William Regal On NXT’s Transition To Live TV, WarGames And More

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William Regal On NXT’s Transition To Live TV, WarGames And More

Photo by Eddy LEMAISTRE/Corbis via Getty Images

NXT general manager William Regal recently spoke with Inside The Ropes and discussed various topics, ranging from NXT’s transition to live television, the success of NXT TakeOver: WarGames and more. Here are some highlights.

On NXT’s transition to live TV:

Regal: “We all just want NXT to be the best product we can do. I don’t care about what’s going on anywhere else, we just get on with what we do, which is competitive pro wrestling and that’s what NXT is. NXT is the part of the WWE that is about competition. It’s not sports entertainment, it’s the pro wrestling side and that’s what we do. There’s always going to be an entertainment value to it but we do our style of getting the best competitors and putting them in the ring together.”

“It wasn’t a change at all. We do it with such a small team. If you knew how little people… that we use do to do NXT compared to most prosecution companies, it’s a small team of people but we just all get on, there’s no egos. I tell them don’t put me on TV, I’m not interested in being on TV. If you wanna use me as that role, and I’m the general manager but I don’t need to ever be on TV. This is about them.”

On WarGames in NXT;

Regal: “That was nothing to do with me at all, that was Triple H’s idea because he always loved watching WarGames. It’s great to see because it’s turned into a huge thing for us and people look forward to it. But you can’t do WarGames without having the right people to put in there and that’s what we’ve got an abundance of, a bunch of incredible pros that we can put in there. Everybody is a full time professional wrestler, a professional athlete, they’re entertainers and whatever else, they are hard working athletes.