Wrestlers Defend Wrestlecon Promoters After Marriott’s $114,000+ Demand For Damages

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Wrestlers Defend Wrestlecon Promoters After Marriott’s $114,000+ Demand For Damages

WrestleCon 2020

The cancellation of a traditional WrestleMania in Tampa, Florida, led to the cancellation of the Wrestlecon convention. Now, wrestlers are coming to the aid of those behind the convention as the Marriott Hotel chain is asking for over $1114,00 in liquidated damages fees in spite of the fact that a global pandemic is the driving force for cancellation.

The convention, which is run by the team behind Highspots, shared a portion of the email received by the Marriott where the hotel chain states that “it is neither illegal nor impossible for Wrestlecon to occur as previously agreed.”

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Many wrestlers were quick to point out how unjust that statement is during this global pandemic where the CDC has recommended then no gatherings of 50 people or more take place. Chris Jericho, the former AEW World Champion, was quick to not only defend the promoters of Wrestlecon but look for the help of the President of the United States in the process.

Excuse me @realDonaldTrump-I think @Marriott doesn’t understand your advice that NO gatherings over 10 ppl take place for the next few weeks & I think @dralexpatel would agree that its impossible & possibly illegal to move forward with @wrestlecon. So stop the threats #Marriott! https://t.co/Bvk2vIFkCJ

— Chris Jericho (@IAmJericho) March 17, 2020

Many other promotions and wrestlers also came to the aid of Wrestlecon, offering support and in the case of WrestleCade, boycotting the Marriott, until a resolution is reached.

Later this week we will be announcing a special fundraising raffle for @Highspots to help them recoup some of the loss from @wrestlecon since they've helped so many of us in the wrestling biz. Hope you can help, participate and spread the word. More details soon. 🙏🏽 @PWTees https://t.co/S3fSTG7pLv

— Ryan Barkan (@OneHourTees) March 16, 2020

For the past 8 years, the Winston-Salem @Marriott has been the host hotel for #WrestleCade Weekend during Thanksgiving weekend. Each year, our fans have sold out that hotel. This year, we won’t sign their contract until this mess is resolved with @Highspots & @wrestlecon. https://t.co/dDLsUgsVKs

— WrestleCade (@WrestleCade) March 17, 2020

As it stands right now, Wrestlecon is hoping that the Marriott will do the right thing once this reaches the top of the corporate food chain instead of a regional branch. Wrestlezone will continue to update the story with any and all new information.