Wrestlers Discuss Billy Jack Haynes Shoot Interview Compilation

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Wrestlers Discuss Billy Jack Haynes Shoot Interview Compilation

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These wrestling match are obedient. Here’s billy jackings oh you realize devin as far as shoots dash i've achieved enough of them you're the finest what can i bid hannibal you're the remainder of us as far as shoots dash what can i bid realize you additionally had a match as mr x against billy jack haynes who i've achieved a couple of .

Interviews with how was he to work with in the ring and and in the attend of the scenes billy jack to me was was a a gargantuan uh gargantuan athlete he was a correct man he was correct to work with i mean he was affected person uh you realize ought to you're on enhancement skill you uh work with so many uh .

Rather a couple of uh uh personalities as you bid you realize that or no longer it is far major to uh adapt to uh they’ve assorted likes and dislikes they’ve things that they don't want you to invent and they don't want you to demand them to invent so what you invent is uh uh work the finest that you just’ll want to presumably well presumably also .

And listen to to the the person you're working with and billy uh he was uh as was where quite quite a bit of the guys very affected person and uh and uh by no system uh that i know of ever harm anyone and uh he was it was a correct skill i deem you .

Know they can also just possess overlooked no longer pushing him as significant as he could presumably maybe had been billy told us this story about his backstage altercation with iron mike intriguing were you working on that existing when that took place no no i i wasn't there no i didn't even i .

Essentially successfully you realize i by no system had any complications with him and that i seen him the opposite day and that i couldn't deem it nonetheless i i did i i be conscious him beating up iron mike intriguing nonetheless i wasn't there nonetheless it absolutely was someplace and our can also gorgeous .

Consume the entirely stiff overarm things in the chest and and billy jack fingers followed him attend to the dressing room and that i wouldn't hear it all over all all over again nonetheless i heard he gorgeous beat him up execrable and iron mike intriguing is the nicest man in the world i heard that and that made me abominate .

Billy jack haynes i deem jack hanks brother with regards to florida when when florida was soundless uh the nwa down there and uh i i mean i i used to be on i used to be on the lawsuit with him and we we talked later in the years and nonetheless brother .

They they was no longer there was no longer a meaner more challenging man ever near down the pike minute jack haynes he he it's solid solid so solid so i mean it's inconceivable nonetheless regarded as one of regarded as one of many experiences about billy jack was we're wearing a .

Topic existing i will also just had been atlanta i'm a uh uh a sportatorium in uh in tampa we we we stroll in and the dress we set our bags down me and bass jj jj nonetheless me and bass stroll in we set our bags down and one thing ultimate .

Smartly we make a selection right here we opened there's one other minute dressing room there's cherish two dresses ultimate facet by facet with those they're form of you realize play the face over him and philly jack is at him beating the piss out of .

Very very window y'all a dog on the time he was very windham and yellow dog and that i acknowledged to myself man jake i acknowledged i acknowledged i acknowledged bass you you realize mulligan's fixing hit that door he's going he’s going mulligan is going to drip you realize near mulligan was tricky i mean .

Indicate tricky going down the avenue gorgeous bounce on and bounce on the rattling boat standing out in the field looking out to tip him over nonetheless then he gorgeous pounding buried nonetheless boy nonetheless he walks in there set you attend down acknowledged a rattling be conscious k acknowledged one thing .

Is over and um the system you doing hurricanes my ass you realize the relaxation nonetheless he uh if fact be told and uh i i purchased to perceive him somewhat of bit better than than i mean he didn't harm he didn't harm you he didn't harm you in the ring i used to be in his his uh that plump nelson .

Factor he achieved 100 instances now i'm potentially wrestling two or three hundred instances he uh don't want you don't know you don't wanna mess with you didn't want to clutter with that boy he hurts you he overlooked you billy when he came to florida .

The laughable part was he was supposed to be there at a taping we'll bid the seventh of january successfully he didn't near in all of the presentations we were getting cell telephone calls i'm nearly there i'm nearly there i'm continuously there and we're announcing he's coming he's coming and he didn't existing up till the existing was .

Over one way or the opposite i deem that was form of cherish a shot in the navy he was this sort of gigantic film neatly-known person sooner than he even purchased there and then when he purchased there the next week he he purchased over cherish uh gangbusters thus he set him with himself .

And he purchased over and they set him with me for somewhat of perspective and uh we were in the solar dome and there was native americans there because billy claimed he was sparked native american and they gave him a statue and after they gave him the statue i acknowledged miles would utilize it i grabbed it and that i .

Whacked him and he purchased blood and we had a gargantuan match most guys potentially would had been pissed nonetheless i enjoyed working with billy uh ought to you had asked i mean he was on the quilt all of the magazines attend then ought to you had asked me uh when that was going on i would i would possess acknowledged .

Billy's going to be an gargantuan neatly-known person for a really long time i deem he made quite quite a bit of choices that he potentially looks attend at and says which we all invent perchance i shouldn't possess achieved that he was if fact be told over florida and then he gave us watch it went to texas and then he grew to alter into cherish a .

Surrogate monarch and then one thing took place there he left then he went attend to portland to the don jones territory and don had continuously looked after him he opened the gym and then he ran opposition now i didn't know significant about gloomy blood .

Till i if fact be told interviewed billy jack haynes and when i looked up gloomy blood i used to be a bigger fan of gloomy blood than i ever was at billy jack haynes was there accurate plans to come to a decision on dash someplace with that yeah i know he was injured are you able to assert about .

Was that your conception to bring him in for that no yeah it was a laughable part did he repeat you the story how he purchased into the meeting with dusty he was somewhat of all over successfully he he had left dusty in florida i don't know if he gave a watch or no longer nonetheless he gorgeous disappeared .

And he knew he had warmth with dusty so that you just’ll want to find to dusty's set of enterprise janie ingles had an set of enterprise in entrance of his he dressed up as gloomy blood walked into the set of enterprise and crawled cherish a reptile on his stomach under janie's by janie's desk where she didn't perceive him and popped as a lot as dusty and thus he acknowledged .

Somebody that has that significant cojones i'm gonna utilize them so that's the funniest part and that's billy ultimate you realize that's what took place it isn't made up and they were going to push billy and then abruptly you acknowledged there was an harm .

There can also just want been an harm nonetheless all all over again he gorgeous disappeared and there was he was going to be in a really gigantic program and he was going to dash to uh first it was going to be barry and then it was going to be dusty so i mean uh i continuously purchased along with billy and it worked does he wear a blonde wig .

Now no that's his accurate hair that's his hair oh you acknowledged yeah wow so with regards to gloomy blood uh when i watched billy jack haynes elevate out for that dash which he told me he invented in a while i could presumably well perceive the system that you just’ll want to presumably well presumably blow out a knee doing that .

280 pounds leaping down to your knees every night time from the head rope um to your recollection was that why he left wcw was a knee harm no longer to my recollection wasn't i mean he was there and then he wasn't i mean if his knee blew up we had doctors there we had at that time we had .

A surgeon that came to the suits so especially in center stage so i don't be conscious that he was announcing that it took place in philadelphia i don't deem so did you revel in managing him you were additionally managing yes i did revel in administration because billy was an intense .

Particular person as you are and that i deem that critically lacking in the wrestling industry because i revel in that form of uh intensity since it interprets to the ring which interprets to box set of enterprise billy jack keynes and mike sher i don't .

Know that was in detroit michigan and that i used to be on that car too that was on the uh was both cobalt i don't know if it was a joe lewis of cobalt enviornment downtown because they were each down there because we had several places around detroit we worked there we worked .

These two things we worked auburn hills when that near up later and naturally procedure available pontiac was where the silverdome was yeah i by no system did find that i continuously cherished billy a good deal i purchased along with billy mike intriguing was gorgeous a fine man you realize idiosyncrasies .

the cleaning part he had i mean he's getting locked in he'd find locked in the enviornment he'd be working out in the shower and they grew to alter into the canine free on him and stuff because he whereas all people's long previous he's attend in there working out and looking out to invent the worn johnny .

Valentine part where they figure out with out you he's working that man nonetheless apparently you realize and mike was somewhat of stiff you realize he wore that gloomy he's canadian man ultimate you yeah he wore that gloomy uh part on his on his forearm right here and he cherished to bend you over .

And he cherished to gorgeous lay him in successfully my deal when i worked with my lady been transferring nonetheless i wouldn't dash away my neck available cherish a turkey because he would he would he would turn the lights out on me i'd entice up on him you realize so he wouldn't gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous you realize disconnect me .

And i form of cherished it and likewise you realize he'd design nonetheless he played them gigantic punches apparently he laying them in on billy too exhausting and that i don't know if there was somewhat of one thing between them or mike fizzle nonetheless anyway billy uh billy was mad and they purchased attend in the dressing room and boy he teed off on on mike intriguing .

And mike intriguing was quite defenseless because if fact be told because billy could presumably well box somewhat of bit yeah if fact be told box and he beat him up quite correct bring my quite correct buddies i i'm gorgeous delighted i don't possess those things that i want to live with that i did those .

I'm sorry man i did that i wish i hadn't did that you just realize and we all purchased things in our lives that we form of would resolve to possess a invent-over nonetheless i'm gorgeous delighted in this industry you don't potentially ever hear too many things about that with me because i want that form of man billy .

Jack haynes is a most unusual guest on this existing did you ever rotten paths with him in portland yeah i nearly had to war him one time nonetheless uh thank god we didn't want to war um me and billy find along if fact be told successfully cherish because billy i bet is you realize he's i continuously purchased along successfully with the opposite folks .

Who are who purchased in anguish cherish cherish the the opposite folks who were colored outside the lines and uh and then one day art work art work bar ripped them and blame and pinned it on me and uh and billy jack's cherish we gotta assert and that i'm cherish uh no no i i neglect exactly the procedure it went nonetheless .

However then i used to be so i had to dash struggle and so i used to be my pants wrestling because i had to struggle gorgeous looking out to find by the match looking out to be conscious it because i knew i had to dash assert you realize if i you realize presumably war billy jack afterwards and um and then i purchased one as a lot as him i acknowledged hello .

Hear i acknowledged i didn't rip you you realize i am going nonetheless watch ought to you’ll need war i'll war you i mean you're going to kick my ass i mean that's obvious nonetheless i could war you gorgeous you realize out of honor nonetheless i mean i didn't invent it and and he believed me and we were continuously correct buddies after that .

Was he if fact be told a cocaine dealer because he is self-professed i'm sure he was yeah you deem so yeah i i would have a tendency to deem that the adventures he had what about uh possess you seen any of those videos that he alleges he was fervent in the boys on the notice murders in arkansas uh no i haven't seen that i used to be no longer .

There to note uh iron mike intriguing and billy jack haynes which was a what i realize was a deadly deadly war where billy are you able to repeat us about that i gorgeous i entirely possess secondhand info where billy jack and iron mike intriguing one thing took place and mike intriguing had rubbed billy jack the scandalous procedure and .

Billy was a instant fuse anyway instant time bomb and billy gorgeous started they purchased into it and one punch was thrown and then all of us and iron mike shark was a tough man nonetheless billy jack was more challenging at that that night time that day in the locker room and from what i realize he beat him up if fact be told execrable if fact be told execrable any recollections of .

Billy jack haynes yeah successfully when billy jack hanes and that i uh grew to alter staunch into a mark crew combo uh i didn't notice nonetheless you realize billy was form of messed up on medicine and that i i didn't notice i if fact be told sincerely didn't notice you realize how execrable it was and since you realize he .

That by no system led on to me and so we because mark crew partners you realize we fragment a room um you realize we're on the avenue every night time for cherish 15 20 days at a time you realize we signal in you realize to throw our bags in the room and stuff .

I'd wake up two three four in the morning billy's long previous he was long previous every night time he was by no system there and that i i continuously asked billy i acknowledged where invent you dash at night time oh gorgeous dash around i purchased girlfriends right here girlfriends uh there he was procuring medicine right here is hannibal right here from the hannibaltv.com i .

Am on the ess promotions table with billy jack haynes who’s going to be exhibiting on the cwf legends fan fest in june along with ricky steamboat bob roop larry zabisco david penzer's going to be there cwf legends fan fest on fb is where .

That you too can bag that how how's wrestlemania weekend been for you on the present time it's been going if fact be told correct and uh you realize i've been checking up on you man uh hannibal you realize you're the finest of the finest ultimate now as far as youtubes and uh shoots you the finest what can i bid i've .

Accomplished enough of them i've i've i've seen some of your shoots if fact be told uh they're intriguing thank you sure how's everything going uh with you in my belief uh it’ll be going better you realize i'm uh could presumably well continuously be going better nonetheless the system .

I watch at lifestyles is one day at a time ought to you watch at any extra than that and or distress in regards to the relaxation don't distress about nothing because nothing's going to be all ultimate you were you're a tough man man you were gold medalist i deem weren't you and the yeah i used to be a nationwide champion each uh .

Grappling and beginner wrestling i i know you were diagnosed for being a tough man too uh any experiences from florida the cwf days since uh your appearance is coming up in let's florida no no longer if fact be told my days basically uh i bid myself with being a cocaine dealer which i used to be i'm no longer happy with that .

And i used to be a used paige bar partner jerry corey ken norton ron lyles ready to your time uh nonetheless uh cherish i acknowledged ma'am your fullest story plump of experiences aren't you oh successfully you realize every other folks could presumably well bid plump of nonetheless you realize i don't deem i am otherwise you deem i am .

I deem there's some fact to just a few the stuff you bid yeah nonetheless uh i don't study about everything no you realize i don't if fact be told care what you deem and that's where you’ll need notice at him successfully so let's assert about this florida part david penzer penzer's working this uh .

How how invent you realize david penzer uh david pensger i met in florida attend in 1984 i deem it was i will also very successfully be scandalous on that i don't want to be reported in 30 years or so years i've been quoted on for a couple of things in the previous that could possess purchased me lifestyles in penal complex with out parole and it looks i've purchased around that .

Hannibal going into it potentially would no longer be a correct recommendation no yeah i've heard quite quite a bit of your experiences and uh i bag that some of them make a selection away the credibility of one of the most obedient stuff available because some of your experiences are if fact be told exaggerated and .

To illustrate there could be a couple of fact to the pat patterson stuff nonetheless you then dash overboard quite quite a bit of instances i bag nonetheless i i wish you the finest i’m hoping you invent successfully wait a minute were you ever in the wwe invent you ever want to note you dash 330 nights a yr on the avenue no i've entirely had suits for them .

Unfortunately if fact be told we invent possess some in frequent i had my contract taken away uh due to the hepatitis c you absolutely additionally shrunk it from wrestling i realize so that's miserable and that i if fact be told hope that uh you find on some medicine for that and that i mean that from the bottom of my coronary heart .

Smartly you realize hello you realize you wouldn't give him medicine successfully perchance perchance it's no longer gorgeous that form of medicine you’ll need i don't know why was looking out to you realize i i came right here with correct intentions to present you an interview what it's out of admire i'm right here to advertise these cwf fan fest for a couple buddies .

Of mine which sounds cherish you're right here to belittle me that's what it sounds cherish i want medicine for this and then so uh what invent what are you right here to advertise to fan fest or my media to advertise the fan fest june 15th in lutz florida is that the system you .

State it i don't know how invent you divulge it i don't know i'm no longer from floyd let's dash into the fan fest k what's what's your popular memory of florida the fans were gargantuan that's why they called the fan fest for the fans wrestling potentially potentially the most .

Educated and pro wrestling you realize nonetheless uh we invent possess a frequent ultimate friend if fact be told from florida genie clark who you were married to and in the kill austin married her yeah what's your uh what's your friendship along with her i've interviewed her and we're gorgeous fb buddies nonetheless i bag she's a fine .

Girl very neatly you realize nonetheless she don't submit too significant she hasn't purchased no balls i'm no longer we're gonna if fact be told lower this because i'm buddies with i'm no longer right here to invent the relaxation nonetheless promote that so we're gorgeous gonna pause it at that bye i invent want to seek info from you this and that i gorgeous .

On memoir of you seen that part i did with billy jack haynes uh attend wrestlemania weekend and that i will lower this out ought to you don't want to acknowledge this nonetheless you didn't fabricate any level out of it in the e-book billy jack haynes was announcing oh steve austin uh .

He's a partner beater he had my ex-partner after me clearly you guys didn't find along and there were some emotional factors nonetheless you by no system had any misfortune cherish that with steve did you no now steve steve that i don't blame steve's violin towards ladies or partner beer he .

Never ever hit me gorgeous fabricate that sure and your total part with billy jack and steve must always possess near out after my e-book because my e-book was 2016 and that i don't possess any recollection of uh there being any you realize belief cherish after the truth nonetheless no um .

I i by no system learned steve to be violent the least bit no longer no longer once so that's gorgeous billy jack i bet perchance somewhat of little bit of jealousy that even ought to you guys broke up amateurly ultimate there was referring to deborah because that's the entirely time i've heard nonetheless he was by no system if fact be told uh .

Nothing ever came of those accusations formally cherish those accusations were made nonetheless there was by no system any accurate court docket misfortune over those accusations um yes yeah um no i deem she dropped the case
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Wrestlers Discuss Billy Jack Haynes Shoot Interview Compilation

Wrestlers Discuss Billy Jack Haynes Shoot Interview Compilation