Wendi Richter Didn’t Need A Championship To Enjoy Wrestling, Some Of Her Favorite Matches Weren’t Televised

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Wendi Richter Didn’t Need A Championship To Enjoy Wrestling, Some Of Her Favorite Matches Weren’t Televised

wendi richter

Wendi Richter had fun in the wrestling ring, and some of her favorite memories never even made it to TV.

Richter spoke with WrestleZone ahead of her appearance for ’80s Wrestling Con’s virtual signing series and talked about her career highlights in and out of the ring. Richter was a focal point of the “Rock ‘N’ Wrestling” era of WWF, but she takes the most pride in some of her matches that were never even televised.

“There’s a match that probably almost nobody has ever seen, and it’s when I wrestled a man in Calgary, Canada. His name was ‘Athul’ but no one called him that, they just kept calling him ‘Asshole.’ And I had so much fun because I’d never wrestled a man before, but I probably outweighed him. I really had fun in that match,” Richter explained. “Another one that I really, really enjoyed is when I was tag team partners with Peggy Lee Leather against Princess Victoria and Velvet McIntyre at Madison Square Garden. That was so much fun, I think our match lasted 45 minutes, but I really enjoyed it.”

“I didn’t have to win the championship to enjoy a match,” Richter said. “The ones that I enjoyed—it was hard and we were fighting, but I enjoyed it.”

When asked how she wanted to be remembered and what her legacy is, Richter wanted people to remember that she’s a Christian who is always thankful and blessed for the opportunities she’s had in life.

“I want to be remembered that I’m a Christian, and I believe in God, and I was saved, and I’m so very grateful for that. Anytime I do any appearance,” Richter explained, “I just thank God I’ve got an education because there’s people that probably aren’t making it very good, and I’m making more than I ever did in wrestling. So the Lord has really, really blessed me in many ways. So I guess they could put on my tombstone ‘I’m a thankful, blessed Christian.’”

Check out some matches from Richter’s career below, including matches against Leilani Kai, Fabulous Moolah and The Dazzler:

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