked about oh yeah toddler nonetheless uh first vehicle i had became once on 73 ltd and then and then i bought me that 76 previous mobile regency it it became once lengthy esteem a cadillac nonetheless it unquestionably became once a cadillac nonetheless anyway andre became once wrestling louisville kentucky it's uh they asked me would i give andre a straggle abet to nashville.

And that i how how can i nobody beget to buy it because they talked about he broke their seats and uh so i talked about i don't care if he rides with me or no longer and so anyways uh the grasp and he had honest obtained here too so he didn't keep in touch tiny tiny legacy.

He had a translator frenchie and he became once on the resort because they had a lengthy flight or one thing me and andre getting married see successfully we dash over the vacation inn and it's obtained esteem somewhat horseshoe using it's obtained somewhat concrete curve sitting up on it and that that racing somewhat longer.

Than what i became once light to i wheeled that ingredient in and on andre's side the tires stride up on the curb that caught me convey and naturally with his heavies he wasn't coming down tough i abet that steering wheel i thought oh god i’m hoping you don't slap me i’m hoping you don't sleep one more time nonetheless he talked about i.

Am so we earn freaky though this that is essentially the most stands out in my mind about it i suggest andre became once honest proper at god i suggest i never met as nice person as him and uh i dislike it's one ingredient he wrestled and he became once a freak of nature nonetheless honest folk are cruel in most cases.

they suppose [__] they shouldn't even be announcing and because he became once honest the nicest man i ever met so anyway we earn we earn frenchie and uh he talked about beer he knew beer and boss boss and abet then i wasn't 18 i talked about and i drank esteem somewhat seven ounce millers.

They ate the late packs of them i talked about i talked about yeah i'll buy eight pack of these tiny pony millers ideal so within the fridge he'd approach in dash in i stayed within the vehicle successfully they approach out they both obtained two monumental containers with them they bought me.

Six eight packs of beer no give me a receive nonetheless wrestling truck nonetheless andre you purchased him a case of quart bottle beers so it became once esteem his hand conserving that quart regarded esteem me conserving that stuff i suggest he became once only a mountainous man my accomplice he harm his ring.

Would match on three of her fingers uh rick martell indubitably yeah successfully so after all of that after that i went to atlanta when rick teamed up in atlanta his value crew we wished to construct any individual as a matter of fact nonetheless anyway anytime andre approach in we became once who he wished to switch with of.

Direction ricky knew him for his canadian and i took him in louisville and so he and he cherished me uh i'm no longer we didn't be pleased unheard of dialog nonetheless anyway he cherished me i wager because every time he approach in he wished us and we would dislike for it i suggest we'd worship to.

Request it nonetheless we'd dislike for him to approach abet because as soon as he suits it over it became once bar time and and he could drink nonetheless what would happen he he would in fact add younger nonetheless you honest assemble me one amongst them see anyway one night.

It became once a sunday night on the military for the duration of the week all the issues closed at three on sunday it closed at 12. successfully me and ricky bob we hugging each and every a range of talked about man 12 o'clock if we honest hang on to then we ain't gonna be sick or nothing and uh.

So anyway 12 o'clock hit and uh andre came up and he talked about no no we went up to him talked about you ready dash boss he talked about yeah he talked about maybe maybe we dash after i became once borrowed down and i lived in atlanta for a year and a half of till you didn't know nothing about.

No after-hours bar now andre coming in and out of here and he knew the build all the issues the build i became once so here we dash and esteem we ran to omni that night all of us had been supposed to fall dress nice for the in fact that day edward bought me a 150 greenback esteem a pants so tainted.

Powder blue i thought i slick so anyway we suppose yeah we'll dash down there with you so we earn to the bar down there and i walked up the bar me and ricky with him he talked about successfully you obtained't drink it i drink most steadily i drink some vodka and grapefruit and that's a tainted night to discontinuance.

It nonetheless anyway the fellow he made me one i honest grew to turn out to be it up and killed it [__] all dressed these days ain't nothing in that drink he talked about howdy bartender and suppose that's the dumbest ingredient i’m able to claim because subsequent time what no grapefruit in it so i aloof had to drink it anyway so at three o'clock.

Fancy nonetheless while you approach within the door there became once a esteem a bench this manner and a bench this manner so we went in so and i i had viewed ricky in a whereas i didn't know the build he became once nonetheless about three o'clock they started cooking breakfast and i became once told.

how meals smells in most cases yeah anyway that's cooking bait and your entire folk ordered and all that stuff i talked about now i talked about so i jumped up and i stride the bathroom successfully they had somewhat pay ingredient and then they had to stall i put the stall became once locked any individual became once in that measurement.

I went ideal to the reveal man i'm all esteem all of a unexpected i hear any individual in there doing the identical damn ingredient approach safe out it became once ricky martel he became once in that seat he obtained sick too so we went out i became once laying on one amongst the male shape one amongst the [__] and ricky became once laying on the a range of one andre.

Know he sitting there and ate his breakfast and all the issues and folk became once coming in they'd suppose test that's tommy richard rick martin so eventually andre comes out he picks ricky up in one arm and me one more and uh and i didn't even know he could drive ricky riggy had a 73 ltd uh thunderbird 73 thunderbird did and.

Anyway he put us put riggy within the previous i obtained within the receive ricky obtained within the previous and naturally i don't know how he drove nonetheless he did so nonetheless anyways we're going abet i don't throw it up all i could nonetheless the kind you earn in dry heaves successfully on that 73 thunderbird hand up somewhat smoke.

it didn't initiate about that some distance so that you couldn't earn your head out so i had to buy my contemporary 150 greenback suit jacket and i became once dry heaving in it yeah oh i became once sick of the canine obtained up the next day i became once gonna buy it tremendous and i throwed it within the trash son of a gun he gets us each and each time.

That's the enlighten when he's constantly selecting up the tab as successfully isn't it when any individual else is selecting up the tab the drinks dash down sooner yeah nobody he would he would he he wouldn't assemble you dream.

But he'd assemble you’re feeling esteem you wanted to drink approach on boss you suppose ok successfully hell he could drink potentially uh ain't no telling how unheard of i drank a drink on a proper day when he wished to me man he he would beat two or three of us at one time and and uh oh it's so easy man honest uh.

he's so tough he andre esteem a receive brother he if he could if he wished to he could honest abet canyon esteem a receive convey man you'd lastly dwell up over the tip rope within the third row brother nonetheless um yeah yeah yeah is this all proper are you able to uh take into account the principle time you met andre the giants and did you ever hang out.

With him socially oh yeah oh yeah man all of us did uh uh andre he became once in fact he understood english and and talked english uh i spoke english uh yeah yeah i’m able to't focus on i’m able to't even keep in touch in english nonetheless nonetheless nonetheless yeah yeah uh greater than everybody thought.

And understood very successfully and and uh though uh vince would suppose constantly ship in uh um the french canadian from montreal i suggest constantly uh uh there's so many pat patterson talked french to him goulet talked french to him and they also had been he constantly had french nonetheless uh even the [__] uh francia lamont.

He'd approach in man and and uh and then then they they brought in um any individual to be with them your entire time that buy care of him from montreal and they also talked french and he cherished and and uh because he became once in fact from france nonetheless nonetheless uh the the uh montrealer montreal they keep in touch uh french and uh the bashad that each and every that guests uh.

Tarzan tyler all of them came from there and and so all of them focus on french to to andre so they saved uh french folk spherical him nonetheless nonetheless um he talked to your entire boys yeah yeah the principle time i met him um uh i wager uh bruiser had him uh it wasn't andre the mountainous they known as them one thing else than uh when he first came spherical.

For one thing esteem that plug plug plug brother yeah so i i met him ideal off the bat and and uh indubitably then it became once he he became once having loads more be troubled nonetheless he realized beefy he became once entertaining he became once entertaining and they also talked about andre you're going to be fortunate to uh.

Live to be forty five 50 years previous and and um they truly they shouldn't be pleased told him that because boy he lived brother he lived he's lived within the fastest lifestyles i've ever viewed and consume and drink brother i know you've heard so many.

Tales on on how unheard of beer he can drink and he drink the monumental lengthy neck issues and i suggest the bottles i suggest the lengthy precise beer bottles no longer these tiny quick ones and he'd buy his monumental and the greatest fingers and and also you couldn't even see nothing on it and he dash esteem this and ingesting and it's a.

Beer you would also't see the beer bottle in his head it appears esteem he's sucking his thumb or one thing man nonetheless he would put it within the containers and uh oh man he'd drink a case of beer if he became once going on the day out man on how one can the repeat and and also you wouldn't even know he's ingesting he could uh and consume oh my goodness.

And so he in fact he in fact lived and lived his lifestyles and um um uh howdy he could be pleased made it i feel he became once 46 i don't know nonetheless i feel he became once when he died god bless him nonetheless um if if he would be pleased esteem you talked about shall be pleased to you earn so previous he talked about successfully if i knew i.

Change into once going to dwell this previous i could took greater care of myself nonetheless um he he did he did uh if he would be pleased he could be pleased made it uh 10 more years or one thing yeah very few folk earn that tip in lifestyles announcing you’ll dwell handiest this lengthy so assemble it count and and all tales i've heard surely.

Notify that he did assemble it count you wager one amongst the names that i seen that you wrestled and how can i never ship this man up andre the mountainous how became once he to battle successfully yeah i i wrestled andre um maybe two three conditions and uh.

Um it became once it became once tv and i take into account the principle time which is one more match i discontinuance be pleased on my web build from allentown um you it’s a must to be pleased in mind how monumental this man is uh being 450 kilos or whatever he became once and my hand can match internal the palm of his hand ideal.

So here i dash within the ring and i talked about one thing i obtained to assemble myself test as proper as possible and i attacked him from the muse in that match the build he became once signing autographs and i honest went to work on him convey convey i'm punching and kicking and this and that and all the issues and.

Then he comes abet with a head button and uh offers me a suplex and then honest does that monumental soar as if he's leaping across your chest and let me repeat you one thing the fellow infrequently touched me that entire match that's how professional andre became once and indubitably andre's had decades of expertise already.

And uh became once i apprehensive on the time oh yeah yeah nonetheless i had the belief in who i became once working with and i did belief andre it became once a kind of issues truly that we ended up because i've obtained a podcast with don morocco and uh he talked about the executioners and i feel he obtained your name combined up with uh it would be pleased been.

Killer kowalski in fact who teamed up with john stood and i became once pondering there's the previous what don thinks is a fallacy that andre hates jon stood despite the truth they seem to work collectively for years did you ever leer one thing else between them up to now as no longer getting along or is that made up.

I've never viewed one thing else and in fact i’m able to switch on to a range of oldsters uh i've never viewed any precise uh um hatred aside from for adrian adonis and uh dan spivey yeah that became once a yeah that became once about the ideal ingredient uh nonetheless now up to now as some distance as don and andre i've never.

Ever uh saw one thing else that will lead me to any disorders against them so i've constantly obtained to place a matter to uh discontinuance you ever use any time with andre exterior of the ring maybe in a restaurant or a bar successfully i’m able to repeat you this uh no i’m able to't ever take into account nonetheless i’m able to claim.

One night uh and i’m able to also even take into account the town exactly salisbury maryland the build we would infrequently discontinuance a repeat and i obtained there early that night so i'm sitting in a dressing room and i became once the principle one there and i became once aloof dressed and i see a younger child bringing in.

A case of and he places them over by the locker opens them up and i'm announcing wow six seven or eight bottles of champagne i talked about andre must be here and likely enough here comes andre coming in there.

Alongside with his suit jacket on and how are you doing boss man that's esteem he known as everybody boss and he'd sit down down and we'd initiate talking and and then there here he goes he's grabbing a bottle rips that cork ideal off and drinks it down esteem it became once a shot glass.

But that that became once my handiest remembrance of andre and and his ingesting beans discontinuance what that kind of is abundant now because within the andre documentary they focus on about him having the loudest farts of all time and shall be pleased to you're having a bottle of champagne each and every 10 minutes that could also repeat it.

Yes plug and i'm sure they weren't little bubbles andre became once a monumental drinker andre became once a monumental drinker andre if he cherished you he would he would treat you successfully if he didn't esteem you he would must keep in touch.

To you he obtained't even take a look at with you he cherished me he had me using spherical for somewhat some time maybe two months or a month because tim white took the job over and uh he says boss the build you dwell i talked about i talked about i ideal here from brooklyn andre your your folk aloof there my father handed my mom aloof lives there and.

Take dangle of me that's what he talked about so i known as my mom up and i did became once andre had those monumental white phones because there became once no cell phones abet then i talked about i hear i'm bringing a wrestler by the home he goes who i says you obtained't know him honest some man.

Honest started so i pull up to the home my mom it's a 2d memoir home my mom's taking a look out the tip window she sees me i approach out of the driver's seat then all of a unexpected the passenger seat opens and this monumental monster comes out will i hear what my mom is oh my god the entire neighborhood went.

He became once as monumental as hulk hogan in his high abet then and he became once the nicest man i went to his restaurant in montreal and uh i already talked about that is mountainous andre that is in fact going to be a success boss money within the booze no longer the meals he became once honest that kind of what.

He did for me one time i became once in a war royal and uh he threw me in for a transient foot esteem you honest throw one more time put his foot up till i buy the ball he dives on me i talked about holy [__] he's gonna abolish me each and every wrestler dove on top of him nonetheless he esteem he saved his elbows.

Defending me and he whispered in my ear boss i be pleased you ever he took care of me he took care of me the a range of guys had been looking out for to harm me no longer harm me to abolish me nonetheless it unquestionably would be pleased killed me if they put all that legit weight on me would i could never been ready to breathe nonetheless andre saved me there he in fact did.

Contrivance you take into account any of the time any a range of oldsters who he wasn't so charitable and kind to within the ring oh nonetheless if i suppose that that's going to be tainted blood nonetheless uh loads loads of the younger boys abet then that had been cocky he didn't esteem loud ones esteem he i don't instruct he became once loopy i.

Don't know i don't truly favor to claim it because he interviewed him you're going to claim oh i heard you didn't esteem this person andre didn't esteem i thought i put that within the negatory i know a few names esteem uh i feel iron cheeky sat on and stuff esteem that i handiest know that name.

He didn't esteem drugs no he didn't esteem and she or he oh toddler i took a to z all the issues i'm capitalizing on the uh wild recognition of a truly transient video i did with diamond dallas online page about the precise heights of professional wrestlers so i thought i'd give a few and also you repeat me what peak you watched they had been flat no.

Shoes on the ground andre the mountainous oh he's successfully a man that monumental you you don't be pleased one thing else to gauge with a range of than an image so he's 7-4 maybe more and he's honest unbelievably mountainous subsequent to because his.

His girth is esteem this are you able to see that i suggest yeah yeah you couldn't reach spherical him let me suppose that you wouldn’t reach spherical here you never are attempting to repeat him no you couldn't i suggest he's honest so monumental so.

But he's very very very monumental i've heard all the issues from seven four down to 6 eleven so everybody he's loads taller yeah he's loads taller six eleven you
Meet this astonishing shooter and wrestler.

Wrestling Legends Shoot on Andre the Giant for 1 HOUR | WSI Wrestling Shoot Interviews Compilation

Wrestling Legends Shoot on Andre the Giant for 1 HOUR | WSI Wrestling Shoot Interviews Compilation