Who will ascend to fill Kayla Braxton’s shoes as WWE’s leading broadcaster? | Day’s Main Inquiry

Who will ascend to fill Kayla Braxton’s shoes as WWE’s leading broadcaster? | Day’s Main Inquiry
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Yesterday, we posted an EWN Question of the Day focusing on Dijak and his potential career path after his departure from WWE on June 28, 2024. However, another WWE personality also bid farewell. Kayla Braxton made her final appearance on WWE SmackDown.

As she indicated in her tweet,

Different from Dijak’s situation, Braxton had the option to continue with WWE but chose to bow out. Furthermore, she intends to step out of the wrestling ring altogether. If staying in the wrestling world was her plan, WWE would have still been her platform. In contrast, she doesn’t prefer to switch over to another enterprise like All Elite Wrestling. Braxton plans to explore other domains of the entertainment industry from her new home base, Los Angeles, California.

With Braxton intending to step away from wrestling, our EWN Question of the Day redirects to “Who is expected to step up and replace Kayla Braxton?”

Recent times have seen WWE trimming down its presenters. McKenzie Mitchell and Matt Camp were shown the door earlier this year, and with Braxton’s exit, only a few faces remain. There will be a void to fill, even if WWE chooses not to recruit fresh talent.

Braxton groomed herself into a versatile presenter conducting interviews, hosting pre-show panels, and appearing on different shows. She followed a path similar to those trailblazed by Renee Young and Mean Gene Okerlund.

The present roster comprises Jackie Redmond, Byron Saxton, Kelly Kincaid, Ryan Pappolla, Sarah Schreiber, and Megan Morant. WWE can also bring in Peter Rosenberg and Sam Roberts for guest appearances. Scott Stanford could be an option if the need arrives, given his track record of hosting shows like Afterburn and This Week in WWE. Corey Graves could also handle added responsibilities, although doubling up as commentator and presenter isn’t a common practice.

Given a choice, I’d consider bringing back McKenzie Mitchell or Matt Camp. Mitchell seems to be a suitable option considering Camp’s recent sour experience with WWE. She demonstrated a performance on par with, if not superior to, Braxton’s.

If asked for a guess, I see Jackie Redmond stepping up to fill Braxton’s shoes. Her growing responsibilities suggest a promising future, even though she joined after Cathy Kelley, who would have been my top pick for in-house placement.

We’d love to know who you think would step into Kayla’s shoes? Share your opinion and thoughts in the comments below!