WCW Rewritten Episode Four: ‘Ric Flair’s Hair’ – Kanyon Burns Cars!

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WCW Rewritten Episode Four: ‘Ric Flair’s Hair’ – Kanyon Burns Cars!

WCW Rewritten Bret Hart Ric Flair

Credit: Dominic DeAngelo

This week on WCW Rewritten, we head to the January 12, 1998 episode of Monday Nitro. Bret Hart and Ric Flair take a page from when Shawn “lost his smile” as the two legends’ feud heats up before Souled Out. Plus, Eddie Guerrero receives a big time “reality check” and will Marcus utilize Big Bossman in the promotion? That, new music and many “Mean Gene” plugs on episode four!

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WCW Rewritten is a new series via The DeAngelo Brothers of WrestleZone as degenerate brother Marcus grabs hold of that ever malleable booking pencil that was WCW and rebooks the whole damn thing Nitro by Nitro with a few parameters in place. Listen to Episode 4 below:

WrestleZone · WCW Rewritten: Ep. 04 “Ric Flair’s Hair” (Monday Nitro 1.12.97)

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