William Regal Talks His Role In NXT, Why It Works, And Johnny Saint

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William Regal Talks His Role In NXT, Why It Works, And Johnny Saint

(Photo by Todd Williamson/WireImage)

William Regal recently sat down to speak with Sportskeeda, where he discussed his new role in the world of wrestling. Regal also talked about his role in the NXT, why him being a general manager works, and Johnny Saint, the GM of NXT UK.

Check out some of the highlights below:

On his role as general manager of NXT:

For me, it’s not really a role because it’s what I do – which makes it very different than whenever I’ve done this role before. Although it’s not exactly what I do, it is in a lot of ways, if that makes any sense. It’s the first time that has probably been… When I played that role anyway, where I am actually a big part of that and, fortunately for me that I am.

On why it works:

The way NXT has been from day one when I was asked to do it, ‘Don’t put me on camera. I do not need to be on camera unless it’s absolutely necessary. This isn’t about me, it’s about the talent,’ and everyone that works in NXT, that’s what we think. It’s about the talent but you do need the odd person.

On Johnny Saint:

If it’s done right, and from the feedback and from what I hear, people seem to think we do it right on the show. With Johnny Saint, it’s to give credibility. In the history of British wrestling, there’s no more credible guy that can actually have the respect of everybody that ever meets him – but also the wrestlers, he is a huge part of why wrestling is the way it is today.

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