WATCH: Big E Isn’t Happy About Losing To Goldberg On His Day Off

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WATCH: Big E Isn’t Happy About Losing To Goldberg On His Day Off

There’s been a lot of talk about who will challenge Goldberg at WrestleMania now that Roman Reigns has pulled himself from that match. Big E’s name has been floated around as a potential candidate, and while spoiler reports (link here) would indicate a different direction, the bout was put to the test in WWE 2K20 for WWE’s DreamMatch Mania, streaming live on WWE’s YouTube channel.

As seen in the clip below, Big E was not happy about being brought in on his day off to lose so decidedly, even if it was in polygon form. Check out his hilarious reaction below; the full episode is available to watch at the top of the page.

“Y’all brought me in here, y’all called me on my day off, y’all had me set up this thing up—I had to stack some books to get it to the right height! Y’all called Kofi, who has two kids and a wife, you did all of this and brought me on this program to be embarrassed, to be made of fool of? Is that what you did?

That was an elongated squash match! You made a fool out of me! Who did this and why? Who did this? I demand to know!”

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While he might not be getting a real crack at Goldberg yet, Big E will have a shot to pick up some gold as The New Day and The Usos are set to challenge The Miz and John Morrison for the SmackDown Tag Team Championship at WrestleMania 36 this weekend.

Big E's reaction to losing to Goldberg #DreamMatchMania

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