WCW Rewritten: Episode Seven ‘Hail To The Hitman’

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WCW Rewritten: Episode Seven ‘Hail To The Hitman’

WCW Rewritten Bret Hart

Credit: Dominic DeAngelo

This week on WCW Rewritten, degenerate brother Marcus books and executes the follow-up Nitro to a historic Souled Out 1998. This includes Scott Hall’s Wolfpac facing some legendary adversaries, the introduction of a new tag team and Hitman receives some help from familiar friends!

WCW Rewritten is a new series via The DeAngelo Brothers of WrestleZone as degenerate brother Marcus grabs hold of that ever malleable booking pencil that was WCW and rebooks the whole damn thing Nitro by Nitro with a few parameters in place.

WrestleZone · WCW Rewritten: Ep. 07 “Hail To The Hitman”

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