Who is most suitable to end John Cena’s wrestling career?

Who is most suitable to end John Cena’s wrestling career?
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We’re back with another Question of the Day from eWrestlingNews!

With the past weekend’s WWE Money in the Bank 2024 premium live event, John Cena has revealed this is his retirement tour, culminating in 2025. He has one more round of the Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber, WrestleMania, and more before his final retirement late in the year 2025.

As there are no further details or news, let’s start with random speculation about his potential opponents.

Today’s question for discussion: “Who is fit to be John Cena’s ultimate opponent?”

Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

My input on this topic…

It’s quite subjective and reliant on the number of matches Cena will likely have before his official retirement in December 2025. The Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber can be eliminated from consideration as they involve multiple wrestlers and don’t focus solely on Cena. While he may have some key moments, none should center around his retirement.

There are many WWE superstars I’d like Cena to go against. Most of them could offer intriguing matchups to differing extents. But of course, not everyone like Ashante Adonis or Javier Bernal should be considered. Despite having exciting bouts with Cena in the past, I believe that performers like Sami Zayn shouldn’t be prioritized.

There are seven top contenders in my mind, more so given the uncertain nature of Cena’s retirement plan. Will he want a friendly showdown in respect? Or does he plan to retire with a loss to a villain?

My decision comes with a few conditions attached, so bear with me if this comes off as a flex!

I’d like to watch Cena against Logan Paul, could be a suitable WrestleMania match, but not for his last match.

I’m completely up for Cena vs. Gunther at WrestleMania, provided Brock Lesnar vs. Gunther isn’t an option. There’s also room for Cena defeating Gunther for the World Heavyweight Championship, assuming Gunther claims the title at SummerSlam or elsewhere. Gunther is always a great contender, but unless Cena’s retirement is to end on a low note with a villain, I don’t see this being his last bout.

Although they should wrestle at some point, I’ll disregard CM Punk for the grand finale. I’d be content if they had a moment in the Royal Rumble or Elimination Chamber.

Carmelo Hayes could also be a great match, preferable at some other pay-per-view.

My final three main picks for Cena’s farewell battle are Cody Rhodes, Bron Breakker and Randy Orton. Cody Rhodes has to be an option. Bron Breakker would be an excellent choice for promoting a rising star. However, I personally feel Cena’s final battle should be against Randy Orton.

Orton and Cena share a deep history and friendship. Their long-standing rivalry was one of the biggest narratives in the WWE. This shouldn’t end up in a disappointing way like Kurt Angle versus Baron Corbin. It’s highly possible that Orton is Cena’s choice, and many fans would agree.

Sometimes old classics hit the right chord. In this case, a Cena-Orton match with a respectful ending would be a fitting farewell.

Who do you think should be John Cena’s final opponent? Share your thoughts below!