Watch the Latest Episode of TNA Xplosion Online and Get Ready for CozyMax at MLW TV Tapings

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TNA Wrestling has released the full episode of this week’s TNA Xplosion.

You can check out the lineup and episode below:

* Jake Something vs. Shera
* Laredo Kid vs. Jai Vidal

Major League Wrestling (MLW) has announced that CozyMax (Satoshi Kojima and Okumura) will be in action at the MLW on beINSPORTS TV tapings on Thursday, February 29.

The tapings will be held alongside MLW Intimidation Games on Thursday, February 29 at the Melrose Ballroom in New York City.

TNA Wrestling Releases Full Episode of TNA Xplosion

TNA Wrestling has recently released the full episode of this week’s TNA Xplosion, giving fans an exciting lineup of matches to enjoy. The episode features two thrilling bouts that are sure to captivate wrestling enthusiasts.

The first match showcases Jake Something going head-to-head against Shera. Both wrestlers are known for their incredible strength and agility, making this clash a must-watch for fans of high-energy action. With their impressive skills and determination, it’s bound to be an intense battle.

The second match features Laredo Kid taking on Jai Vidal. Laredo Kid is a well-known luchador, famous for his acrobatic maneuvers and high-flying style. On the other hand, Jai Vidal brings his own unique set of skills to the ring, promising an exciting clash of styles. This match is sure to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

For those who missed the episode or want to relive the excitement, TNA Wrestling has made the full episode available on their official YouTube channel. The embedded video allows fans to watch the matches in their entirety, providing an immersive experience for wrestling enthusiasts.

In addition to TNA Xplosion, there is also exciting news from Major League Wrestling (MLW). CozyMax, a tag team consisting of Satoshi Kojima and Okumura, will be in action at the MLW on beINSPORTS TV tapings on Thursday, February 29. This announcement has generated buzz among wrestling fans, as CozyMax is known for their impressive teamwork and hard-hitting style.

The MLW Intimidation Games event will take place alongside the TV tapings at the Melrose Ballroom in New York City. This double-header promises a night of thrilling wrestling action, with top-notch talent from both TNA Wrestling and MLW showcasing their skills.

For fans of professional wrestling, these events offer a chance to witness some of the industry’s most exciting talents in action. Whether it’s the explosive matches on TNA Xplosion or the upcoming MLW Intimidation Games, there is no shortage of thrilling moments for wrestling enthusiasts to enjoy.

With the availability of the full episode on YouTube, fans can easily catch up on the latest TNA Xplosion matches and immerse themselves in the world of professional wrestling. Additionally, the upcoming MLW events provide an opportunity to witness live wrestling action and experience the electric atmosphere of a live event.

Overall, TNA Wrestling’s release of the full episode of TNA Xplosion and the announcement of CozyMax’s participation in MLW’s TV tapings and Intimidation Games have generated excitement among wrestling fans. These events offer a chance to witness top-tier talent and unforgettable matches, making them a must-watch for any wrestling enthusiast.