Why Followers Booed Liv Morgan on WWE Smackdown & What This Means for Her Ladies folk’s Title Reign

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When Liv Morgan came out on WWE Smackdown to bring a promo sooner than a No. 1 contender Gauntlet Match, fans began to jeer the females’s champion. Morgan gave the affect distracted by the crowd’s name callings and looked noteworthy extra aggravated as fans loudly chanted, “You tapped out!”

The wrestler responded by announcing, “It’s OK. It’s OK. I esteem ya’ll calling me out on my [explicit]” After that final discover, Morgan acknowledged various different words that the Fox community bleeped out.

WWE interviewer Kayla Braxton moreover looked unhappy as the crowd persevered to boo the babyface huge name. Fortunately for all eager, Sonya Deville came out almost today after to interrupt the awkward promo. The contemporary head of artistic Triple H has gotten hundreds props for the contemporary course the WWE looks to be heading in after Vince McMahon’s exit. It now looks his finest early wretchedness, though, will be untangling a messy state within the SmackDown Ladies folk’s division. Let’s focus on about it

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Why Followers Booed Liv Morgan on WWE Smackdown & What This Means for Her Ladies folk’s Title Reign

Why Fans Booed Liv Morgan on WWE Smackdown & What This Means for Her Women's Title Reign