Will Ospreay Applauds AEW’s Wrestling Quality, Discusses Bryan Danielson’s Match against Zack Sabre Jr and More.

Will Ospreay Applauds AEW’s Wrestling Quality, Discusses Bryan Danielson’s Match against Zack Sabre Jr and More.
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During a recent showing of the “Swerve City” podcast, wrestling sensation Will Ospreay provided unique perspectives regarding the special qualities of AEW.

Highlighted below are some key takeaways from the podcast conversation:

Underlining the uniqueness of AEW, he commented, “I think that’s why AEW’s special because it doesn’t have one common interest except for professional wrestling. Wrestling where the best wrestle. That’s the whole signal.”

Speaking about the Bryan Danielson vs. Zack Sabre Jr. match in AEW he stated, “Prime example: Bryan Danielson versus Zack Sabre Jr. was a completely different match, right? But that was still phenomenal, still incredible. Okada and PAC? Like, set the bar, like, God that was a hard thing to knock off, you know what I mean?”

Ospreay also mentioned the essence of wrestling, “Like, it doesn’t need a gazillion run-ins, it doesn’t need all that. It can just sometimes be two people, four guys, just on the best professional wrestling shows and telling the story.”

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On a separate appearance on the “AEW Unrestricted” podcast, Ospreay gave a candid insight into his difficulties with wrestling promos and how his ADHD diagnosis impacts him.

Select podcast highlights include:

Discussing his struggles with promos, he admitted, “I’ve never been a good promo, I’ll be honest with you. If you look at some of the stuff I did in New Japan, like, this is something that I do credit New Japan for, after a match, as soon as you’re done, you could be p*ing blood, you could be dying from exhaustion, they’re like comment … Half the time you’re, like, dying. So they would force you in a weird way to do promos and it’s not really instructed, like what you can and can’t say. So you would just sometimes ramble. And a lot of the time, I just didn’t really know what to say.”

In reference to his ADHD struggles affecting his promos, he revealed, “I need to focus on the camera. And this is where I have ADHD and it is one of those things you can tell. Because when I’m cutting a promo, I can’t make eye contact with people and it’s, I know I need to work on it, but it’s just something I’ve had for flipping ages, not realized about it. I only found out I had ADHD when I was in, like, 2019 in Japan. So straight away you’re going, ‘Oh my God, that makes so much sense.’ Like, I’m so impulsive, I get it now. So they’re the things I struggle with.”

The upcoming AEW Collision edition, scheduled for tonight in Vancouver, British Columbia, features Ospreay in a solo match against Lee Moriarty.

AEW Double or Nothing 2024 will see Ospreay challenging Roderick Strong for the AEW International Championship.