Why Seth Rollins Believes Ricochet Should Have a World Heavyweight Title Match

Why Seth Rollins Believes Ricochet Should Have a World Heavyweight Title Match
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During a recent appearance on WWE’s “The Bump,” Seth Rollins and Ricochet discussed the possibility of a World Heavyweight Title match between them.

Ricochet was asked how a match this year would be different than their last match in 2006. He said,


Definitely a lot more hard-hitting than in 2006. Definitely a lot more strategic than in 2006. I think both of us have matured obviously a lot sense then, not only as men but as performers, as wrestlers. So I think, especially everything that he’s capable of doing, alongside everything that in capable of doing, and everything we’re willing to put our bodies through to get to where we need to go, it would be pretty wild, that’s for sure.

Rollins stated,

“Well, 17 years later, it looks like probably 50 more pounds of muscle between the two of us, at least, if not more. We were just two skinny kids back then. Yeah, it’s gonna look night and day compared to what it was two decades ago. Like you said, we’ve both grown so much as human beings and performers, everything’s gonna be different. You wouldn’t even be able to put the two matches up against each other. Here’s the thing, I would love to do it, though. We’ve gotta get it done at some point. I’d love to get it done one of these times while I still got the title on my shoulder. I think Ricochet has been long overdue for a World Heavyweight Championship match, so we gotta get it done. I’m gonna put in a word with Adam Pearce, see if we can’t get that thing done. Ricochet, he’s been working. I’d love to do it. I think the WWE Universe would be keen to it. I think it would be a great time. I know it would look a lot different, but I don’t know exactly what it would look like. So I would be very excited to see.”

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Seth Rollins and Ricochet Discuss the Possibility of a World Heavyweight Title Match

During a recent appearance on WWE’s “The Bump,” Seth Rollins and Ricochet engaged in a conversation about the potential of a World Heavyweight Title match between them. This discussion has sparked excitement among wrestling fans who are eager to witness these two talented athletes go head-to-head once again.

Ricochet was asked about the differences between a match this year and their previous encounter in 2006. He highlighted that the upcoming match would be more hard-hitting and strategic compared to their earlier bout. Both wrestlers have matured not only as men but also as performers and wrestlers. Ricochet acknowledged the incredible abilities of both himself and Rollins, expressing his willingness to push their bodies to the limit in order to achieve victory. He described the potential match as “pretty wild.”

Rollins, on the other hand, reflected on the significant changes that have occurred over the past 17 years. He humorously mentioned that there is now probably 50 more pounds of muscle between the two of them, if not more. The physical transformation they have undergone since their last encounter is evident, and Rollins believes that their growth as human beings and performers will make the match look completely different from what it was two decades ago. He expressed his desire to face Ricochet while he still holds the World Heavyweight Championship title, acknowledging that Ricochet is long overdue for a title shot.

Rollins also mentioned that he would speak to Adam Pearce, a prominent figure in WWE management, to make this match happen. He believes that both the WWE Universe and himself would be thrilled to witness this clash of talents. While he acknowledges that the match would look different, Rollins expressed his excitement about the unknown possibilities and the potential for an incredible showdown.

The discussion between Rollins and Ricochet has generated significant buzz among wrestling enthusiasts. Fans are eagerly anticipating the announcement of this highly anticipated match and are excited to see how these two exceptional athletes will showcase their skills in the ring.

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