WrestleZone’s Yummy in the Bank LIVE Sunday @ 5PM EST

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WrestleZone’s Yummy in the Bank LIVE Sunday @ 5PM EST

WWE Money in the Bank will be quite unique this Sunday but WrestleZone has a special treat to fill your pre-show appetite: YUMMY IN THE BANK! This special video game stream will go live on FaceBook around 4pm CST / 5pm EST on Sunday, May 10th before you enjoy the WWE main course with MITB’s main card scheduled to start at 6pm EST on the WWE Network. We will preview entire WWE night of action and get your comments on screen in this virtual food fight for fun.

What started out over a year ago as a random inside joke on the live streaming podcast WrestleZone Daily has evolved into a video game fracas to entertain with a streaming parody of fast food mascots trying to climb a greasy ladder to the aquire the coupon that gives them a free title shot. Ronald Mac=Donald, Taco Gong Chihuahua, Red Head Wendy, the Special Recipe Colonel, the King of Burgers, and the all-coked up Coke Bear.

Plus the gelatinous glob that is the Grimmace defends the WZ Daily Fast Food Championship, the most prestigious prize in all of edible sports entertainment against the new bad attitude Gobbledy Gooker. Yes, once he was mocked and ridiculed as a joke but his turkey is no longer jive after winning the Royal Yumble in January. Can he wear the 10 pounds of deep fried gold?

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