Will Roman Reigns & Solo Sikoa Become Tag Champs? (Monday Morning Q&A)

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Welcome back to another Monday Morning Q&A where I toss out some questions to get a feel of how you guys and gals are feeling about certain topics.

So here are 5 questions I’d like to toss out for this week. I’ll give my answers, too, but the key here is that I want to know what YOU think! So make sure you chime in!

1) Do you think Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa will win those tag titles at Night of Champions?


I don’t anticipate the titles will change hands. At the very least, they shouldn’t. Roman’s not going to benefit those belts whatsoever if he isn’t showing up to defend them. No need to keep FOUR titles hostage.

Instead, I think we’ll see The Usos come out to interfere and inadvertently cost them the match. Sikoa takes the pin.

2) Are you annoyed or okay with the idea that not only is Night of Champions not going to see every title defended, but that this means Roman’s taken two pay-per-views off in a row and could potentially also not defend his title at the next show, Money in the Bank?

I’m not cool with either of those things. The whole point of Night of Champions (which I never thought was a great name to begin with) was that every title was defended. Why not just call this Clash of Champions if that’s the case? Or go with a brand new event name?

And just because they’ve given an in-universe reason (after several years) for why Roman’s not defending the title often doesn’t make that okay. The whole big problem with Brock Lesnar as champion was how little he showed up, and WWE somehow took that mistake and applied the complete opposite lesson to it.

If Reigns isn’t going to be on television week-to-week, he should at least defend on the pay-per-views. And if he’s not going to defend on all of them, he should at least defend on every other one! Otherwise, why not just say “Look. This belt is going on hiatus until Mania 40” because that’s what we all know is actually happening. Ridiculous.

3) As unlikely as it is, let’s say, hypothetically, MJF does drop the title. How would you rank the other 3 pillars in order of preference for who you’d want to see win the AEW World Championship?

  1. Sammy Guevara
  2. Darby Allin
  3. Jungle Boy

Here’s the thing about this particular moment in time. All 3 are entertaining stars, but my least favorite is Darby Allin by kind of a long shot, overall. I’ve never been particularly engaged with his character and I find myself always enjoying Sammy’s matches and Jungle Boy’s in-ring performances, while Darby is a bit hit or miss for me. But Darby has more success to his name and is more comfortable on the mic than Jack Perry. Guevara is the most well-rounded and could thrive in the role much better, while Darby strikes me as just being a rather silent champion and Jungle Boy isn’t ready and should win the TNT title first.

But, as stated, MJF will retain, so that doesn’t even need to be a worry at this moment.

4) How do you see the rest of the NXT Women’s Championship tournament playing out?

Cora Jade beats Fallon Henley. Roxanne Perez beats Jacy Jayne. Cora Jade beats Lyra Valkyria. Roxanne Perez beats Tiffany Stratton. Finals are Roxanne Perez against Cora Jade. Jade wins the belt at NXT Battleground.

The only other alternative I can imagine, which I don’t think will be the case, is that Stratton beats Perez and Valkyria beats Jade just to give the belt ultimately to Stratton, but “Stratton vs. Valkyria” isn’t as big of a match as “Perez vs. Jade”, so I don’t think that will be the direction of the pay-per-view unless they specifically want to just give Stratton the title and are setting up Lyra as the first victim to be fed to her, essentially.

5) LA Knight is now set to partner up with Rick Boogs. Do you think this is the best use of these two, should they have other tag team partners (like continuing Boogs with Elias), or do you have any other creative alternative pitches in mind?

Boogs should absolutely stay with Elias, and LA Knight shouldn’t be in a tag team whatsoever.

The Boogs and Elias thing never even got started, really. They had a series of backstage segments and that’s about it. Elias is a free agent and I doubt he’s going to be bouncing back and forth between shows as a featured act. Nor do I expect either of them to get a singles push any time soon, and if they do, it would be Boogs, so Elias is better off in a tag team and to spin off that, eventually.

Knight is over on his own. Giving him a tag team partner to play off isn’t the worst idea, but why can’t he just be fighting Austin Theory for the United States Championship as a babyface like the crowd is practically begging for?

I’d do that and/or put him in a non-title feud with someone (maybe Grayson Waller?) and set him up for a good run where people think he has a shot to win Money in the Bank.

Let us know your thoughts about these questions by answering them in the comments!

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