Will Ospreay Reevaluating His Finisher After Dealing With Shoulder Injury

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Will Ospreay spoke with Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp about a wide range of topics including changing his finisher, the Stormbreaker, after dealing with a shoulder injury. Here are the highlights. 

The risk posed by using the finisher: 


“My physio even said [my shoulder is] not fully healed, so there is a chance that if you’re lifting someone over your head, this thing could fucking rip off again. It is making me question whether I should be doing the Stormbreaker anymore because that’s… the biggest move that I fucking have. I hit that, it’s game over. But I’m fucking scared, bro.”

The possible alternatives for him: 

“If it means that I’ve got to say goodbye to Stormbreaker, then I just gotta perfect the Hidden Blade more and just hopefully that’ll do the job.”

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