Wendy Choo Set for Comeback to WWE NXT in the Upcoming Week

Wendy Choo Set for Comeback to WWE NXT in the Upcoming Week
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As announced on the June 4, 2024 episode of NXT, WWE powerhouse, Wendy Choo, will be making a comeback to NXT the following week.

Earlier in February 2023, Wendy had taken a brief hiatus due to a storyline involving a regular “parking lot assault by an unknown attacker” scenario that NXT frequently features. It was, later on, disclosed that the actual assailant was Blair Davenport, who has since shifted to the SmackDown lineup following her trade in the 2024 WWE Draft. The speculation of any potential continuation of the feud is less, given its lack of intensity in the past.

In recent times, a series of snippets and brief transition clips hinting towards Choo’s comeback have been aired, all accompanied by the sound of a person snoring, followed abruptly by an alarm buzzing off.

Indeed, April saw Wendy Choo making a reentry to the action, squaring off against Wren Sinclair for NXT Level Up. However, with this specific teaser announcement, it’s confirmed that she will return to mainline NXT in the following week.

The nature and specifics of her role upon return has yet to be clarified — whether she will be involved in a match, an interview, or any other activity.