Who Should Induct Rey Mysterio in the WWE Hall of Popularity Class of 2023? (Monday Early Morning Q&A).

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Invite back to another Monday Morning Q&A where I throw out some concerns to get a feel of how you gals and people are feeling about particular subjects.

Here are 5 concerns I ‘d like to toss out for this week. I’ll provide my responses, too, however the secret here is that I wish to know what YOU believe! Make sure you chime in!

1) Who do you believe should induct Rey Mysterio into the 2023 WWE Hall of Fame? Allegedly, it will be Konnan. Do you have any other concepts?

I would have believed Dominik, naturally, however considering that this is clearly not the time you might ever do that, Konnan makes good sense. The entire factor I’m asking this concern is since I truthfully can’t believe of anybody else who makes more sense than Konnan.

Real, it might be Chavo Guerrero, or any variety of individuals Rey is buddies with. He’s tight with a lots of individuals, I’m sure. Edge, Batista and so on etc might be contacted to do that. Even Santos Escobar might technically do it if WWE wished to keep things internal.

Given that Eddie Guerrero isn’t around any longer, Konnan is certainly the finest choice.

2) Saraya, Toni Storm and Ruby Soho are now obviously calling their group The Outsiders. What do you think about that name?

Thinking about the entire “us versus them” angle in basic, in addition to the spray paint and now this name, I believe this is type of unfortunate. This has actually been heading excessive in the “outright nWo ripoff” instructions currently. To simply call your group the very same name as Kevin Nash and Scott Hall would be ridiculously uncreative.

I’m currently not keen on Bullet Club and The Elite doing the “too sweet” gesture and all. If you desire to have a tribute, make up something of your own that comparable. Do not simply out and out copy what you’re a fan of. A minimum of get a thesaurus and utilize a synonym or put your own spin on it.

3) Speaking of AEW names, the Fight Forever video game hallmark remains in disagreement. If you needed to rebrand the computer game with some other title, what would you call it?

Battle Forever wasn’t a bad name, so I’m presuming they’ll pay GCW if need remain in order to keep it. Let’s simply state they can’t.

Among my very first pitches most likely would have been the very easy “AEW Game On” even if it is as simple as can be to market it as “this is a computer game about AEW.” It would have likewise been really basic to call it AEW All Out Brawl or AEW Brawl Out, too. AEW All Out Assault? AEW All or Nothing might work, however it does not have anything that shouts “battling video game” in the name.

They do not have a load of choices I can think of if they desired something dynamite-related. AEW likes being meta, however AEW Banger After Banger is outrageous. Thunder Struck is a prospective other copyright headache. Kenny Omega does the entire “bang” thing, however you can’t have weapon iconography in the title, always. Blast Zone? AEW Ignition sounds so dull.

AEW: Light the Fuse might be my preferred title to choose something associated to Dynamite. Bring the Boom is likewise part of their lyrics and might work.

4) Many are stating John Cena buried Austin Theory to the point he’ll not have the ability to recuperate. Do you believe that holds true? How would you ensure Theory isn’t dead in the water (or, additionally, do you believe it’s alright if that takes place)?

Off, Cena should not have actually included that bit in there about how even if Theory wins, he’ll still lose since he can’t live up to the buzz. All of this simply makes Theory appear like he’s not prepared to take the next action which if he does win, it will be a fluke, instead of him showing Cena and his skeptics incorrect. That’s currently an error they require to remedy.

One outright is that Theory MUST win that match, now. It was currently on the table that he basically required to, in order to not have the United States Championship stuck in a holding pattern or abandoned or anything. Now, he has to beat Cena, and it has to be tidy, too.

This isn’t a scenario where the heel can strike a low blow, roll up the leggings and after that imitate stating “I technically beat John Cena in the record books” will be crossed out as “boo this guy as he rises the hierarchy” like it typically is. It will come off more as “however that does not actually count, so you still require to show yourself” yet once again, and Theory will stay in this stagnant on the cusp level that he’s been at for several years.

Theory wins tidy. I would truthfully keep the United States Championship on him for rather a while so he can keep showing he’s deserving of that. There are 2 roadways to decrease past that point.

I would STRONGLY consider him for King of the Ring. He requires to get more character beyond simply “the next Cena” (specifically considering that I see him more like Randy Orton) and the king trick, albeit overdone, might be a method to branch off. He can drop the United States title and focus on that being his prominence.

I would not be opposed to having him win Money in the Bank once again, however just if there are strategies for him to really be the one to cash in effectively and beat Cody Rhodes or whoever holds the other belt (as I’m hoping that gets split up once again) down the line.

The point is, Theory requires to really win in order to be taken seriously. Since he beat those individuals, Orton got over with The Legend Killer. Theory can’t simply lose and continuously state he’s got possible. That will turn him into another Dolph Ziggler, who does not total up to as much as he could/should have.

5) What were your most significant takeaways from NXT Roadblock?

  • Bron Breakker requires to turn heel, for sure. Carmelo Hayes must turn babyface. Double turn!
  • Their sector discussing how they got pulled aside for a talk that they’re the leading 2 potential customers must have taken place prior to The Grayson Waller Effect section. That method, Waller might have pointed out that.
  • Johnny Gargano vs. Waller will be enjoyable at Stand & & Deliver. Great option.
  • Dragon Lee sure was generated with a loser, wasn’t he?
  • Gigi Dolin beating Jacy Jayne was likewise a loser to me. The post-match attack didn’t renew me to wish to see more.
  • The Jailhouse Street Fight was remarkably dull. It simply ended which’s it? Huh?
  • Chase University continues to be among the most amusing elements of NXT.
  • Shawn Michaels truly likes to schedule his old angles. Roxanne Perez collapsing is the Owen Hart enziguri scenario once again.

Let us understand your ideas about these concerns by addressing them in the remarks!

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