WCW Referee Nick Patrick Recalls Bret Hart’s Participation In Messed up Starrcade 1997 Complete

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Former WWE and WCW referee Nick Patrick has actually discussed Bret Hart being “injure” by the messed up surface to the notorious Starrcade 1997 pay-per-view occasion.

Entering into the program, the most significant story at the time was the centerpiece fight in between World Champion Hollywood Hogan and Sting, who had actually not battled for a year.

The program likewise marked the WCW launching of Bret Hart, simple weeks after his WWF exit following the Montreal Screwjob.

The prepare for the centerpiece was for Sting to lose due to a quick count by Patrick (the nWo’s individual referee) and for Hart, still mad over the Screwjob, to require the match to be rebooted.

Rather, Patrick counted a typical count that saw Hogan win the match square and reasonable, making the irritated Hitman appear outrageous by requiring the match start once again.

On AdFreeShows, Patrick remembered the surface to what was WCW’s greatest occasion of the year. He stated,

” It seemed like it didn’t circulation. It simply felt off. Enjoying it back, they got an actually great circulation and had a good match.

” The only individual that got harmed out of it was Bret Hart since I made the typical count.”

According to Patrick, he believes it would’ve been much better if everybody was ” on the exact same page.”

As soon as the match was rebooted, Sting won, and ended up being the brand-new WCW World Heavyweight Champion, however was removed of the title soon after.

Eric Bischoff just recently discussed Starrcade 1997 in an A&E documentary and declared that Hogan utilized innovative control to make the ending more to his preference.

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